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“Forever Prince Charming?”

Charles Philip Arthur George (CPAG,) Prince of Wales of the House of Windsor, is the seventy-one-year-old heir apparent to the British throne. In the history of the British Monarch, Charles is the oldest and longest-serving heir apparent recorded. Should he ever be crowned King, he would be the only heir apparent ever crowned well past the age of fifty-nine; a record currently held by Edward VII who was crowned right at the age of fifty-nine.

Forty years ago, CPAG dashed about as an available prince charming bachelor who was destined for kingship, or so everyone thought. Both married and unmarried British aristocratic hussies of that time sashayed around wagging their tails like a fifteenth century tramp in heat in hopes of their fifteen minutes of shame.

It is no secret and known to the world that CPAG was forced by the Monarch (that would be Mother Dear) to produce an heir in order to be considered for coronation. A clever way to disguise Mother Dear’s suspicion that her eldest son would never be King material, don’t you agree?


Come and listen to my story about a man name CPAG

A rich prince charming, forced to find a woman to bed;

And then one day he was shootin through the breeze,

and out popped a thought about Charles’ main squeeze.


Lady Spencer that is: a virgin, young, innocent and very naïve.


Well the first thing you know old Charles is engaged

The Monarchy said: “a wedding we’ll stage;”

“A Prince & his Virgin,” a grand fairy-tale,

“An heir & a spare,” splendid job Prince of Wales!


Two sons he produced; all hearts were merry,

The Royal Births of Prince William & Prince Harry.


Camilla Parker Bowles could never be suitable to produce heirs of royalty in the eyes of Mother Dear, she was “used” goods. But, when you think about it, so was Charles right? I mean what is good for the goose is good for the gander sort of speak and vice versa. If Camilla was used goods, would not the same be true of Charles who plowed with Camilla and others before his marriage to Lady Spencer?

Lady Spencer seemed to be the only true pure and innocent goods in this equation. And we all know that she was “used” by the Monarch and Charles because of her virgin status and for her reproductive capability. What did Love have to do with it, right?

Even from the grave, the words of Diana, Princess of Wales seems to continue to haunt the Prince of Wales: “Charles Will Never Be King!”

As his wife, Diana echoed Mother Dear’s initial suspicions regarding her son’s ability to lead a monarchy. I believe that Charles’ fate of being doomed to the title of Prince of Wales for the rest of his life was sealed once he took Camilla Parker Bowles as his new wife. If by some miracle he becomes King, it would only be for a brief moment in time.

I have some suspicions of my own! I have a hunch that now, since Prince Harry has given up his title as a Senior Royal Member, that old Mother Dear is sneakily preparing to crown Prince William as King over his father. Is this even possible? What if the Prince of Wales becomes too old and/or mentally or medically impaired or incompetent to reign?

There has been much ado over the anticipation of Prince William becoming the next King of England. And despite all of the talk about who’s next in line to the throne, I seriously believe that there is going to be a shift in the monarchy down the British road. This kind of a shift has happened before. The last recorded time being in 1936 when Queen Elizabeth’s uncle, King Edward VIII abdicated the throne.

Whatever event or series of events that will occur in the near distant future, I personally believe that these events will create a shift in the direction the monarchy will go, and it will also create a shift change in the line of heir apparent.

There are those dignitaries (whether appointed by GOD Almighty or man-made) who rule by the book; then there are those who rule in wickedness with evilness of heart; and yet again, there are those who rule both by the book and with a heart of compassion.

GOD said of King David that he was a man after God’s own heart because he ruled with both righteousness (justice) and mercy (compassion.) Leaning too much either way can destroy a kingdom.

When I think of the Monarchy of Great Britain, and when I search for such a one who could rule in the likeness of King David, one such distant heir to the throne comes to mind.

David was a shepherd boy who was the least in his father’s house who was rejected by his brothers. But out in the fields while tending to his father’s sheep, the experience garnered him a heart of compassion for the innocent and the least privileged. While he was alienated from the commonwealth of his older brothers and the matters in which they attended to, Yahweh was making David and fashioning him into a humble King. These were the qualities in which GOD looked for in a true leader. And although David was rejected of man, who looked on the outer appearance and status; he was accepted of GOD, who looks on the inner appearance of the heart.

I believe that that one such David-like heir to the British throne who would rule with both righteousness and mercy is none other than the least of Prince Charles’ household, his son Prince Harry.


“Remember, no matter how things look, Yahweh is ALWAYS in CONTROL! And, He always sets his plan up and in motion well in the Genesis (beginning.) He is never bound to the protocol of man; He sets up one and brings down another. He can stir up a division, and then separate his chosen out from the others.” The British Stone That The Builders Rejected


There is a reason why things have transpired the way in which they have in Prince Harry’s life. There is a reason why he went through the things (emotions) that he did concerning his mother’s death. There is a reason why he married who he did. And there is a reason why he has gone a separate path. This path in which he is now on will open his eyes and understanding up to truths (without being hindered by watchdogs.) Truths about The Monarch which have been before hidden; Truths about his mother’s death and the fact that she was indeed murdered; and Truths about the condition of her body at the time of her death and the unusual procedures that were done to her body before reaching the medical examiner will all be revealed to him.

Once Prince Harry made the decision to choose the safety and well being of his family over The Monarchy, he instantly became a threat. Stripping him completely of his royal powers by Queen Elizabeth II was inevitable. Like his mother Princess Diana, he knows too much!

Already, Prince Harry has proven himself to be a far better caliber of man and husband than his father, Prince Charles. He has done something the Prince of Wales has never done, shielded and protected his wife. “Love, Honor and Cherish until death do us part.” If only Prince Charles had loved Lady Spencer so. Can you not see the parallel similarities in the lives of the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex? And can you not see the difference of the caliber of manhood between Prince Charles of Wales and his son, Prince Harry?

I see a shift change and a new order in the line of heir apparent when it comes to The House of Windsor of The British Monarch. I see little baby Archie rising up in the Spirit of The LORD and the might of his grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales, rising up in the might of his mother Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, the might of his father, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and in the might of all his African ancestors through generations of five-hundred years who ever had a grind to pick with the English Atlantic Slave Trade!

Can you see it?


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