The European Coney: Wild By Nature

Biblically speaking, aside from the Mede-Persian Empire of Iran (Madai ‘father of the Medes’ being the third son of Japheth who married into the family of ‘Shem’ -of whom came the Negroid Hebraic Israelites- and ruled together with the Semitic Persians,) the Negroid Greeks were the first single Japhetic force to rule over Israel in their promised land.

The ancient Negroid sons of Japheth (Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech and Tiras) were the first to be called ‘Gentiles’ being referenced as such much later in time after they migrated after The Noahic Flood to their respective land allotment. In particular, the term described Javan and his son, Kittim who inhabited present-day Greece and the Island of Cyprus. The word Gentile(s) does not appear in the original Hebrew manuscript of the Old Testament Bible, it was added by the English in the authorized King James translation of the Bible into the English language around 1611 AD; with the English language being in use in England only since the mid-5th century AD. It is an English term which corresponds to the Hebrew compound words ‘Gowy Gevah’ which means a nation of people who were a swarm of locusts or troop of animals lifted up with pride. ‘Gowy’ meaning ‘a nation or a people;’ and ‘Gevah’ being the descriptive type of people as ’animals full of pride.’ Later, the term ‘Gentiles’ became synonymous with a heathen people and primarily a synonym for the ‘mutated’ seed of Japheth, since the word version came from their own language. Understanding that Japheth’s mutated seed would favorably translate the Holy Word of Yahweh towards their advantage, it is vitally important to have as part of one’s personal collection of study books, access to the original manuscripts of both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible in order to get a clearer and more exact understanding of what Yahweh really spoke. Translations cannot reproduce the primary fundamentals of the original manuscript.

Despite the fact that Javan’s (Greek’s) philosophical rule over and invasion of the Jewish culture had come to an end with the ancient Negroid Roman Empire of Tubal (Italians,) who ruled Israel at the time of Christ’s birth, the New Testament portion of the Bible was written in the Greek language. And Christ had much to say about the Greeks, this Gowy Gevah (wild animal like people of pride) who became grafted into the Natural Olive Tree because of Israel’s unbelief of their Messiah.

This troop of wild animals who were lifted up with pride in all of their false superiority of philosophical beliefs and mythological worship to pagan astronomical planetary gods, were given the opportunity of a lifetime as a heathen people to be partakers together with the Jews of the root and fatness of the Natural Olive Tree. As Gentiles, they were wild by nature: an untamed, undisciplined, unrestrained and uncultivated people who were out of control with no sound reasoning and lunacy in judgments; but they touched the very essence of Yahweh when they opened their hearts to ‘believe’ that CHRIST was the MESSIAH, being a people who had no prior knowledge of Yahweh’s earlier prophecies of a soon coming KING.

As the ancient Negroid seed of Japheth migrated further throughout Europe from Roma and Greece, they carried with them that same wild nature and the same Gentile Grecian false spirit of superiority: having taken on the spiritual nature of grafting, implantation, transplanting and splicing cells of one into another. Over time, all of Europe would not only develop that same spiritual nature of genetically transplanting cells but would also become physically infected with the Negative RH Factor Coney disease of mutation due to inbreeding. And not only did this disease spread throughout Europe, but via colonialism, it would invade all lands worldwide as they genetically mixed with and raped the girls/women of other peoples and nations. Plausibly, with the Europeans’ fore-knowledge that their mutations may have been rabbit related, they migrated to the shores of the New World and established what would become known as Coney Island ‘Rabbit Island’ in New York City, USA. Coney Island, a place known as ‘Sodom by the Sea,’ was filled with debauchery and hedonism: a place of corruption with no restraint and pleasure-seeking with self-gratification. This behavior came from religious Englishmen who sought religious freedom in the New World from England’s tyranny, the same people who gave the world The King James translation of the Bible and the word ‘Gentile.’

Time & History have uncovered a centuries old well-hidden truth: the Gowy Gevah are not only a mutation of Negroid DNA; but are self-inflicted hybrids of both human form and animal genetic alterations. They are a populace who ‘pale’ in comparison to the original manuscript and model of the melanin hue-man; and this must be what pains them sorely unto cruel hatred and the destruction of others. Therefore, they are not a ‘superior’ people as they proliferate, but they are in fact an ‘inferior’ mutation. They are a populace who have multiplied themselves upon the face of the earth and have white-washed the world and ‘true’ world history. They are a populace with false convictions who sincerely does not live godly lives according to the Bible in which they propagate as missionaries. And they are a populace who have great difficulty in receiving the baptism of and being led by the Holy Spirit of Love; a populace who are led by their own wild imaginations, driven with fear and hatred.

True to their wild nature, is it a challenge to say the least for Gowy Gevah to conform to that which is sacred and ‘natural?’ By nature, are they not predisposed to reproducing human genetic mutants? Has it been noted in modern-day society that they will genetically alter (even at the health and life risk of all) the world’s food supply: plant life, animal life and whatever else they can get their scientific hands on? Is it a known and undeniable observance that Gowy Gevah will genetically engineer any and everything into what they have diabolically become -a creation not of Yahweh? Is it true that they are driven with lunacy and are set on a mad course of mass destruction which will usher in the last and final judgment of Yahweh? By not honoring that which Yahweh has originally created (the hue-man, non-hybrid creatures and non-genetically engineered foods,) but perhaps by believing they can make a better version of Yahweh’s creation and that both they and their own way is ‘superior’ to what Yahweh has created; have the Gowy Gevah committed the ultimate abomination of trying to genetically replicate all forms of life (namely the human life) in a feverish attempt to bypass the Breath (Holy Spirit) of GOD? Have they -just like Satan- sought to make themselves equal with GOD in creation and praise worthiness through their scientific abuses and exploitations of living cells?

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