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Part 1: The Fall of The Roman Empire, The Rise of Germany & The Spanish Conquest

The German Goth Odoacer defeats Emperor Romulus Augustus of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD and brings the Western Roman Empire to an end. By 793 AD, Germanic Vikings begin to raid Western Europe. Overcrowding has led Vikings to venture out by boat in search of new land in 841 AD, leading them to the founding of Dublin, and eventually settling in Iceland, as they continued to raid the western parts of Europe. 1147 AD brings a Second Crusade by the German Emperor, Conrad II, and the French Monarch, Louis VII to retake Edessa, Turkey for Christendom in the interest of European controlled Jerusalem. A Germanic drive into Russia is defeated in 1242 AD in Estonia by Alexander Nevsky. In 1273 AD, a wealthy German noble, Count Rudolf is elected to be the new Roman Emperor; after which he, five years later, gains control of Austria. King Edward I expel Jews in 1290 AD from England, to which many flee into France and Germany; this event took place twelve years after a number of Jews were dragged to death behind cart horses, and others were arrested and hanged for secretly lending money. By 1347 AD, the Bubonic Plague strikes in Europe and weakens two generations of Europeans with malnutrition and death, killing more than 500,000 before it ends. The Germans are defeated in their 1410 AD conquest to gain control of Poland by Polish King, Wladyslaw Jagiello. Eleven years after Germany’s defeat, Jews are imprisoned and expelled from Germany controlled Austria. By 1483 AD, witchcraft and heresy is frowned upon in Germany by Pope Innocent VIII. Land is re-discovered on the North American continent in 1492 AD by Spaniard Christopher Columbus.



After the death of Israel’s third king, King Solomon in 931 BC, the Kingdom of Israel which consisted of 12 tribes was divided into two kingdoms: with the southern kingdom consisting of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin in Jerusalem and the northern kingdom consisting of the tribes of Simeon, Naphtali, Dan, Asher, Gad, Zebulun, Issachar, Reuben, and the two sons of Joseph (Manasseh and Ephraim) in Shomron (Samaria.) The tribe of Levi was of the priesthood and did not inherit land with his brothers and Joseph’s tribal inheritance was split between his two sons.


Between the time of the Assyrian invasion of the Northern Kingdom in 722 BC and the time of the Babylonian Invasion of the Southern Kingdom in 589 BC, and thereafter, the Israelites were deported from their inherited homeland and scattered throughout the world, many fleeing and seeking refuge in new territory, including territory in the Americas.


The beginning of the invasion of Western Europe by the Spaniards, English, Dutch, French, and Portuguese of the New World on the North and South American continents brought with it chains: the caging and slaughter of North and South American Hebraic Israelite refugees who fled from Israel between the invasions of the Assyrians and the Babylonians between 722 BC and 589 BC and the enslavement and slaughter of African Hebraic Israelites by 1511 AD. In 1521 AD, the Mexican Aztec Indians (Israelite refugees) are weakened by the European disease of small pox and killed by the thousands by Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés. By 1531 AD, Martin Luther warns of a problem in the Roman Catholic heresy pertaining unto the revelation of their clergy and monks being sodomites; evident by the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans in Italy written some 1,475 years earlier. Twenty years later in 1551 AD, Martin Luther is considered a heretic and many Protestants (“Protestors” of Catholicism) are massacred and burned at the stake. By the mid 16th Century, European civil wars seems to be more about religious choice, while in the New World it still remains to be wars over territory. The life span of Europeans is shortened by epidemics, poverty and famines. By 1560 AD one half of all infants are dying before the age of 12 months, and poor adults by the age of 40, while the wealthy are dying between the age of 48 and 56. As they invaded new territory they took with them their sicknesses, diseases and epidemics; killing thousands and thousands of healthy innocent victims who had no medicine against their contamination. In 1562 AD, Englishman John Hawkins raids a Portuguese ship carrying Africans to a life of slavery in Brazil; he steals the ship and exchanges the Africans in Hispaniola for ginger, pearls and sugar: this begins England’s involvement in the Atlantic Slave Trade. In 1566 AD, Pope Pius IV leads a campaign in Rome, Italy against sodomy and sodomites. The 100,000 Indian (Israelite refugees) population in Hispaniola, North America in 1493 is down to a population of 300 by 1570 AD. In 1572 AD, on St, Bartholomew’s Day, Catholics across Europe rejoice over the three day massacre of 23,000 Protestants in France. By 1588 AD, conflict continues between European Catholics and Protestants, leading to the beheading of Mary Stuart, a Catholic and Queen of Scotland, by Elizabeth I, Queen of England; who single-handily defeated a fleet of Spanish ships of over a hundred and prevented their invasion of England. By the end of the 16th Century, Henry IV end’s France’s war over religion and encourages tolerance between Catholics and Protestants, while Pope Clement VIII of Rome persuades the continual hatred against the Jews and blaming them for the world’s economic problems. The beginning of the 17th Century sees more of a European interest in the middle-east and Asia.


To Be Continued…

Coming: Japhetic History – The Invasion of Western Europe Part 2


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The Man Fashioned by God, as we know it, is recounted in the first book of the Bible, Genesis 1st and 2nd chapters.

1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.


This is the only true theological account that exists of the creation of hue-manity; all other accounts are speculations and theories, and outright absurdity.

What we understand from these verses is the first hue-man man, Adam, was formed from the dust of the ground or dust of the earth. Many times throughout the Bible you will find that GOD refers to man as an earthen vessel; because Adam is of the earth -not the sky -not the atmosphere -not the heavens -and certainly not from monkeys, but the earth. Adam’s substance or physical composition was formed out of the dust of the ground, this is the reason why when a man dies his body decomposes back to dust, not back to a monkey.

From these verses we can understand a few more things. We can understand the color of Adam’s outer substance; if fashioned from the dust (dirt) of the earth, Adam’s substance would have to match the color of the dust of the earth from whence he came. Soil, in its richest form, uncontaminated by chemicals, is a deep dark robust black gold! So it is accurate to say that the color of Adam’s outer substance (skin) was a deep dark robust black color; not white, not pink, or any other unimaginable color.

After fashioning Adam from the dust of the earth, GOD brought Adam to Life by breathing Himself, His essence into Adam’s nostrils. GOD breathed His own Spirit (The Breath of Life) into Adam and Adam became a living Soul, a living Organism, a living Being! The air we breathe everyday, the air molecules in our atmosphere is no less than The Breath of GOD! If He doesn’t first exhale, we could not inhale!

The final thing we learn from these verses is in GOD’s Plan He created the earth, the atmosphere, plant life and food provisions, and the fowls, cattle, sea life, and crawling things days before He created Adam. Other words, there was nothing created by Adam, so he could not boast of having had anything to do with the work of creation! And all that Man needed was created for him in the Garden of Eden exactly as he would need it. Adam was created with the perfect hair structure, skin color and tone, build of frame, and the perfect DNA for the hot atmospheric environment in which GOD had placed him in; in other words, Adam’s DNA could withstand the climate of his environment as well as the intense heat of the sun all while being naked.

In present day, Scientific and Archeological finds have finally caught up with the Truth of the Bible written long ago! Ancient hue-man discoveries have now confirmed that the oldest and first people of our society were Africans (meaning Negroids!) Furthermore, it has been concluded that Adam & Eve were in fact themselves, melanated Negroids and their home was The Garden of Eden located in or near Ethiopia, Africa.

What this tells us is: GOD created only One Hue-man Race in The Garden of Eden that day, and the race of people GOD created were Melanesian Negroid Africans! There were no multi-racial human beings; Melanated Negroes were and are the only One True Race of people created by GOD in the Garden!

So where did The Clone of Satan come from and who are they?

Let’s first look at some characteristics of Satan to help us identify his clones:

  1. Whenever the sons of GOD present themselves unto GOD, Satan always shows up to copy them.
  2. Satan’s primary character flaw is the characteristic of an accuser.
  3. Satan reigns over and stands together with the wicked.
  4. Satan is an offence to Christ Jesus.
  5. Satan savourest not the things of GOD, but the things of men.
  6. Satan is the Tempter of men.
  7. Satan removes the Word of GOD from men’s hearts.
  8. Satan fell from the Grace of GOD.
  9. Satan is the father of lies.
  10. Satan is the author of darkness.
  11. Satan destroys the human flesh, he’s The Destroyer.
  12. Satan transforms himself into an Angel of Light.
  13. Satan is the hinderer of the things of GOD in the lives of hue-manity.
  14. Satan is a Deceiver.
  15. Satan is the Devil.

What we have learned about Satan is his number one obsession, copying the things of and people of GOD. Satan is so fixated on being like The Most High, ascending into heaven, sitting on a throne, and having subjects worship him as though he were GOD; that he copies everything about and everything pertaining unto GOD. This includes establishing a false religion, a false church, a false prophet, a false Christ (the Anti-Christ), false doctrine, and false worshippers.

Satan’s worshippers, followers, and those who do his bidding are clones of himself because these individuals have his influence or his spirit within them, as opposed to having the Spirit of GOD as GOD’s only Melanated-Adamic creation. Furthermore, these hand-picked individuals have knowingly made a covenant with Satan whereby they have undergone a genetic mutation to look completely opposite of the only true creation GOD created in The Garden of Eden.

Taken from the DNA of Adam’s seed, through Noah, Satan’s clones are opposite to GOD’s creation in skin color, hair texture, eye color, nose, lips, muscular structure, genitals, bone structure, mindset, creative abilities, the ability to praise GOD, the ability to house the Spirit of GOD, the ability to worship GOD in spirit and in truth, the ability to feel the presence of GOD, the ability to communicate effectively with GOD, the ability to hear from GOD, and the ability to obey GOD’s commands.

Within the genetic code of Satan’s clones we will find the obsession to copy the creation of GOD; an attempt to copy skin color, hair texture, lips, muscular structure, genitals, creative abilities, lingo, praise and worship style, the same knowledge of GOD as His sons, and much more. The obsession to copy GOD’s People gives Satan’s clones a false reality of being as GOD’s People, or the false hope of replacing the People of GOD with themselves.

We will also find evidence of missing links in Satan’s clones: mental deficiencies, psychological psychotic deficiencies, a susceptibility to physical maladies, sicknesses and diseases that no other has, a core mirrored image of Satan to destroy that which is good, purposefully hinder the things of GOD, accuse others, speak lies, and commit murder and kill innocent lives.

As we consider all these things, we must give due diligence to the mutated Seed of Japheth in recognizing his history and correlating it to the description of Satan’s clones! Could it be that Japheth was so envious (a trait fully recognized to be that of Satan’s) of his brothers: (Shem, because he was the one chosen to bring the Messiah, and Häm, because he bares the skin color today of those who first ruled the earth,) that he made an irreversible and irrevocable covenant with the Devil (Satan) in exchange for the dominance, control, and habitation of the Kingdoms of this World, that has quite possibly damned all the souls of the mutated Seed of Japheth forever?

What we do know for fact from History is that all of mankind remained Melanesians throughout the times of Noah, past the time of Nimrod and the building of the Tower of Babel, into the time of Abraham and the birth of the 12 Patriots of Faith and the timing of the enslavement of Israel in Egypt, past the days of Moses and the receiving of The Ten Commandments and the Exodus of the Children of Israel out of Egypt, and into the time of the Conquering of the Promise Land led by Joshua and Caleb and beyond.

By the time The Children of Israel returned to Jerusalem to conquer her, there were primarily one group of people living there and occupying the surrounding lands: The Melanated Seed of Häm through his second born Mizraim and his youngest son Canaan (Philistines, Canaanites, Sidonians, Jebusites, Amorites, Girgasites, Hivites, Hamathites, Perizzites, Gaza, and more), the same who was cursed by Noah and became servants to Shem’s Seed. The Melanated Seed of Shem dwelt in surrounding areas such as Moab, and the land of Ammon. There is one mention of The Seed of Japheth dwelling in Harosheth, who by this time were fully referred to as “Gentiles”. Throughout the time of The Judges til Samson and Delilah and the Kings of Israel and Judah, there is no biblical mention of The Seed of Japheth until the Children of Israel were sold into Persian captivity by way of Babylonian captivity. All of the wars of Israel were between them and their brothers (other descendants of Shem, like the Syrians) and The Seed of Häm. The first mention of Japheth’s descendants is when History speaks about the Mede-Persian Wars during the captivity of Israel under Babylonia, then Mede-Persia; other than prophecies spoken concerning The Seed of Japheth during the captivity of Israel in the time of Daniel. After the Mede-Persian Empire, The Seed of Japheth began to be on the scene constantly due to the failed attempts of Persia to conquer The Greeks; as a result, Greece was the second Gentile Nation, other than The Medes to then set out and conquer the world. By this time, was there a definite noticeable difference in the DNA of The Children of Japheth?

DNA and genetic codes of hue-man beings don’t just mutate on their own, something had to happen by a greater force to change the DNA of hue-manity in which GOD created; something went horribly wrong for the seed of Japheth! Exactly when the Gentiles turned, and which generational son of Melanated Japheth was the master mind behind the seduction of his people is unclear. But the Hebraic Black Israelites began to cohabitate with the Greeks (something that was forbidden by GOD.) The Medes (people of Madai, third son of Japheth) married into Shem’s family and were never amongst their people in far Europe after land division. Throughout history, as Japheth gradually mutated, this continual cohabitation with his seed produced a by-product of mutation on various levels creating several racial ethnicities: Mexicans, Latinos, Puerto Ricans, South Americans, and Central Americans; these groups of individuals are a result of the Spaniards cohabitating with the Indians of the Americus, who are the descendants of melanated Asian Chinese. Some cohabitation was with the French, Dutch, Portuguese and English as well.

The people of Asia: Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Philippines, etc, and the surrounding southward Islands, including the Hawaiian Islands all have their roots from Black Negroid Ancestry, this is the reason why if you research their ancestors they will all come up dark and Black as dust. All of the ethnicities of people who do not have an ancient history past the European Invasion holds true because their history is buried within Japheth’s cohabitation with either Shem or Häm. For example, the Mexicans’ ancient history ends where the white Spaniards mixed with the Black Indians. There is no history of Mexicans prior to this because they are the result of cohabitation between two people groups and their history either blends into the history of the Spaniards or the history of the Americus Black Indians. Without the migration of the Melanesian people from China into the Americus, countries like Mexico would not exist. And, if it were not for the mutated Spaniards, Portuguese and others invading places like Mexico, the people of Mexico would not be a flat hair, pale skin (pale compared to that of Negroes,) Spanish speaking culture.

In the conquering of the Europeans: The Greek Empire gave way to Rome, and the Roman Empire gave way to the Germans and Hitler, while the English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Portuguese Invasion swept most of the globe. And as these events took place, it was clear that an imitation of hue-manity existed, guided by a demonic force to conquer, destroy, subjugate and wipe out the True History and True Identity of the Only Hue-man Race created by GOD in The Garden of Eden called Adam (the father of the Black African Hue-man Race). 


Coming: Japhetic History


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