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Emma Goldman is arrested in the United States on February 11, 1916 for lecturing on birth control, it was a federal offense to disseminate contraceptives via the postal mail across state lines; it was Goldman’s endeavor to lesson births among the over-breeding population of the poor immigrants. The Germans are on a mission to conquer the world. Dominicans resent the US when marines are sent into the Dominican Republic during a time of political instability, a time in which the US sees as an opportunity to occupy the land. The Brits and French establish a plan known as The Sykes-Picot Agreement, a plot to conquer and divide The Ottoman Empire to their advantage: invading Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine. A forerunner to Planned Parenthood is opened on October 16, 1916 in the US by Margaret Sanger; it is the nation’s first birth control clinic. By the end of 1916, Europe is exhausted by the ramifications of war: The Germans are starving due to British blockades; Local Germans are working 14 hours a day; Prices have skyrocketed across the continent; Transportation has failed in Russia and many cities aren’t receiving the delivery of food, yet war goes on.


By February 3rd in 1917, the United States finally severs diplomatic relations with Germany due to its military strategies. In retaliation, the Germans sends a telegraph known as ‘The Zimmermann Telegraph’ to Mexico offering to return border states in which the US took from Mexico after the US-Mexican War; an invitation for the Mexicans to join Germany against the United States. However, the telegraph was intercepted by the Brits. On April 2nd, President Woodrow Wilson asks Congress for an hypocritical declaration of war on Germany so that the US could make the world “safe for democracy,” ignoring its own war on and the thievery of land against Mexico and others. On May 18th Congress passes the Selective Service Act which gave power to the US President to draft men into the military. King George V of the British Empire issues a royal proclamation which changes the name of the family’s royal house which bears German ties and ancestry from the house of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the House of Windsor. July 28th – the NAACP in New York organizes a parade in silence in protest of the East St. Louis Riot and lynchings in Texas and Tennessee of African-Americans.


“God will aid us in the New Year, and will know how to break the ill will of our enemies, who cling to their program of destruction;’ vowed Kaiser Wilhelm on January 1, 1918, the last German Emperor (1888-1918); yet, how profoundly ironic that this same statement could have been spoken in truth by the former African-American slaves. The Spanish Flu breaks out at Fort Riley in Kansas; soon there is an outbreak in France which spreads to all European countries, death follows within two days of contracting the infection. President Woodrow Wilson sends troops into Siberia. On November 21st, in a war between Poland and the Ukraine for the domination of what was formerly known as Lemberg, Polish troops, volunteers and freed criminals massacre 320 Ukrainian Christians and Jews all for land rights.


A World War I Settlement Conference opens in Paris on January 18, 1919, leading to the founding of the League of Nations; 27 nations attend, but Germany was not invited. Egypt is inspired by US President Woodrow Wilson’s “Fourteen Points,” a publicized call for democracy and self-determination, and organizes an uprising across Egypt opposing Britain’s occupation of their country; while a Franco-Turkish war is in the making when French troops enters the Turkish region over an interest in controlling Cilicia, a southern region of Turkey. April 13th, India vows for complete independence after a British officer overreacts to the murder of 5 Europeans and open fires into a crowd of Indians, killing 379 and wounding 1,208 in less than 10 minutes in what is known as the Jallianvala Bach massacre. The Greco-Turkish war begins on May 18th. Believing that blowing up a few people will change the world in the direction they prefer, anarchists in the United States have been mailing bombs to politicians and officials such as US Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer and US Supreme Court Associate Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., leading to an intensification of the Red Scare: ‘US citizens fearing the arrival of recent immigrants and dissidents, especially those who welcomed communist, socialist or anarchist ideology’. June 28th, the Treaty of Versailles is signed, formally ending the war in which US President Woodrow Wilson said was to make the world safe for democracy. A race riot is set off in Chicago when one white throws stones at four African teenagers on a raft. Oct 2nd, President Woodrow Wilson becomes an invalid after suffering a serious stroke. By Oct 6th, inflation is on the rise in the United States, and so is unemployment; The American Federation of Labor has sponsored a steel workers’ strike as the workers battle against the local authorities and steel companies; Mass meetings have been prohibited and gatherings broken up as the Pennsylvania state police club picketers, drag strikers from their home and arrest thousands on insubstantial charges; Gary, Indiana strikebreakers together with the police attack striking union members, prompting the army to take control of the city where martial law is declared. At age 46, Emma Goldman, as previously stated the birth control activist arrested for lecturing on birth controls and encouraging people to resist the draft, an immigrant US citizen who was born in Lithuania and philosophically categorized as an anarchist and described by J Edgar Hoover as being “one of the two most dangerous individuals in the United States,” was deported on December 21, 1919 along with 248 other individuals on a ship to Russia.


To be Continued…

Coming: Japhetic History – The 20th Century Part 3

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In 1880, Europeans industrializes food with a new technology replacing the stone grinding of grains; the oil in flour now turns rancid so it is removed, removing with it valuable nutrients. Tsar Alexander II is assassinated in 1881. Segregation is mandated on US railroads in Tennessee. US President James Garfield is shot and dies two months later after an infection is caused by doctors repeatedly sticking their fingers into the bullet hole looking for the bullet. European powers meet in Berlin in 1885 and make arrangements to rape the commonwealth of Africa by giving King Leopold of Belgium control over the Congo; Tanzania, Southwest Africa and Cameroon is given to Germany; Botswana is annexed and France colonizes Central Africa and establishes a colony on the northern tip of Madagascar. Geronimo, the Apache Chieftain, is finally captured in 1886 after a four-year attempt. Wyoming becomes the 44th state to join the Union in 1890, after it had been denied statehood because it allowed women the right to vote. Sitting Bull is shot and killed and 300 men, women and children are massacred at Wounded Knee, after whites feared that Sitting Bull would lead a rebellion in his old age because an Indian woman named Wovoka foresees a messiah rescuing Indians and killing whites. The state of Mississippi creates a poll tax, literacy tests and other measures to prevent blacks from voting.


Journalist Ida B. Wells begins to investigate the lynching of blacks in 1892 after three of her friends are lynched in Tennessee. In 1893, Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalane plans a constitution that will deprive white businessmen of their power in government, before she is over-thrown by an armed militia of whites. The US economy is plunging: the Reading Railroad collapses financially, money in circulation declines and an agricultural depression spreads in the West and South; and by 1894 the unemployment rate jumps from 3 percent in 1892 to 18.4 percent. A “separate but equal” US Supreme Court ruling on public facilities for whites and blacks are deemed legal in 1896. More than 100 black women’s clubs are united at the forming of The National Association of Colored Women. Alarmed by the French influence in Sudan, the Brits lead an army into Sudan, while the Ethiopians defeat an Italian army, saving themselves from colonial rule. Hawaii is annexed in 1898 by President McKinley. After suing for peace, Spain loses all of its colonies, including the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico to The United States; Cuba is recognized as independent. By the end of its total devastation, the European pestilence of the bubonic plague kills 3 million during an outbreak in China and India. In 1899, Germany acquires islands in the northern Mariana and Caroline Islands, while a treaty recognizes Western Samoa as a German colony and American Samoa as being under the control of The United States; and Britain gains power over the island of Tonga.


To be Continued…

Coming: Japhetic History – The 20th Century Part 1

29d1fb9a4391b42f40f0366258910699Japhetic History – The 19th Century Part 3 Copyright 2017 by Dear Japheth Blog. All Rights Reserved. This Blog is intended for Accuracy of History, Giving Hope to the hopeless, and Freeing the Mind! 

As before stated, not much is known about the person Japheth per say, but a whole lot is known about the seed and generations he produced; who turned this whole world upside down and shaped it into what it is today.

Japheth’s seed first inhabited what is now known as: land east of the Aegean Sea, south of the Black Sea, and west of the Caspian Sea. Beginning from the island east of the Island Crete in the Mediterranean Sea was where Kittim dwelled, an Island just north of Crete was Rodanim; inland northwest was Javan and north of him was Tiras, between Tiras and the Euphrates River were: Meshech, Magog, Tubal, Gomer, and Riphath. Right at the northern mouth of the Tigris River was Togarmah; and just south of the Caspian Sea was Madai, and Ashkenaz was between the Black and Caspian Seas; this was the true beginning of the Eurasian Empire (at least the southeastern part of Europe and the northern part of Asia.)

What we do know from history is, in the beginning, at the time when the three sons of Noah first separated into their own land divisions, they were amiable, together as one, and all still looked exactly the same: having no difference of hair, facial features, skin color, or speech of language; they were all Negroids dwelling in the same region that makes up present day Eurasia.

As one generation bled into the next and the next, Nimrod (great grandson of Noah through Häm, then Cush) emerged as an apparent ruler of their world and a mighty hunter whose kingdom included Babel, Erech, Accad, and Calneh: regions of the Land of Babylonia (Shinar, in present day Iraq) where the Tower of Babel was built, south of where the Rivers Euphrates and Tigris meet. Because of this pride of Nimrod (Nimrõ, Numrood, or Nimrud,) King of Shinar, God confused the speech of the descendants of Noah so that none understood the other, and began to scatter them abroad.

In as little time as three generations removed from Noah, the Negroid race of people on the face of the earth began to spread out, separate, and encompass the earth further westward into the European Nations, eastward into the Semitic Nations, and southward into the African Nations. In the time of Nimrod, 2200 BC, all ancient art depicts him and his people as Negroid.

Over time, something happened to the seed of Japheth that changed them forever! It is greatly speculated and believed, because of now present time capabilities of DNA Genetic testing, that sometime after the scattering, perhaps generations later; the seed of Japheth suffered or underwent a mutation of genes that changed them in a manner that is completely opposite to how their forefather Japheth was created. Some speculate that one of his seeds made a covenant with the Devil in exchange for world dominance and in doing so that meant Satan creating a whole new false race of his own; who is not really a race of people at all, but a clone of the Human Negroid Race or People created by God, Satan’s humanoids, but not human beings: a GEO, Genetically Engineered Organism!

Much like Satan tempted Jesus while he fasted in the wilderness: that if he would bow down and worship him, he would give Jesus authority over all the land that he sees; it is believed that the seed of Japheth, who were first called Gentiles as they populated the isles of the Mediterranean, committed such an act and knowingly and willfully worshipped Satan in exchange for world dominance and control. It is my personal belief that this may have occurred sometime around the mysterious appearance of a genetically identifiable seed of Japheth known as the Japhetic Kassites. The Kassites (Kossaei or Cossaean) were an ancient Near Eastern tribe of raw Caucasoid features inhabiting the Cossaean Mountains who invaded Babylonia around 1531 BC; they spoke an isolated unclassified non-Semitic or non-Afro language, there were no records ever found of their homeland, and they first appeared in history during the 18th Century BC when they first attacked Babylonia. It is not known how they rose to power, there were no inscriptions or documentations ever recovered in their language, which led to speculation of iliteracy; and they ruled Babylonia for 500 years until deposed by an Aramean (Syrian) Dynasty!

No doubt inter-breeding occurred during this 500 year period between the Negroid Babylonians and the mutated Kassites, creating a third category of living organisms with both whole genetic DNA and mutated genetic DNA. The Japhetic Medes Empire came onto the scene in 550 BC when they attacked and was defeated by Cyrus The Great of the Persian Empire, thus folding into the Mede-Persian Empire; twenty-nine years later Babylonia as well is under the control of Cyrus The Great. War was always imminent, and 490 BC began The Persian Wars, and for eleven years they fought against the Greeks for control of land and territory. By 330 BC, Persia had fallen prey to Greece, and Egypt did as well. Now the chances exist for inter-breeding between Arameans, Medes, Persians, Egyptians, Grecians and the mutated Japhetic Kassites!

In 146 BC the Greek peninsula came under the control of the Roman Empire as a result of the Roman victory over Corinth at the Battle of Corinth in that same year. By 395 AD, the Roman Empire is divided into two Empires -the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire. By 410 AD, German Goths sack Rome. Three years later Bishop Augustine claimed that The Roman Empire was influenced by both God and by demons; Rome, he stated: “was a product of sin and based on self-love, robbery, violence and fraud.” In 476 AD Emperor Romulus Augustus of the Western Roman Empire is defeated by the German Goth Odoacer. And by 1453 AD, the Ottoman Turks captures Constantinople and puts an end to the Eastern Roman Empire.


By this time in history, all of these cultures (all of Japheth’s seed, most of Shem’s seed, and some of Häm’s seed) were definitely changed from their original created DNA forever. Basic intelligence can teach that human DNA just does not change for any apparent reason at all; something very drastic and cynical has to occur in order to alter the genetic codes God put forth into the cellular structure of human DNA…

To Be Continued…


Coming: Japhetic History – The Invasion of Western Europe


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The real trans-conquest of Japheth began in 333 B.C. when Alexander of Macedon, a Grecian (Alexander The Great) brought an end to the Persian Empire of Shem, and introduced the then known world to Hellenism and officially establishing Gentile control and dominance. However, while on the rise to power with the rule of Javan (Japheth’s 4th born), the Greeks, as lovers of philosophy and art, sought merely to influence the world rather than to dominate and control it as a task master.

Prior to this beginning conquest, the descendants of Japheth primarily overcrowded themselves on their small European continent with over population as they continued to spread over the face of Europe, with a still visible presence in Asia Minor. The Greek’s influence continued throughout the Near and Middle East; besides the Persians, conquering also Babylonia and defeating Tyre and Gaza, before moving southward to defeat Egypt, and as far east as India until Roma’s (An Italian Band of Tubal, the 5th son of Japheth) conquest of the Greeks in The Battle of Corinth in 146 B.C. Tubal Roma’s ancient Empire is said to be the largest and longest reigning empire of the ancient world, with an existence spanning approximately 12 centuries and in power for 7 centuries ending in 476 AD. After an internal conflict of battles centering on religion, Roma lost in battles against the Persians and Germans, and the Empire was soon divided into the Eastern and Western Roman Empires. Moral decay and the practice of slavery, as well as a rise in the Christian Faith is said to be reasons for the Fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Eastern Empire continued a much longer reign, but it too eventually became a kingdom of the past.

From the time of the Greek influence, the Roman Empire, the German Holocaust, the Invasion of the Spaniards, English, Dutch, French, and Portuguese, and up to even now, Japheth’s descendants has turned this whole world completely upside down! Somewhere along the line of scattering, conquest and making history, Japheth developed a tremendous hate toward his two older brothers Shem and Häm and has sought to utterly destroy them both and possess their inheritance. With a hate fueled possibly by envy, as Cain envied his brother Abel; Japheth has shaped this world into what it is today, a place of cruelty and division in which they are unable to turn back the hands of time!

It is my personal belief that something went terribly wrong with the Seed of Japheth in the western part of the globe. I believe that his small allotment of inheritance produced a tremendous emotional insecurity and a tremendous hatred of his brothers’ inheritance that led Japheth to make an irreversible and irrevocable covenant with the devil that has quite possibly damned the souls of the European Caucasoid Nation! It is also my belief that as part of this covenant, the Seed of Japheth has willfully and knowingly opened themselves up to the influence and indwelling of the spirit and presence of Satan, in exchange for the dominance, control, and habitation of the kingdoms of this world! As part of Satan’s indwelling of the Seed of Japheth, I believe that this nation of people was genetically altered, hence the belief that European Caucasoids are a GEO, Genetically Engineered Organism: of a genetically mutated DNA from the original Negroid creation of God.


Coming: The Man Fashioned by God & The Clone of Satan


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