Japheth’s Rhesus (RH) Factor

Clear back to the beginning of time, mankind has been involved in the study of its natural world. Techniques and methods of study and deriving at conclusions have evolved over time with the increase of man’s intellect from ancient days to modern times.

Through empirical indications and procedural knowledge, natural philosophers born of a woman have sought to theorize at best the definitive answers to how mankind and his world came to be. Since the present-day ability of mankind to clone human/animal tissue and to manipulate human/animal/plant genetic codes on a cellular level, the actual unknown definitive truths of a creation by God has been propagated as the theory of man on how all things came into existence by the study of the already existent things of God.

No matter how the progressive intellect of mankind advances to the stages of cloning and genetic manipulation, man cannot create life out of nothing; at best, he can only manipulate what God has already created. Yet, his tenacity to define the absolutes of God, as though he were there in the beginning of creation is a show of puffed-up human arrogance.

With this being said, through the scientific testing, experimentation, observation and documentation of the study of human and animal blood, certain decisive facts have been noted. It has been noted that all of mankind have a specific blood type which is categorized by one of the following four blood type groups: A, B, AB, or O. What is definitively known is this fact, but what is not known is the fact of how one man -Adam- created multiple trillions and trillions of people with four different blood types. It is a fact that we reproduce what we are; but it is not known how four different blood types could have genetically come from one man.

In the blood is the life thereof; blood is needed body fluid on a cellular level in order to sustain all human/animal/fish life. In the composition of blood, we find two components: 1) Blood Cells and 2) Blood Plasma.

Blood Cells-

Three main components of blood cells are: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Blood Plasma-

Plasma constitutes 55% of the blood fluid containing water, proteins and other substances.

The surface of all red blood cells are coated with antigens: substances like sugars and proteins which induce an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies. When something harmful invades the body, when it comes into contact with the red blood cells’ antigens, the antigens will trigger the body to begin producing antibodies in a defensive attack against the harmful foreign invasion.

Each blood type in the four blood groups represent four different types of antigens that coat the red blood cells and proteins in the blood plasma.

The ABO Blood Group:

  • Group A – has only the A antigen on red blood cells with B-type antibody in the plasma
  • Group B – has only the B antigen on red blood cells with A-type antibody in the plasma
  • Group AB – has both A and B antigens on red blood cells and neither A nor B antibody in the plasma
  • Group O – has neither A nor B antigens on red blood cells but has both A and B antibody in the plasma

Since a child’s blood type, much like eye color, is definitively determined by both parents, it is certainly unknown how Adam and Eve produced four different blood types of descendants; since Eve was formed from Adam’s rib, would she not have had the same blood type as Adam? No any two combination of blood types between both parents can produce all four blood types except the combination of one A parent and one B parent. So, would it then be safe to surmise that some kind of genetic mutation has occurred over the millenniums which has altered the antigens, proteins and production of antibodies in the human blood?


It has furthered been noted through the scientific testing, experimentation, observation and documentation of the study of human and animal blood that each of the four blood types can be grouped by what is known as the Rhesus (RH) Factor. A protein was discovered in the blood of a monkey called the Rhesus Monkey, this same protein was also discovered in the antigens or proteins coating the red blood cells of some human beings; making each blood type either RH positive (Rh+) or RH negative (Rh-): (A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, O-.) This protein found in some humans and the Rhesus Monkey is capable of inducing an intense and powerful antigenic reaction. It was discovered in 1940 by Austrian Immunologist Karl Landsteiner and Biologist A. S. Weiner when an observation of injected blood from a Rhesus Monkey into rabbits caused an antigenic reaction in the serum component of the rabbit’s blood.

It has been noted that ‘all’ humans and gorillas share 98% of their DNA; there are those who contend that Africans are descendants from apes and that the ancestors of Eurasians were Homo Neanderthals. What is absolutely certain is the fact that God does not create “hybrids;” the man Adam who God created is a representation of mankind who were created in the image and likeness of God. The difference between humans and animals, despite any similarity in DNA, is the fact that human beings have eternal souls that live in eternity after the death of the physical body, animals do not. There is a huge difference between DNA of the flesh and the framework of the eternal soul of a man; and God did not create Adam as a hybrid: he was not a cross between a man and an animal.

What has been conclusive in studies is the standard fact that there is a difference between the RH Factor in Africans and the RH Factor in Europeans: Most Africans whose DNA is void of a European ancestor is Rh+ and most Europeans are Rh-. Now, what this emphatically denotes is that a natural source of common creation has been discovered for Africans in the same blood protein being discovered in the Rhesus Monkey. However, no natural source of common creation has been discovered for Europeans’ blood. We know that the Negroid descendants of Japheth who dwell in Africa are Rh+, but not the mutated Caucasoid seed of Japheth; so, from this perception we understand that the negative RH Factor did not come naturally from Japheth, the Negroid son of Noah, but was as a result of a mutation that is evident by present-day scientific studies of Europeans.

Now, here’s where things gets a little weird!

When the blood of humans (Africans, Asians and Europeans) were tested with the rabbit blood serum, 85% of the humans tested blood clumped together with the rabbit serum, this 85% were all Europeans; the blood of the Africans and Asians contained the same RH Factor as present in the Rhesus Monkey.

What does it mean when blood from two different sources agglutinate (clump together?)

When the blood of Europeans agglutinate with the blood of rabbits, whose blood serum were called (Anti-RH) it can only be of one reason. When antigens in the blood mix with its corresponding antibodies it will clump together and form a bond; when opposing proteins meet, an antibody will form as a defense mechanism and attack the foreign proteins. So, how did mutated Europeans acquire the same blood proteins as rabbits?

Okay, let’s just say for the sake of this argument that Africans did indeed ‘evolve’ from apes/monkeys/gorillas, we know that Africans are the ancient people of civilization, so this could explain a reason for the same blood proteins as the Rhesus Monkey, right. Knowing that the creation of Yahweh in The Garden of Eden were Negroid, and all of the Negroes are RH+, the question would then be: “Where the heck did white Europeans come from and what is the source of their blood? Did they ‘evolve’ from rabbits like Africans supposedly ‘evolved’ from apes?”   

Before proceeding with the answer to these questions, I must iterate that the previous statement is the reason why blood tests must be performed on all expecting mothers and their unborn child. When a pregnant Rh- white mother is carrying a Rh+ baby, her body will construe the blood antigens in the body of the forming fetus as a harmful foreign invasion and it will release antibodies in an attack to destroy the fetus’ circulating red blood cells. This often results in the miscarriage of the pregnancy, unless the mother undergoes the treatment of special immune globulins.

Now, back to our question. So, how did mutated Europeans acquire the same blood proteins as rabbits and what is the scientific connection between Europeans and rabbit serum? When we research Europe to find the location of the highest percentage of negative RH Factor and human rabbit serum, we conclude Spain to be the result. The Spanish Basque and Spanish Moroccan population of Berbers combined contain roughly 72% of the European population with the negative RH Factor.

Spain was a territory that was first inhabited by and called “Iberia” meaning ‘river’ by the Iberian inhabitants who settled the land around 6000 b.c. from North ‘Africa’. When the Greeks arrived in 600 b.c., they called the land “Hesperia” meaning ‘land of the setting sun.’ The Carthaginians (the city of Carthage, a people of present-day Tunisia, Africa) came around the time of 300 b.c. and called the land “Ispania” meaning ‘land of the rabbits.’ During late antiquity, the symbol of a rabbit or a rabbit’s foot became synonymous with ‘good luck or fortune’ throughout Europe, and later throughout the United States. But in earlier antiquity, as a hunted prey for food, the rabbit/hare was considered to be the epitome of the hunted creature that could survive only by prolific breeding. Thus, in many cultures, because of its fertility the rabbit/hare became a symbol of fertility, vitality and sexual desire. Even today worldwide, if a woman crosses paths with a rabbit/hare, she childishly believe that it is a sign of imminent conception.

Excavated caves in Spain and Portugal tells a tale of the hunting of large quantities of rabbit, native to the land of Spain. It has been noted that the heavy consumption of rabbit flesh and rabbit ‘fluids’ is in part the result of Caucasians breeding like rabbits, possessing the same blood serum as rabbits and the mutation of Negroid Japhetic genetics and the change of skin color from brown to pale. It has certainly been noted that the mutated seed of Japheth lacks rhythm in dance, except to jump up and down and bunny hop as a style of dancing. The benefits (if one can contend these facts to be benefits) of their mutation could only be seen in their ability to adapt to making Vitamin D in lesser sunlight, yet still not adequate enough of sunlight once migrated away from Africa and the allowance of tolerating cow’s milk, something true Africans develop an intolerance for.

Research results identify the complete mutation of Japheth’s seed to what it presently is today: blue eyes, extremely pale skin, thin weightless fair hair, thin lips and flat bottoms, has only been in existence supposedly as late as 1000 b.c. I personally believe it was as late as after the birth of Christ. This would debunk the lie by Europeans that Jesus Christ was white. Pale people do not have brass/bronze feet as Christ is described as having. If Christ was white, he could not have come unto his ‘own’ as the bible describes, because the Hebraic Jews he appeared to were dark-skinned Negroes. What this points to is the revelation that Negroes are the ancient ruling people of this universe, they represent the only ‘race’ type of people who God created Adam and Eve to be and that they are the parent DNA from which all Europeans mutated and came from. Perhaps this is the reason for the need to ‘whitewash’ history, to ‘whitewash’ Negro history. If you google the phrase ‘ancient white history’ it will redirect you to ‘world’ history. It is my belief that no history of Europeans as ‘pale’ people exist before the birth of Christ, during the time of Abraham, around the time of post Noah’s flood or before the flood of Noah. We said earlier that you can only reproduce what you are, not what you are not; so, there is no scientific way that Caucasoids were the first people or the first DNA on the planet, because there is no scientific way Caucasians could have given Negroes ‘melanin and skin pigmentation.’ European DNA cannot produce the DNA of Negroes.

In an attempt to out number the creation of God, the mutated seed of Japheth has invaded all lands, much like a foreign antigen, and have attempted to annihilate the original people of the universe by slaughtering them, diluting their original DNA and by multiplying themselves upon the earth like Spain’s rabbits. On January 13, 2006, CNN reported that British scientists in London, England were seeking permission to create ‘hybrid’ embryos by fusing human cells with Rabbit eggs. Legal experts say that it is not clear whether the embryos would be regarded as Rabbit or Human.

In preparation of God’s judgment upon the Gentiles, there is an attempted plan in effect to escape to and colonize the planet Mars by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. It appears that the puffed-up human arrogance of Japheth’s mutated seed has led them to believe that they can breed as a ‘hybrid’ man/rabbit then run to another planet so as to escape and hide from the judgment of God where they can live forever as hybrids. Lol, lmbo rotfl.  

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