Japheth’s Appalling Exploitations of Living Cells

Derived from the Latin word ‘Scientia,’ modern-day Science is defined as a systematic enterprise that creates, builds and organizes ‘knowledge’ in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. As previously stated in Japheth’s Rhesus RH Factor: we find that “Through empirical indications and procedural ‘knowledge,’ natural philosophers born of a woman have sought to theorize at best the definitive answers to how mankind and his world came to be.” The earliest origins of science (knowledge seeking) can be traced back to 3500 BC and downward to the ancient cultures of the Negroid Hamitic Babylonians in Iraq (sons of Nimrod the son of Cush the first son of Ham,) the Negroid Hamitic Egyptians in Northern Africa (sons of Mizraim the second son of Ham,) the Negroid Hamitic Hittites in Turkey (sons of Heth the son of Canaan the fourth son of Ham,) and others.

To gain ‘Knowledge’ and make one’s self wise in this world is not a concept which began with the sons of Ham the second son of Noah; but it is a conception which predates Ham before the flood and goes all the way back to Adam and Eve and it originates with Satan.

In the beginning of our recorded time, Mother Eve is charmed by the charmer to commit an offense (sin) against Yahweh by eating the fruits of a prohibited tree. After twisting the truth of Yahweh’s words regarding ‘knowing’ good and evil, Eve misunderstands Satan’s deliberate incomplete description of Yahweh’s commandment and what would happen if she disobeyed and partook of the fruit of this tree; therefore, she innocently saw the fruit of this forbidden tree as both -something ‘good for food’ and as something ‘to be desired to make one wise.’

Yahweh had already provided food of vegetation for man and with the ability to name every animal, Adam had all the knowledge and wisdom he would ever need to navigate in the sinless world in which Yahweh had created for him. But with Adam’s creation came also ‘choice;’ the right to choose between two worlds: the world of blessings or the world of curses (obedience or disobedience.) So, whenever mankind, as Adam and Eve did, search out ‘food and knowledge’ beyond the natural perimeters of the confines of Yahweh’s words and commandments -it always leads to sin with detrimental consequences. And, whenever the hue-man listens to the voice of Satan over the words and commandments of Yahweh -he falls more gravely into oppression.

It has become natural after the fall of man to wonder about the world in which he lives. And the ancient descendants of Ham used mathematical and astronomical methods, and the practice of early medicine in order to gain knowledge about the world and universe in which they lived. These practices would later go on to shape the early ancient Negroid Japhetic Greek natural Philosophy of Life and the early ancient Greco-Roman world of the classical antiquity, a time when they used ‘natural’ causes to explain their physical world.

The Scientific Revolution (known as “The Enlightenment” movement) of the mutated Japhetic European 16th century -which included biology, human anatomy and chemistry besides the Negroid Hamitic natural methods of mathematics, astronomy and early medicine- along with The Scientific Method throughout the 17th century eventually annihilated the ‘natural’ practices of ancient Ham and led the way from the 19th century to present of gaining ‘knowledge’ by conducting scientific research using biological specimens.

From the time that Adam and Eve entrusted Satan’s way of gaining ‘knowledge’ by disobeying Yahweh, until the time of the Japhetic European’s diabolical ways of today of exploiting living cells, mankind has sunken deeper and deeper into the bottomless abyss of debauchery and human shame, of which there remains no more sufficient time to climb out of before the judgement of Yahweh is exacted upon them.

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.”

St. John 10:10

It is the thief’s (Satan’s) intent to destroy this world; all past and current global signs and international upheavals point to this indubitable fact. And in order for Satan to bring destruction upon the world and upon Yahweh’s creation, he has to first cause sin to enter into the world; and he succeeded in doing so with the fall of Adam and Eve. He then continued sin by influencing Adam and Eve’s son, Cain to commit the first murder by slaying his innocent brother Abel because of envy and jealousy over Abel’s relationship with Yahweh (which was the first sin after the eating of the forbidden fruit.) Third, in order to further propagate sin and debauchery so that it grows, he has to have a miscreant populace to work through: a populace, who instead of having the mind of Christ, will have the mind of the anti-Christ. Satan will need a specimen that will be completely opposite of the Adamic hue-man creation of GOD; a specimen that lacks heart-n-soul with the inability to connect with Yahweh on a deeply emotional (soulish) and spiritual level; a specimen that can be easily manipulated and influenced to go against everything that is natural and sacred to GOD and the life he created. Satan needs a specimen that he can genetically alter from the Adamic hue-man so that they are more easily recognizable and set apart from the hue-man creation of Yahweh; he needs to successfully embody them with his spirit of hatred, anger and jealousy (just like he did Cain,) so that they can be driven to slaughter and wipe out the hue-man creation of Yahweh. Satan’s specimen will steal the hue-man’s freedom and severely oppress them in order to prevent worship to their GOD, his specimen will steal their identity as a people, rob them of their true heritage, history, culture and DNA. Satan’s specimen will overtly murder the hue-man, slaughter their innocent, young and old, and kill them in their homes, in their communities, on the road, in the streets and in the prisons. And Satan’s specimen will seek to utterly annihilate the hue-man, cut off their male seed, destroy their hopes and dreams, quench their joy and spirit and commandeer the womb of their women in order to breed everlasting bastard replicas of their own alien spawned gamete.

Before ceasing operations on June 7, 2018, The Monsanto Company, an agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation and the developer of “Roundup” herbicide, was a major leading producer of genetically engineered organisms (crops) over the past 117 years since September 26, 1901. As one of the top 10 chemical companies, Monsanto was among the first to introduce genes into plants back in 1983 and among the first to unleash trials of genetically modified crops onto the unsuspecting general public as early as 1987. They are responsible for manufacturing insecticide DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange and recombinant bovine growth hormones. Successful protests against Monsanto has led to the company being acquired in September 2016 for $66 billion by a German owned company named Bayer (the makers of the Bayer Aspirin,) one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world. It’s ‘illuminated’ corporate logo of a Bayer cross ‘enlightens’ the way of agricultural chemicals, biotechnology products, polymers, consumer healthcare products, and human and veterinarian pharmaceuticals. In 1898, a product name was trademarked as a “non-addictive” substitute for morphine and as a cough suppressant; the product’s name was ‘Heroin.’ In 1925, Bayer was one of six chemical companies that merged to form IG Farben, the world’s largest chemical and pharmaceutical company (common sense should have caused the general public to question a marriage between chemicals and prescribed drugs.) The mega company was later seized after World War II and split back into the original six companies after revelation of its involvement in the Nazi war and the Holocaust slave labor of those Jews who were imprisoned in concentration camps.

It would not be difficult at all to understand how Satan has used this specimen of Japheth’s mutated seed to destroy countless human lives in the association of war, slavery and the diseases which have been created as a result of mixing the production of human food with chemical use and the use of biotechnological engineering. Not to mention the countless lives lost as a result of their diseases like smallpox and others that have literally almost wiped out entire populations of the Polynesian Hawaiians, American Indians, parts of Asia and Africa; wherever they have invaded and colonized they took with them their inherent diseases of utter destruction. A self-proclaimed superiority fixation coupled with a GOD like complex and an immense greed for wealth has blinded this specimen to empathy and the sacredness of life.

Such diseases from ingesting chemicals and the robbing of nutrients from engineered crops have caused the break-down of human tissue and human organs. For the most part, medical records have indicated that it is the inferior watered-down pale version of the pigmented hue-man who find themselves mostly in need of organ transplants. Genetically modified foods coupled with gene mutation is very taxing on their frail organs which leads to becoming more prone to certain sicknesses and diseases, premature aging and early death. No amount of added Vitamin D and calcium to their foods have been able to keep them from losing good health, their minds or the health of their bones. They have become a depressed psychotic pharmaceutical-drug dependent suicidal generation which has driven them to the lunacy of harvesting the hue-man’s organs. And there is nothing that scientists have been able to manufacture to give the pale version of hue-manity eternal life. Selective genetic breeding using their cells infused with the hue-man’s DNA and animal genes is the next hidden reality in their fight for everlasting life.

Beginning in the 15th century and into the 19th century, the most profitable industry for Japheth’s mutated seed across the continents was the European Atlantic Slave Trade of Africans; since the mid-20th century organ transplanting has given way to the profitable illegal harvesting of the hue-man’s organs. Young Afro-Americans in the States who innocently indicate their desire on their driver’s license to be an organ donor are first systemically arrested by Japhetic policemen on ‘Trump(ed)’ up charges; once in police custody, they are swabbed for their DNA; to which this information is entered into a database. When a match is detected to a dying Japhetic recipient waiting for an organ transplant, suddenly, the Afro-American meets some unfortunate and mysterious untimely death, either in lock-up or shortly after being released and having the false charges dropped. The Public Health Department worldwide has also profited in the selling/purchasing of African DNA (which is in high demand I hear, along with that of Latinos.) Research hospitals and companies make a request for and purchase the DNA of Africans and Latinos to use in their genetic exploitations, this has culminated in the kidnapping of countless young Africans worldwide who mysteriously vanish without a trace. Besides The Public Health Department, it is said that within the policy agreement of some DNA companies (companies like Ancestry & 23andMe) is a fine print agreement to give over the ownership of your DNA to these companies when you send in your sputum sample, who may then sell your DNA/info to a third-party organization like a research company.

Since Negroid DNA is the dominant Adamic parent DNA of the world, and since Japheth’s Gentile DNA is mutated (and continues to mutate studies show,) they are in desperate need of Negroid DNA if they are going to survive into the next one hundred years -if they even have that long on earth.

The over proliferation of the European Coney at the turn of the 20th century in the United States, paired with extreme poverty led to social activist and nurse Margaret Sanger opening the nation’s first abortion clinic, even though abortion was illegal at the time. The overbreeding of Japhetic mutants became even a problem for them. Margaret Sanger’s abortion clinics became known as Planned Parenthood and the pushing of supporting abortions and organizations like Planned Parenthood with taxpayers’ dollars in the USA continues to promote the destruction of human embryos, not just as a form of birth control (although the concept of murdering the baby after he/she has been conceived as a form of ‘birth control’ is beyond my understanding,) but for the purpose of stem-cell research and the selling of aborted babies’ body parts for organ harvesting. The US Congressional Budget Office has estimated that Planned Parenthood receives $450 million dollars in federal funding of taxpayers’ dollars. In this 21st century, Japheth’s mutated seed has morphed into this seemingly unstoppable diabolical Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona. They have absolutely gone lunatic and have lost all sense of reasoning and human compassion. They have no bowels of mercy and lack the ability to feel empathy and to show remorse. Is there any shred of doubt whatsoever that they themselves are an engineered destructive specimen of a populace who has a serious GOD like complex and a deep hunger for greed and control?

In the early 1950s, in a prelude to the first 1954 organ transplant, scientists were on a manhunt to search for human cells that could live outside of the host body past a few days. A 30-year-old Afro-American woman named Henrietta Lacks felt a knot in her womb and on January 29, 1951 she went to the only place at the time in her area that treated Afro-Americans to seek medical help. The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland USA, a teaching hospital and ‘biomedical research’ facility for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine diagnosed Mrs. Lacks with cervical cancer. On February 8, 1951, during x-ray treatments, without Mrs. Lacks permission or knowledge two tissue samples were taken from her cervix (a sample of healthy tissue and a sample of cancerous tissue.) Henrietta Lacks returned to Johns Hopkins on August 8, 1951 where she remained after receiving blood transfusions until her death on October 4, 1951 at the age of 31. Scientists found the human cells they were looking for, it was discovered that the cancerous tissue from Henrietta Lacks’ cervix remained alive outside of her body and were durable and prolific. Her human cells were the first to remain alive and not die after a few days and to not only not die but grow in a lab repeatedly and become immortal. So, in 1953, Henrietta Lacks’ human cells became the first cells to be successfully cloned, giving birth to the HeLa Human Cell Line.

Japhetic greed for wealth, medical prominence, bio engineering, human control and scientific research led to a HeLa frenzy and the mass replication and selling of Henrietta Lacks’ tissue, without the knowledge or permission of her family. At a time when Henrietta Lacks’ family could not even afford a headstone for her grave, Japheth’s mutated seed was procuring great wealth off her tissue and DNA. “The HeLa Cell Line went on to be used by scientists in various types of investigations including disease research, AIDS research, how the parvo virus infects the cells of dogs and cats and in the study of canine distemper virus, gene mapping, the effects of toxic substances on organisms, and radiation on humans. It has been used to test human sensitivity to tape, glue, cosmetics, and many other products. The HeLa Cell Line has enabled the development of a polio vaccine. Scientists have grown an estimated 50 million metric tons of HeLa Cells, and there are almost 11,000 patents involving these cells,” according to Wikipedia. Any and most biomedical research conducted since the 1950’s have all been made possible because of the illegal harvesting and cloning of Henrietta Lacks’ cell tissues. Captured in book form by author Rebecca Skloot in 2010 and seven years later in film by HBO and Harpo Films in 2017, was the life of Henrietta Lacks in the titled literary and film productions: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

The more Gowy Gevah breeds on this planet, the more they become prone to new sicknesses and diseases, and the more they will slaughter the hue-man creation of Yahweh in order to survive. The same GOD who is mindful of every sparrow that falls from a tree, is the same GOD who sees the slaughter of his people.

This same GOD also sees every bite of the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good and evil in which Japheth’s mutated seed masticates so superciliously while falling deeper and deeper into the bottomless abyss of debauchery and human shame. The appalling abominations in which Gowy Gevah have committed against GOD and the hue-man in which he has created can only be sufficiently matched in judiciousness by the fiery fury and wrath of Yahweh’s judgment that is set against them and is even now beginning to be poured out.

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