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January 3, 1920, Prohibition Law takes effect in the United States. US Senators vote against joining the League of Nations. The Irish Republican Army asserts Ireland’s War of Independence against British control. Strong willed Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands repudiates the Allied nation’s request to extradite Kaiser Wilhelm (former German Emperor) for prosecution. The first baseball game of The Negro National League is played on May 2nd in Indianapolis, IN United States. The AIDS virus was traced back by scientist (in 2014) to the 1920’s in Leopoldville in the Belgian Congo during the time of colonial rule, the virus was linked to urban growth by colonials and a rise in the railway. In New York City, The Wall Street Bombing on September 16th in the front of the JP Morgan building kills 38 and wounds 400; capitalism lives on. Warren G. Harding is elected the 29th President of the United States on a campaign against ratification of the peace treaty and for a return to the “good old days” and “normalcy” before the war.


John D. Rockefeller in the US pledges $1,000,000 in relief funds for destitute stricken Europe on January 21, 1921. Mongolia is stripped from China on March 13th by Russian leader Baron Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg, declaring himself as Mongolia’s ruler. March 18th is recognized as a holiday into the 21st century in Mongolia when its military leader Damdiny Sükhbaatar fought and defeated a Chinese force inside Mongolia. In the Caucasus region, Abkhazia becomes a self-governing republic within the Soviet Union. On April 14th, when British mining, railway and transportation labor union workers call for a strike, the British government responds by threatening to call in the army. War crimes trials by the Allies of World War I against Germans begin in Leipzig. May 31st, Black Wall Street (a prosperous and self-sufficient African-American neighborhood in the Greenwood district of Tulsa, OK) is annihilated by angry white migrants from the South and returning poor war vets in the United States when an assault by whites against African-Americans is escalated over a misunderstanding regarding the false accusation of the rape of a white woman by a young African-American male: arrests, killings, fires, destruction of businesses and homes and total devastation of African-American lives incurs. The Irish War of Independence comes to an end on July 11th with the signing of a truce between British Government and Irish forces. China regains power over Mongolia and defeats Baron Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg with the help of the Red Army. After terrorizing the world, a Russian writer: Maxim Gorky makes a sentimental appeal “to all honorable people” in the world for food and medicine after the Russians resort to cannibalism during a famine in the Volga-Urals region; population drops by 3.8 percent in one year. Adolf Hitler becomes chairman of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party on July 28th.


By January 1922, the British Empire covered 1/5 of the world’s population. Brits declare Egypt a sovereign state on February 28th; however, troops will continue to remain in Egypt. Harry Thuku (1895-1970), an English-speaking Kikuyu in British controlled Kenya, is arrested and imprisoned; two days later, 8,000 of his followers clashed with colonial police. Thuku was a pioneer of modern African nationalism, he was exiled to Somalia. Hostility towards the Jews is on the rise in the United States; Jewish applicant’s enrollment into Harvard University is advocated to be restricted by the university’s president, A.L. Lowell. June 28th, Civil War begins in Dublin, Ireland when the Irish government fires upon the Irish Republic Army with artillery loaned from the British government, destroying their own government buildings occupied by the opposing army; the IRA are in protest of the Anglo-Irish Treaty which compromises the independence of a unified Ireland. By July of this year, 563 marks buys one US dollar, within a month it will take 1000 marks to buy one US dollar, and later, 3000 marks; inflation had begun as the way to pay for the nation’s war effort. West Africa’s Togoland of former German rule, is divided by the League of Nations into French Togoland and British Togoland. The US has economic interest in Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador; each President meet on the USS Tacoma in the Gulf of Fonseca and pledge to prevent their territories from being used to promote revolutions. The Chamber of Commerce in Sharon, CT is distributing unsolicited flyers influencing property owners not to sell to Jews. The last battle of the Greco-Turkish war begins on August 26th called The Battle of Dumlupinar; both are to lose equal number of lives of upwards of 2,318 people. Council of the League of Nations approves Britain’s Mandate of Palestine, making legal Britain’s administration of territory occupied by the Ottoman Empire, which included Jerusalem: The city of David. The Greek army has been pushed back to Smyrna, but the raging of The Great Fire of Smyrna on September 14th has forced the Greeks to evacuate the city on ships protected by Allied destroyers. BBC, The British Broadcasting Company is formed on October 18th. Mussolini, Italy’s new Prime Minister, is given power by Italy’s parliament for one year on November 24th. On December 6th, a treaty signed in London becomes official, declaring Ireland a Free State. In gaining their independence form Russia following World War I, Poland’s professor of hydroelectric engineering, Gabriel Narutowicz takes the oath for Poland’s first president on December 11th; by the 16th he is assassinated with a hand gun.


On January 2, 1923, The US formed racist group: the Ku Klux Klan in Rosewood, Florida attacks a residential town of 120 African-Americans where 8 looses their lives to racial violence and the town was burned to the ground; this act of violence came as the result of a white woman who was fearful of being caught in an affair with a white man falsely claims she was rapped and beaten by a Black man. “Positive Thinking” and “Will Power” is proclaimed in New York City by French pharmacist Emile Coué, promoting the cure of diseases by chanting: “Everyday, in every way, I’m getting better and better,” he dies 3 years later. By January 11th, the political party of Adolf Hitler grows rapidly in Germany; police reports show growths from 6,000 to 35,000 in Munich and to approximately 50,000 in Bavaria; while the United States withdraws the last of its troops from Germany almost two weeks later. British Air Commodore Charlton resigns on February 2nd one year after taking up the post of Chief Staff Officer amidst opposition to the bombing of Iraqi villages. Female African-American Blues singer, Bessie Smith (Empress of the Blues 1898-1937) records her first song: “Down Hearted Blues” on February 16th, while Louis Armstrong (1901-1971) records his first “Chimes Blues,” on April 6th. The Irish Civil War ends on May 24th. The 624-year-old Ottoman Empire is brought to an end on July 24th at the signing of The Treaty of Lausanne, officially ending the war between Turkey and British-French Allies with the Turks receding land beyond the modern Turkish state. On July 31st, the world economy sees an all-time high inflation on the German mark; requiring 353,000 marks to a single US dollar. The 29th US President, Warren Gamaliel Harding, dies on August 2nd of a heart attack. World War II is in the early makings when Britain becomes agitated about Japanese imperialism (a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through diplomacy or military force) and the Anglo-Japanese Alliance is terminated on August 17th. Italy’s Mussolini bombs the Greek island of Corfu when no reparations are made by August 31st for the earlier assassinations of an Italian general and 3 of his assistants in Kakavia. October 25th, Albert B. Fall, former US Secretary of Interior in the Harding Administration is found guilty of conspiracy and bribery and sentenced to one year in prison in the Teapot Dome scandal, regarding corruption in the oil reserves. Whites in the United States consider the African-American show “Runin Wild” which introduces the dance: the Charleston, debuting on October 29th, as cheerfully impudent. On November 8th Adolf Hitler fails at an attempted coup of Berlin and to take charge of Bavarian dictatorship; a day later he promises to shoot himself if his Hitler-Ludendorff attempted coup fails, he reconsiders and is later arrested and stands trial. By the 15th of November, one US dollar is worth 4,200,000,000,000 marks. The year ends with North Dakota in the US outlawing dancing on Sundays.


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