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Image result for Donald Trump The highly controversial and problematic 45th President of the United States of America has been IMPEACHED! Donald John Trump, who ran a 2016 campaign for the presidency of the United States with the slogan “Make America Great Again,” incited the good ole boy way of thinking amongst old school white America who sought to return to the good old days of when African Americans were enslaved or at least under the Jim Crow Laws, and white Americans were profiting off of their backs.

His presidency stirred up a can of worms and rattled cages in America just when it appeared that progress was possible. The racial tension in America against African Americans reached an all-time high since the era of slavery and of Jim Crow during the presidency of the first African American US President -President Barack Hussein Obama when white American police officers in protest of his presidency began gunning down innocent and unarmed members of the African heritage.

Since leadership is a representation of the people, it has been quite obvious in America that the leadership of President Donald John Trump has represented the sentiments of thousands upon thousands of white Japhetic American men and women. Trump represents the average and typical white American male; he was just loud and blatant with his arrogance and corruption as opposed to being discreet and dignified. The Day in America, December 19, 2019 has become an Historical Day: it is the Day when the signs of the times has spoken loudly, clearly and distinctly to all like-minded white Americans that not only has Your White Privilege Been Revoked, but also that You Have Been IMPEACHED! 

You have been found guilty of misconduct toward your fellow man and you have been found guilty of high treason in crimes against Hebraic African Americans! You and your wayward barbaric way of thinking has been displaced. It will no longer be tolerated; it is a hindrance to progress and moving forward. Your plots, plans and devices to Making America Great Again by returning to the enslavement of others has been divinely cancelled.

The whole world now knows your true intentions and your true hidden nature has been exposed. Not only will you have to give up the office of supremacy that you have held for over 500 years, but you will also be forced to pay reparations -one way or another. Ezekiel the Prophet said it best: “The fathers (your ancestors) have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s (their descendant’s) teeth are set on edge!”

The messages given with the back-to-back presidencies in America of African American Barack Hussein Obama and Japhetic American Donald John Trump appears to be the obvious that Africans are on their way up and whites are on their way down. The fulfillment of their transgressions (Hebraic African Americans) have been accomplished, and so has the rule of the Gentiles (mutated seed of Japheth.)

“This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom and finished it.”

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But do not celebrate so quickly and do  not be deceived, because now The Don has a bigger bone to pick with America. He is a wounded hound dog with foreign ties who will be tempted to take the classified knowledge he has gained as a sitting President and vindictively use it with enemy states to further destroy America!

The final process to impeach still must pass the House of Senate, and The Don won’t go down without a nasty fight!

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