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Who is Japheth?

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Japheth
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Who is Japheth and what does he have to do with me?

Japheth is a biblical character who turned the whole world upside down and shaped it into what it is today. Not much is known about him per say, but a whole lot is known about the seed and generations he produced.

Most of our understanding of who Japheth is comes from the Bible, and although he is only mentioned twelve times, the devastating legacy he left behind is an everlasting one. Ja

pheth is the youngest son of the Bible character Noah, the same Noah of the catastrophic Noahic Flood. Referred to in the Arabic language as “Yafeth bin Nuh” (Japheth, son of Noah), it is understood, through repetitious order of the Bible’s chronology to list sons in order of birth starting with the first born unto the least (or last born), that Japheth was the youngest or least born of Noah’s three sons.

The most important fact about Japheth’s life that still impacts the world today and future prophesy, is the seed he produced and its role throughout History. Japheth, by order of birth, produced seven sons, The Japhetites: Gomer (Gomermians, Cimmerians, Celts, Germans), Magog (Swedes, Finns, Irish), Madai (Medes), Javan (Greeks), Tubal (Iberians, Russians, Italians, & Spaniards), Meshech (Georgians, Moskva or Moscow), and Tiras (Thirasians, Indo-European Group); out of these came all the clans and ethnic groups of the European Caucasoid Species. The Bible states in Genesis 10:5 “By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.” A

fter the scattering of one people, for after the Flood all the sons of Noah dwelt together as one, when their language was confounded and they could no longer understand nor communicate with each other, the Japhetites migrated northward and westward to their allotted land on both sides of the Prime Meridian, east of the Baffin Bay between Greenland and Russia west of the Bering Sea, and as far south as east of the Atlantic Ocean between Portugal and Russia west of the Sea of Okhotsk, and as far north as the Arctic Ocean. These are the lands Japheth inhabited; these are the p

eople races he became.

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