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On January 1, 1935, the Italian colonies of Tripoli and Cyrenaica are merged into what has become known as Libya, Africa; a place that had been occupied by the African Berbers tribe since the Bronze age. Unemployment has fallen in the United States of America and there is an increase in income of more than fifty-percent for American farmers. One of the many infamous American Japhetic Caucasoid outlaw gang members of the 1930’s: Fred Barker, is gunned down in a shoot-out with the FBI on January 16th; Kate “Ma” Barker, the elderly grandmother who was said to be the mastermind of the Barker-Karpis Gang, was also killed by the FBI who justified her death by the report that she died with a Thompson machine gun beside her. Japan and the Soviet Union sign a secret accord on January 20th which recognizes Japan’s control over the South Manchurian Railway and the Soviet’s control over the Chinese Eastern Railway. Abortion is legalized on medical grounds first in Iceland on January 28th. Hitler announces on March 1st that Germany no longer has territorial claims against France and by the 10th, breaks an agreement of the Versailles Treaty by announcing the existence of a German based air force. On May 2nd, France and the Soviet Union sign an ally treaty in the event either falls victim to an unprovoked aggression by Germany. Members of the Conservative political party in the United States believes that President Franklin D. Roosevelt is taking Americans down the road to Communism when he creates the Works Progress Administration (WPA) on May 6th, a program that is to help stimulate the American economy well into the early forties. Later, on August 14th, President Roosevelt signs into law the Social Security Act, relieving the burden of children having to support their elderly parents. The German Nuremberg Laws goes in effect on September 15th denying Jews the right of citizenship and prohibiting relationships and marriages between Jews and Caucasoid Aryans. On October 2nd, The League of Nations declares Italy to be in violation of the League’s sanctions against aggression when Mussolini’s army forcefully invades Ethiopia; the American based Time Magazine describes the invasion as a “civilizing mission” and racially ridicules the Ethiopian people. When New York state Governor, Herbert Lehman requests that US President Roosevelt increase the immigration quota for Jews, he replies: “There is no quota specifically for Jews,” and the request is denied on November 1st. By December 31st, although Soviet manufacturing is more than five times what it was in 1913, its world share still comes in second to the United States at thirteen percent, behind the US’s 33 percent.


January 1, 1936, Sweden has finally recovered from the Depression with a 50 percent rise in its industrial production. After the death of King George V of Britain, he is succeeded by his eldest son, Prince Edward, who becomes King Edward VIII of Great Britain, Ireland, the British Dominions as well as Emperor of India. British colonialism in Palestine, and the increase of Jewish immigrants (the rightful people of the land) leads to an Arabian rebellion, causing the deaths of nine Jews, the looting of Jewish shops and orchards and the burning of Jewish homes; in the process of restoring order, British soldiers kill more than 140 Muslims on April 19th. The Italian regime continues to invade Ethiopia on May 5th, an invasion now in its seventh month; Italians conquered by using mustard gas (a sulfur-based family of cytotoxic and vesicant chemical warfare agents which causes large blisters on the skin and in the lungs) in artillery shells and bombs. Ethiopia’s capital: Addis Ababa is besieged, forcing Emperor Haile Selassie into exile; two days later, Ethiopia is annexed. Later, Italian East Africa is formed by merging Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somaliland together. The Summer Olympics open in Berlin on August 1st, and Hitler is in a sore displeasure when United States Afro-American Olympian Jesse Owens wins the 100-meter dash. Members of the fascist group “Escuadra Negra” kidnaps poet Garcia Lorca in Spain and forces him to dig his own grave on August 19th, he is executed, and it is reported that he was executed because he was a homosexual. The future Pius XII of Italy -Cardinal Pacelli- visits the United States President, Franklin D. Roosevelt on November 5th and says to him: “The great danger in America is that it will go communist, Mr. President, you simply do not understand the terrible importance of the communist movement;” to which the President of the United States replies: “You just don’t understand the American people.” On December 11th, King Edward VIII abdicates his throne after succeeding his father only eleven months earlier to marry American socialite and divorcée, Wallis Simpson; a forbidden union.


January 13, 1937, “Where do we send the Jews?” Nationalists in Poland begins the new year rioting with assaults against its Jewish population. Mussolini to a German journalist on January 16th: “Democracies are propagators of the communist bacillus; sand, shifting sand…only Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany can save Europe.” Hitler demands a return of Germany’s colonies and formally withdraws Germany from the Versailles Treaty on January 30th, refusing to continue any reparation payments. March 21st, an assertive British Prime Minister -Stanley Baldwin- addresses his people concerning Hitler with these words: “I know some of you think I should speak more roughly to Hitler than I do, but have you reflected that the reply to a stiff letter might be a bomb on your breakfast tables?” While yet less than a month later, April 1st, the city of Aden (Eden) in Yemen (land of the African Queen of Sheba,) off the Arabian sea shore, falls victim to the British Empire and becomes a British crown colony. Germany, Italy and the fascist group in Spain (Franco) allies together and bombs the city of Guernica, Spain; killing more than 1,600 on April 26th. In a bold statement during an International Writers Congress in Paris, France on July 4th, American journalist, Ernest Hemmingway affirms: “fascist states cannot produce good writers, fascism is a lie told by bullies.” The great novelist Langston Hughes further affirmed: “We are the people who have long known in actual practice the meaning of the word Fascism…Yes, we Negroes in America do not have to be told what Fascism is in action. We know. Its theories of Nordic supremacy and economic suppression have long been realities to us!” Japan is just a little disquieted at the proposal of the United States to fly 182 warplanes in China; such concerns are expressed by the Japanese government on August 5th. On this same day, The Great Purge begins by a Stalin regime that will ultimately kill more than 724,000 Soviet citizens who are deemed to be enemies of the Soviet revolution; targets are anyone suspected of belonging to the Polish Military Organization, members of the Polish culture and members of the Roman Catholic religion. In Spain, Franco’s Fascist forces executes nearly 35,000 on November 5th. Hitler proposes to Lord Halifax, a diplomat for the new government of Neville Chamberlain, a suggestive way of dealing with those in India who are seeking their freedom and independence -kill Gandhi and other leaders too if that’s not enough. It is reported on November 17th that Halifax “likes the Nazi leaders and thinks the Nazi regime is absolutely fantastic!” Italy withdraws from the League of Nations on December 11th and a day later, the League accuses Benito Mussolini’s soldiers of targeting Red Cross medical tents during the Second Italo-Abyssinian War. Mussolini responded by saying: “Ethiopians are not fully human; therefore, the human rights laws does not apply.”


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