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Old and contemporary newspaper clippings, current videos and ancient documentary film reels, countless audio tapes, leaked emails and snail mail letters, and antiquated storytelling about everyday personal experiences told from generation-to-generation regarding the behavior of white ogres leads to but one conclusive conclusion.

Whether you are African, African Aboriginal Australian, African Indigenous New Zealander, African Indigenous Israelis Hebrew or other Semitic/Hamitic Arabic inhabitant of the extension of Africa now called “The Middle East,” Non-Europoid Asiatic Person of the Near and Far East, Pacific Islander, African American or African Canadian, Mexican, North, Central & South American Indian, or Central & South American African, one thing is certain: you have without hesitation identified the pallid colonial nations to be covert demons.

For those individuals who never read the Bible’s account of the descriptive behavior of demons, it may be somewhat far-fetched for them to ascertain the diabolical depth of the behavior of white ogres. But the Bible is clear and precise in contrasting between righteousness and wickedness; between works which are good and works of evil; between the children of God and the children of the Devil. Assuredly, white ogres can be so covert with their surreptitious behavior, until they themselves cannot even ascertain the diabolical depth of their own ominous doings. In fact, they sincerely believe that they are pure Lily white Angels! But they are quite the contrary, yet this is a perfect example of the widespread cultural deception in which Satan has beguiled them with.

American film makers throughout the 50’s, 60’s and into the 70’s were obsessed with alien type cinemas. Their depiction of what alien beings looked like was/is uncanny to the description of pallid born infants. Whether or not they have ever seen an alien being, it is quite satirical that white ogres are all born bald, the exact same way in which they depict aliens. I have never ever seen the hue-man African race or any ethnicity (Indians, American Indians, Latinos, Mexicans, Arabs, Melanesian Hebraic Israelites, Mesopotamians, or Asians) give birth to a bald baby, unless their significant other is a white ogres. For the most part, all of these ethnicities are born with a head full of jet or off black hair! This leads to a further conclusive conclusion that genetically speaking, there is just something different about the pallid ogres. They are in a class all by themselves with serious questionable alien origin.

But, for those who are students of the Logos of Yahweh, the first tool of defense is to learn about the wiles of the Devil and to put on the whole armor of God in order to withstand them!

In as much as Yahweh has a plan for the life of every hue-man being and for the world, so does Satan. God’s plan is to give life and to give it more abundantly; Satan’s plan is to cause utter submission and total destruction! Whenever the Spirit of The Lord shows up it is for the purpose of bringing salvation, healing, and restoration. Whenever Satan walks to and fro in the earth it is for the purpose of stealing, killing, and destroying. He comes as a thief because what he is about to take does not rightfully belong to him. Therefore he possess no legal right/justification, no legal permission/authorization, nor any legal power/sovereignty to seize the lives, land, and possessions of another. Likewise, all that the white ogres have around the world they have stolen! When you are the rightful owners of something you do not have to convince others of your ownership. If you are truly the supreme people you do not have to shove it down the throats of others by forcefully persuading them you are. Truth speaks for itself. When you have the legal right to be in possession of something, you don’t have to bully others into the acquisition of it. They say: “possession is nine-tenths of the law,” this is the reason why as the Judgment of Almighty God falls upon these white trolls they will be in possession of stolen property around the world.

When Adam sinned against Yahweh so long ago in choosing disobedience over obedience, the spirit of Satan and death was released upon mankind and the entire world. By the disobedience of one, death came to many/all. Ever since the fall of Adam Satan has walked to and fro in the earth seeking, searching for a willing vessel/people who would allow him to embody them in order to work his plan of destruction upon the earth. Satan is not omniscient, omnipresent, nor omnipotent as Yahweh is; he (Satan) has to have human vessels to possess, influence and work through. I have asked this question before: “What single group of people dominate and are in control of the world?”

Although the sin of Adam fell upon all, and all do err in sin with various diverse crimes and abominations, there are nonetheless few who personifies the demons of Hell quite like the pallid colonials do! It has been historically proven that the womb of their women are incubators for the seed of Satan. He has spawned some of the most notorious deadly leaders and civilians through their breeding uteri.

The trolling behavioral deeds of pallid emigrants over centuries have anthropomorphized the faces of wicked spirits in high places and demons of Hell.

There are those who have never seen the face of the devil, but when they look into the face of evil pallid ogres people, they have looked into the face of clandestine demons! This is an undeniable and irrefutable statement; yet there are those who are in denial and attempt to refute known history experienced by victims all over this globe.

It is only Satan who could contrive the abominable, ghastly, and hideous comportment of pallid emigrants in which this biosphere has witnessed over decades and centuries.

Only demons would take human DNA in the form of human blood, placenta, tissue from aborted babies, and internal human organs and turn them into edible vitamins and drugs for pallid consumption; only demons can exploit the innocence of children; take children away from their parents; intentionally starve a child to death; kill their own children to have another man; molest and rape a helpless child; abuse and/or have sex with a four-legged animal; have sex with their own mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter; have group sex and sex with their own gender; swallow that which is forbidden and spiritually unlawful; murder a mother and rip her unborn child from her womb just to become a mother; execute a pregnant woman out of hate; murder their own spouse for the insurance policy or for another woman/man; assassinate their entire family because life got too hard; murder as a serial killer and/or serial rapist; beat an innocent hue-man being to death by clubbing him/her with their fists; mutilate and torture a hue-man body for pleasure or tar a man/woman to death; murder an individual then eat his organs as part of a ritual killing; hang an individual and watch him/her die as entertainment during a Family Sunday ‘Picnic’; hang an African male just to get pleasure from watching him get a huge erection (scientifically proven as a result of blood restricting in the brain,) or stuffing his genitals in his mouth before hanging him; keep an African man’s genitals in a jar as a souvenir after he was hung (what demonic sexual perversion;) force an African slave couple to have sex so they can watch, wish, and dream they were hung like that and could get down like that; arrest African males and females and perform a field cavity search on them outside in broad daylight to get their distorted jollies; purposefully give smallpox laced blankets to American Indians or HIV laced bottled water to Haitians; travel to Africa from Europe as homosexual men and infect Zaire (Congo DRC) with AIDS then blame them for the virus; place foreign citizens into concentration camps because of fear; falsely imprison a population of men and slaughter the rest until there aren’t sufficient enough left to procreate successive generations; assimilate with American Indians and steal their children in order to destroy their heritage, culture, language, and way of life; massively slaughter and kill off the buffalo of the Buffalo Nation in order to destroy their livelihood; build an entire wealth system based on the acquisition of African slaves; impregnate enslaved African females (women and children) in order to breed more slaves that they didn’t have to pay for but who increased their wealth as valuable liquidable personal property; keep a deceased African man in a taxidermy state as a business prop/mascot for decades; gas-bathe Mexicans crossing the border for diseases they (white demons) took to the Americas; and I could go on and on and on, certainly there is lots more to tell.

Like how demons cause destruction by blackballing people and preventing them from being able to get a job to support themselves and their families. How they destroy an entire family by false arrest of the patriarch. How they prevent the acquisition of property by denying loans, and how they hinder an entire culture’s ability to receive a higher collegiate education. How they block rightfully earned promotions, and how they break up relationships and tear families apart. It is safe to say that this entire globe has been corrupted and destroyed by pallid demons in one way or another. Destroyed by their ways, their laws, their injustices, their colonization and thievery, their corrupt capitalistic system, their abominable rape of the food supply and their criminal genetic altering of humans, animals, and the food agriculture. They have been the ones in control, yet when they destroy things they blame Africans and everyone else. It was the admonition of Francis Scott Key, author of The American Star Spangled Banner, that “Africans were a distinct and inferior race of people which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community.” I would emphatically beg the differ with you Mr. Key, but thou art the man! It was/is you and your kind who are thus so: “the greatest evil that afflicts a community!” And this Dear Sir has so been proven.


Note: White Demons And Their Covenant with Satan was initially written on June 22, 2020. It was held until moved by the Spirit of The LORD to release it. I believe today the 14th is the right time to release Part I. There is often so much to say in posts such as these. But what is most prevalent in my mind and heart right now are the wiles of the devil for destruction. There are those who conduct the wickedness of Satan and believe that their intended targets are unaware of their actions. Having the need to control the lives of others is a disease. The need to make the lives of others miserable if they do not do as you want is witchcraft, it is called: ‘manipulation and intimidation.’ If you do not do as I want you to, then I will block your way, hinder your life, and use my influence to turn others against you. Yahweh refers to such individuals as Dogs’ who will not be permitted to enter into the Kingdom of God. These kinds of behavior are magnets for the Judgment of Almighty God! The weapons they (Dogs) form will not prosper. And the skills the battle sharpens for the servants of The LORD who are their intended targets will allow them to advance higher and higher in The Kingdom of God. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but The LORD delivereth them from them all!” But, woe unto them by whom these afflictions come, Yahweh will make you pay! Your arms are too short to box with God and you could not rise early enough to pull one over on The LORD. When you awake, he’s already there. “Behold, the eyes of The LORD are in every place beholding the good and the evil!” He knows who you are and where you are, and the evil you do; and so does his servants. He knows about your social connections and grapevine pipeline. He knows about your underground rumor mills and your viral tunnels by which you pass damnable information for the destruction of others.

You cannot hide your evil doings or be secretive enough; everything you plot and plan is known to God. He is always way ahead of you. You make yourselves out to be enemies of God plowing with that which you know not. And you place yourselves at the wrong end of a judgment stick! No matter how long it takes, God always opens a door for the Righteous! And they never bow to the spawn of Satan no matter what difficulties they must face! And because you are so predictable, you walk yourselves into a set up of which defeat is your only outcome. You reap what you sow; that which you try to destroy others with -will soon destroy you! Let’s see how you fair when your businesses folds.


Coming: White Demons And Their Covenant With Satan Part II

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