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The Murder

It has now become sternly apparent that the entire globe is appalled by what we all have witnessed on this past Memorial Day, a day among many in the struggles of African Americans in which we will never forget!

Regardless of where we hail from on this rondure in which we all share, for the most part, we were all horrified by the odds that four members of a police force could stand/kneel in broad daylight and while being videotaped murder an innocent man who was handcuffed as he pleaded for his life.

George Perry Floyd, as we all have become aware, died when police officers Derek Michael Chauvin, Tou Thao, J Alexander Kueng, and Thomas K. Lane participated in one way or another in physically restraining him. As a result of extended pressure being applied to Floyd’s neck and back for approximately five minutes and forty-six seconds, he died from mechanical asphyxia. Due to the external pressure applied to Floyd’s neck in the area of his carotid artery, the blood flow carrying vital oxygen to his brain was greatly incapacitated. This pressure to his carotid artery coupled with an interference with his ability to breathe caused by compression of his back is what caused the death of George Perry Floyd.

Within those first five minutes of being restrained, Floyd stated sixteen times that he could not breathe! When Floyd stated: “I’m about to die,” former police officer Derek Michael Chauvin carelessly instructed him to: “Relax.” Floyd cried out for his late mother and begged: “Don’t kill me!” Witnesses began to observe that Floyd was now bleeding from his nose. When the neck is squeezed as in strangulation, blood will back up in the head causing the blood capillaries in the nose to burst, as in the case of George Perry Floyd. As he continued to cry for help, former officer Tou Thao then made light of the moment by saying: “This is why you don’t do drugs kids.” There were no drugs found in Floyd’s system!

For three more minutes, after Floyd died and after former officer Kueng checked for an absent pulse, Chauvin continued to compress Floyd’s artery. Even up to a minute after emergency medical personnel arrived onto the scene, he kept his knee on Floyd’s neck. He wanted to make sure that there was no possibility Floyd could be resuscitated after such a prolonged deprivation of oxygen to his brain. With the collective actions of these four officers, it is absolutely no doubt that causing the death of George Perry Floyd was their intention. Prolonged restraint/pressure in key strategic places was employed upon Floyd by Chauvin, Kueng, and Lane with the full knowledge of what the final outcome would be.

The Question

So, the question remains: Why? Why would these officers risk their livelihood, freedom, and lives to murder an innocent man they did not know in broad daylight? Why was it so important for the ringleader Chauvin to cause the death of Floyd knowing that it could result in unfavorable consequences for him? What could be more important than an individual’s everyday life that he/she could throw it all away that easily?

The History

All for The Cause; to some, their Cause is far more important than their everyday lives. Their Cause is their everyday life! And the globe has become awakened to the long systemic enslavement, oppression, and the brutal slaughtering of African Americans. Whereas many assumed that African Americans were always playing the race card, they now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Africans living in America have suffered violent attacks against them at the hands of “white” people for centuries. Many were aware of this fact before Memorial Day, May 25, 2020, it was just never important enough to them to really address the matter because it didn’t touch their world. Africans have been let down by their fellow man time and time again, which has brought the world to this very point right now.

Between 1500 and 1900, millions of Africans were transported as slaves to parts of the world by Arab Muslim slave traders. In the early 1500s, the first Africans were carried to the New World to North and Central America and the Caribbean by the Portuguese and Spaniards to be enslaved as free hard laborers. By August of 1619, they were carried to Jamestown, Virginia in British North America. By 1652, the continent of Africa first began to be colonized in South Africa by the Dutch, and the rest is History!

For at least five hundred and twenty years, the land and people of Africa have suffered violence, violent attacks, colonization, oppression, suppression, recession, rejection, demoralization, the stripping of their land, history, language, culture, rights, homes, livelihood, future, the truth about their progenitors, and the early demise of their descendant sons and daughters at the hands of other people, namely “whites”. What has been duly noted and now made quite obvious is the fact that Africa has never done a single thing to Arab Muslims or Europeans to merit this kind of treatment. So, what is it about Africans that have caused a people to vehemently hate them with an attempt to destroy them for at least five hundred and twenty years, from one generation after another with the same fervor as the day in which they began to enslave them back in the 1500s?


Who Are The African People?

In order to answer The Question, we must begin by establishing Who Are The African People?

The first identity of Africans in which we must reiterate is the conclusive fact that Africans untouched by mixed DNA represents the original and only creation of mankind created by an Almighty God in Eden! I do believe that this is a known fact by now so that I should not have to re-explain this scientific discovery.

If we begin with this fact, then we can understand and articulate the reason for “white” people’s deep seated hatred of Africans. If we examine them carefully we will find that it is not so much that Africans represent the dominate parent DNA of the world, which irks them so, as it is the realization that they (white people) are a mutation of the original Adamic African DNA! Everything that Africans are, mutated beings are not; they lost it and want it back! And this fact alone sears the demons of Hell into their spirit!

The second identity of Africans in which we must also reiterate is the conclusive fact that the Africans stolen from Nigeria and other parts of Africa and carried into slavery to the Americas were indeed a tribe of the Israelite Hebrews! If we end with this fact, then we can understand and articulate the reason why the Arab Muslims and European Roman Catholics have sought to crucify them simply because of their existence. Yahushua Ha’Mashiach said: “They will hate you because they have hated me.”

The African American descendants of the enslaved Israelite Hebrews scattered to Nigeria and other parts of Africa are the most copied, yet hated people on this planet! The true identity of Who Are The African People is the reason why it was illegal to teach a slave to read or write. It is the reason for the massive conspiracy to cover up the real identity of the Egyptians who built the Pyramids, because if you admit that they were a melanin people, then you would also have to admit that Abraham, Jesus, and the Hebrews who all traveled to Egypt were also a melanin people. And there was no distinction of skin hue between the appearance of the Egyptians and the appearance of Hebrews. Which would mean that the conspiracy to whitewash ancient Egypt and Israel with Arabs and Europeans is evident by the pale peoples who are now living on the land of Egypt and the Hebrews and calling themselves “Egyptians or Jews”.


The Plot

Bible Prophecy has already forewarned the Hebrews what was going to befall them in the latter days. Yahweh also prophesied how he would succor his people. So, everything that is transpiring should be of no surprise. The Bible lets us know some key things:

  1. In the end times, the Anti-Christ must be revealed.
  2. The Anti-Christ will work together with the False Prophet and the Beast for destruction.
  3. There will be a New World Order
  4. People will have to receive the Mark of the Beast in order to buy and sell.
  5. Yahweh will return his people to their land.
  6. The People of Yahweh will be persecuted and attacked.
  7. The army of the One World Order will go up against Israel and her land.

Orchestrated by Satan, using his New World Order, through his hybrid creation and an apostate group of modern-day Judas Iscariots, he will seek the utter destruction of the Hebrews collectively.


Plan Implementation

Everything over the previous decades leading up to year 2020 was right on schedule! Everything happening in 2020 is right on schedule! Before the New World Order can fall into place, the global economy has to become bankrupt! The old system has to die! This is the real reason why 911 happened, and many other events leading up to this year.

A cataclysmic event had to be orchestrated such as the pandemic to thrust everything into place. World Depopulation and Destruction of every global Economy was the objective. But not as high numbers of deaths were achieved as what were initially hoped for, not in human lives or in businesses. So part two had to be set in order. The need to destroy more lives and businesses would have to be accomplished, and the chosen venue: Race Riots -it has always worked in the past. We should all realize by now that “white” police officers in America have always been agents of assassination when it especially comes to the murder of African Americans. Choose the assassin and wait until he finds the perfect opportunity -enters stage right: George Perry Floyd, the sacrificial lamb whose murder would set it off and ignite a transformational uprising! What Satan, what the clandestine Satanist leaders of white supremacy, what the collective police agents of assassination, what Derek Chauvin was indicating is the fact that they are about to compress the very artery of the strength and existence of the Hebraic African American community! They will attempt to take your breath and take you out.

The third part or phase is going to be a complete lockdown! They will accomplish this by commandeering bank accounts, hindering, if not preventing all together electronic communication; what electronics that will be permitted will serve as a tracking device. You take away people’s ability to buy food, medicine, and all the necessities of life and you control their movement, then you control them! This will lead to a second Civil War in America and an all-out Global Revolution. The second Civil War will be for the exact same reason as the first: the oppression of the Hebraic African Americans. There will be a blood bath, it is inevitable. Prepare Yourselves!


But God

What the conspirators were not counting on was the interference of Yahweh into their plot and plan. They were not planning on God using this same opportunity to start a Revolution of his own! God took the worldwide anger and frustrations of the people due to the pandemic and used the fact that people were already out of work and out of hope and shifted their gears and diverted all of that pinned up frustration and poured it into #Black Lives Matter! God took their plot of a pandemic and used it against them. They were not counting on a Move of God that would spread globally! They were not counting on something breaking within the African communities worldwide. They did not realize that it is actually Yahweh who is in control, and they are but mere puppets being used to usher in the massive Deliverance of his People and his Judgment Day upon the wicked!

We ask: “What was Yahweh waiting for?” You thought that you were waiting on him to move, you were not; it was he who was waiting on you to move! Yahweh was waiting for his people to get into position and formation. It was time for his people to get mad as Hell! He was waiting for his people to become angry with the fury of Almighty God! He was waiting for them to realize who they ARE and to mount up on his wings so that he can carry them through the battle! Because he knows they will have to make a stand and they will have to fight!

Keep It Moving People! Don’t stop your momentum but Take it all the way Home! Don’t be fooled by seemingly sudden displays of emotions in support of you. Haven’t you figured out by now that Pharaoh isn’t going to willfully Let The People of God Go? He will have to be forced and God will get his Glory out of it! Look past the people and see the Devil who controls them. It is time to get past the hurt, dry your eyes and stop your crying! Remove your emotions from the equation and focus on your purpose and goal! Keep raising your voices until something breaks in the atmosphere!

Hear me Oh Africa, I am calling out to you -Rise up and stand on the ancestral strength of your Adamic DNA! Speak and decree a matter, and it shall be! You Igbo Leaders in Nigeria put down your corrupt ways and come together with the Igbo People of the land and support your children in a faraway country! You Negroes in the Americas refresh your memory who you are: YOU ARE THE DESCENDANTS OF THE ISRAELITE HEBREWS! RETURN UNTO YOUR GOD AND HE WILL RETURN UNTO YOU! YOU ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH GOD! You Stand, and You Fight in the Name of Your God, but understand that it is Almighty God who will break the back of racism and white supremacy! Not by might, nor by power; but by my Spirit saith THE LORD!