Japhetic Infertility & Spermageddon


The two most influential things which led Europeans to search out other parts of the world was greed for wealth and produce, and the need for more land to accommodate their overbreeding. As early as the late 10th century, pirate-like Scandinavian Vikings were raiding other parts of the world and ships for produce and whatever else they could steal from others. Followed by the Spaniards, the French and the English in search of wealth and more land from the late 15th century. After facing the problem of over proliferation into the turn of the 20th century, the 21st century Japhetic European Conies now find themselves in a global infertility and Spermageddon crisis. After more than six centuries of slaughtering the hue-man and either falsely imprisoning or executing his offspring faster than his people can adequately reproduce the next generation, Conies are finding that their women are experiencing a vast inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term and that their young men are losing their sperm count at a staggering rate.

Japhetic Medical doctors and Scientists did not engineer In Vitro Fertilization, Surrogacy Pregnancy, Freezing Reproductive Eggs & Sperm, Freezing Embryos, Reproductive Egg & Sperm Donation, Child Fostering and Adoption for the hue-man; but these things were created for the once prolific and thriving culture of the invasive European Coney. Nothing is ever done by mutated Japhetites for the benefit of the hue-man; but everything is cleverly orchestrated by them for the hue-man’s oppression and their own advancement. In the sense of “one cannot open a can of worms and not fall victim to the worms himself;” in the poetic justice of the slaughtering of the hue-man, where the use of abortion at the turn of the 20th century left off, infertility of Japhetic women and the Spermageddon crisis of Japhetic men have picked up.

Dude -IT IS NO LONGER UP, down there!

Studies have shown that between 1973 and 2011, the sperm count of Japhetic men in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and North America have dropped from 99 million per ejaculation to 47 million per ejaculation. The normal average range of the male sperm count is between 60 to 80 million, according to Urologist, Dr. Peter Schlegel at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, NY, USA. Women’s biological reproductive capacity is on a time-clock and diminishes with age and the disappearing of their supply of reproductive eggs. However, men can generally continue to make sperm and father children throughout their lifetime, provided they can still get an erection to ejaculate. But theoretically, at the rate of this global decline of Japhetic sperm according to Dr. Schlegel, it is feared to be probable that Japheth’s mutated sperm could disappear entirely within the next 30 plus years.

The Chemical Phthalate found in manufactured plastics (which alters hormones and causes a low sperm count and a smaller penis,) can be dubbed as ‘chemical castration.’ Stress, obesity, a lack of exercise, drug use, alcohol and diet also play a part in infertility and a lower sperm count, as well as the inability to get and maintain an erection. But the fact that this problem is happening particularly to the Japhetic mutated seed is astonishing. Another spectrum of infertility is caused by sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s.) Surprisingly, I have recently learned that the group with the highest rate of STD’s is middle aged (60s plus) Europeans/European Americans. The Japhetic practice of “around the world” with various sexual partners has led to a widespread epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases; and has also resulted in both unwanted pregnancies (which gives way to the mutated Japhetic seed having the highest abortion rates) and infertility. There is the Japhetic saying that the swallow bird is the only bird that doesn’t deliver babies.

But we have to go back to what was initially said in Japheth’s Rhesus (RH) Factor, it is believed that the prolific consumption of rabbit body fluids by the early Negroid Spaniards is in part what led to the original mutation of the Negroid Europeans which caused the mutated pale European version to have the DNA of rabbit blood serum. Scientifically, could this be the event that mutated their sperm as well, causing a genetic mutation in everything they reproduced? Bodily fluids includes saliva, water, blood, urine and semen to name a few. There is a specific reason why Yahweh’s creation was commanded during the  Noahic Deluge to never eat meat with the blood in it: “In The Blood is the Life Thereof!” There is a reason why butchers allow the blood of slaughtered animals to drain out of the body before they butcher it. Europeans are known for many strange questionable behaviors that ring loud as abominations; such as drinking human blood -this is where the real concept of “vampires” came from. They are known for drinking even their own urine, especially if they find themselves trapped in a cave on an adventure or stranded on a mountaintop. They are known for eating ‘raw’ organ meat for Vitamin B12 (keep in mind that we are talking about the uncooked organs of a dead decaying animal.) They are an unclean populace and are known for going up to months without bathing, even amidst sexual activities. They are also known for the act of sodomy, not just between two men, but also in their heterosexual relationships as well; and they are known for licking between each other’s butt cheeks as part of their sexual experiences.

And Europeans are infamously known for inventing oral sex and ‘swallowing’ the female ejaculate and the male semen. If a mutated Japhetic couple have on average in today’s society sex just even once a week, that is on average a total of 188 million sperms that the Japhetic female has in her stomach and going through her system and bloodstream on a monthly basis -and this cannot be good or healthy on any level! Something is bound to go wrong somewhere! There is absolutely unequivocally undeniably no doubt that this mutated specimen is a vile and corrupt wild olive tree by nature who follows the destructive ways of the anti-Christ. They are so far, far, far from the ways of Yahweh in every aspect of life. With this wicked behavior they have invaded the globe with this debauchery and have polluted the world over by teaching other cultures to do the same. Come Out From Among Them! No matter how widespread a behavior may become, when humanity searches out ‘food (satisfaction for the appetite) and knowledge’ beyond the natural perimeters of the confines of Yahweh’s words and commandments -it always leads to sin with detrimental consequences.

According to Yahweh: “Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap;” could it be possible that Japheth’s mutated seed is reaping the judgment of slaughtering the hue-man in an attempt to cut off his seed (future offspring?) Cut off indeed is exactly what Japhetic slave masters did to the hue-man during the era of early American History. Countless Afro-Americans were hung from a tree in the presence of their families for one reason or another. In some cases, when the males were hung, Japhetic slave masters would cut off their genitals prior to hanging and stuff them into the hue-man’s mouth, after which he would keep them in a jar as a souvenir. By stuffing the hue-man’s genitals into his own mouth, was this somehow the subconscious desire of Japheth showing forth: to have the hue-man’s genitals in his mouth? What then was the point of doing so?

To the stretch of Japhetic psychosis, does this not prove the fixation in which they have had over the centuries of both the hue-man and the hue-man’s genitalia? Other than a perversion birthed directly from Satan, what would possess one man to have such an obsession for another man’s penis and testicles that he would be driven to cutting them off and keeping them in a jar as a memoir? What sort of twisted psyche was this? Was Japheth’s hatred over the hue-man so great that he was saying: “I’ve literally got you by the balls?” Or was he so desirous of the hue-man’s package that his desires led him to such a hideous act? And what would the Japhetic slave masters do with the hue-man’s caged decaying genitals? Would he constantly admire them with a longing for them to be his? Would he study them as if to try to figure out a way to make them his? Or even more vile, would he remove them from the jar and handle them in such a way that would be considered the most corrupt and abominable sex act of all? Could such a desire for the size and satisfaction of the hue-man’s package be in part the reason for the rise today in homosexuality among them? It certainly has been the reason of interest for Japhetic women. The fear of Japhetic men that their women would turn to a hue-man has long since been a motive for slaughtering him. After all, it would in their minds give credence to the fact that Yahweh created the hue-man in a very special way.

In a round-about way, it is Japheth’s seed (sperm) that is now being cut off -cut down to almost non-existent within the next 30 plus years! All of these Japhetic behaviors are an abomination to Yahweh! But the abominable sin of swallowing human semen isn’t just a vile grotesque offense against Yahweh and mankind, it is also a very dumb, stupid and senseless thing to do. What could be the point? For a woman/man to do so, and to place one’s tongue between another person’s buttocks can only come from a place of inner degradation and self loathe to disregard one’s own self reverence in order to sexually please another. Such a loss of deference and a loss of compliance to human sanctity can only come from the influence and mind of Satan.

Harboring immense hatred also affects the daily functions of the human body like sex drive or the ability to get an erection for men or the ability to climax for females. More and more types of perversion is sought out in order to accomplish arousal and satisfaction. Sexual Overuse and overstimulation for a populace who struggles with inherent sex addictions: pedophilia, pornography, rape, the open exhibition of human flesh and the constant silver screen portrayals of sexual acts and perversions will prematurely lead to a sexual dysfunction. Decades of observing Gowy Gevah has uncovered that this specimen can only relate to three types of emotions: inherent hatred, intense anger and a taste/satisfaction for perverted sexual pleasure; perhaps this is a reason why Japheth seem to be unable to connect with Yahweh on a deeply emotional (soulish) and spiritual level, he is missing the core nucleus of a heart-n-soul that Yahweh has created the Adamic hue-man with.

Japhetic ‘Sexual Dysfunction’ is the reason why scientist Bioethicist, Dr. Arthur Caplan at New York University Langone Medical Center in the states, is researching ‘raising’ sperm using stem cells from aborted babies by putting the cells in a dish surrounded by chemicals and tricking them into making sperm cells. In twenty to thirty years, the goal is to bypass the sexual intercourse between a man and a woman by reversing the engineering of stem cells and using selective sperm by design. Heck, they won’t even have to use the diminishing sperm of Japhetic men, they will manufacture their own. The hidden desire of Gowy Gevah is to attempt to bypass the Breath (Holy Spirit) of GOD and create their own abominable version of humanity. They seek to make themselves equal with GOD in creation and praise worthiness through their scientific abuses and exploitations of living cells.

According to Caplan, he believes that sex between a man and a woman will still have its place in the future, but it may be disconnected from reproducing offspring the way GOD intended. “Engineering a better baby is the future,” says Arthur Caplan. It is vitally important to note that Bioethicist, Dr. Arthur Caplan is known in his work for contributing to the public policy of and co-founding the National Marrow Donor Program; contributing to the public policy of cadaver organ donation, the distribution of human organs and blood ‘safety.’

Whatever you give power to the most in your life that is outside of Yahweh, it is the very thing that will one day destroy you. If you make sexual gratification to be your god, it will one day destroy you! If anger, greed, hatred, envy and jealousy are your kings and queens, they will all one day rule over you and you will become an unwilling slave to them! If you try to act as GOD and bioengineer a society, that society of clones will one day rise up and destroy you!

I like how this person puts it: “It is poetic justice that by producing plastics at monstrous rates from oil and by trashing the environment, in the process we wipe ourselves out of existence through infertility.” -Kury Amtl

But, according to the history of the cruel slaughtering of the hue-man over centuries, the real poetic justice is that abortions, the swallow bird and infertility are causing the demise of the mutated Japhetic seed. Yet, there is still a long ways to go!

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