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Emma Goldman is arrested in the United States on February 11, 1916 for lecturing on birth control, it was a federal offense to disseminate contraceptives via the postal mail across state lines; it was Goldman’s endeavor to lesson births among the over-breeding population of the poor immigrants. The Germans are on a mission to conquer the world. Dominicans resent the US when marines are sent into the Dominican Republic during a time of political instability, a time in which the US sees as an opportunity to occupy the land. The Brits and French establish a plan known as The Sykes-Picot Agreement, a plot to conquer and divide The Ottoman Empire to their advantage: invading Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine. A forerunner to Planned Parenthood is opened on October 16, 1916 in the US by Margaret Sanger; it is the nation’s first birth control clinic. By the end of 1916, Europe is exhausted by the ramifications of war: The Germans are starving due to British blockades; Local Germans are working 14 hours a day; Prices have skyrocketed across the continent; Transportation has failed in Russia and many cities aren’t receiving the delivery of food, yet war goes on.


By February 3rd in 1917, the United States finally severs diplomatic relations with Germany due to its military strategies. In retaliation, the Germans sends a telegraph known as ‘The Zimmermann Telegraph’ to Mexico offering to return border states in which the US took from Mexico after the US-Mexican War; an invitation for the Mexicans to join Germany against the United States. However, the telegraph was intercepted by the Brits. On April 2nd, President Woodrow Wilson asks Congress for an hypocritical declaration of war on Germany so that the US could make the world “safe for democracy,” ignoring its own war on and the thievery of land against Mexico and others. On May 18th Congress passes the Selective Service Act which gave power to the US President to draft men into the military. King George V of the British Empire issues a royal proclamation which changes the name of the family’s royal house which bears German ties and ancestry from the house of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the House of Windsor. July 28th – the NAACP in New York organizes a parade in silence in protest of the East St. Louis Riot and lynchings in Texas and Tennessee of African-Americans.


“God will aid us in the New Year, and will know how to break the ill will of our enemies, who cling to their program of destruction;’ vowed Kaiser Wilhelm on January 1, 1918, the last German Emperor (1888-1918); yet, how profoundly ironic that this same statement could have been spoken in truth by the former African-American slaves. The Spanish Flu breaks out at Fort Riley in Kansas; soon there is an outbreak in France which spreads to all European countries, death follows within two days of contracting the infection. President Woodrow Wilson sends troops into Siberia. On November 21st, in a war between Poland and the Ukraine for the domination of what was formerly known as Lemberg, Polish troops, volunteers and freed criminals massacre 320 Ukrainian Christians and Jews all for land rights.


A World War I Settlement Conference opens in Paris on January 18, 1919, leading to the founding of the League of Nations; 27 nations attend, but Germany was not invited. Egypt is inspired by US President Woodrow Wilson’s “Fourteen Points,” a publicized call for democracy and self-determination, and organizes an uprising across Egypt opposing Britain’s occupation of their country; while a Franco-Turkish war is in the making when French troops enters the Turkish region over an interest in controlling Cilicia, a southern region of Turkey. April 13th, India vows for complete independence after a British officer overreacts to the murder of 5 Europeans and open fires into a crowd of Indians, killing 379 and wounding 1,208 in less than 10 minutes in what is known as the Jallianvala Bach massacre. The Greco-Turkish war begins on May 18th. Believing that blowing up a few people will change the world in the direction they prefer, anarchists in the United States have been mailing bombs to politicians and officials such as US Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer and US Supreme Court Associate Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., leading to an intensification of the Red Scare: ‘US citizens fearing the arrival of recent immigrants and dissidents, especially those who welcomed communist, socialist or anarchist ideology’. June 28th, the Treaty of Versailles is signed, formally ending the war in which US President Woodrow Wilson said was to make the world safe for democracy. A race riot is set off in Chicago when one white throws stones at four African teenagers on a raft. Oct 2nd, President Woodrow Wilson becomes an invalid after suffering a serious stroke. By Oct 6th, inflation is on the rise in the United States, and so is unemployment; The American Federation of Labor has sponsored a steel workers’ strike as the workers battle against the local authorities and steel companies; Mass meetings have been prohibited and gatherings broken up as the Pennsylvania state police club picketers, drag strikers from their home and arrest thousands on insubstantial charges; Gary, Indiana strikebreakers together with the police attack striking union members, prompting the army to take control of the city where martial law is declared. At age 46, Emma Goldman, as previously stated the birth control activist arrested for lecturing on birth controls and encouraging people to resist the draft, an immigrant US citizen who was born in Lithuania and philosophically categorized as an anarchist and described by J Edgar Hoover as being “one of the two most dangerous individuals in the United States,” was deported on December 21, 1919 along with 248 other individuals on a ship to Russia.


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