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Are White People Demons and does the likes of Amber Guyger prove it?

There are those on this planet who strongly and deeply believe that White People are demons walking upright in a human shell with a penis and vagina and the ability to procreate!

There are many who have questioned the true origin of the mutated seed of Japheth who populated Europe so long ago. Because of their invasive approach to “brotherly love,” cultures from all over the world have developed a sense that “there is just something about white people.” Cultures like: China, the Philippines, India, the Hebrews and the Middle East, the Arab Nations, the Aboriginal Australians and Oceania, Africans, the North and South American Indians, the Islands of the Caribbeans, the Hawaiian Islands and Mexico represent people groups who have first-hand knowledge of the demonic activities of the one single people clique who refer to themselves as “white people.”

The amazing truth is the undeniable fact that every diverse people group on this planet have survived the exact same atrocities of an invasion by European “white people.” Every culture shares the same stories about “white people;” and yet, the European mutated seed of Japheth still tries to lie about history and lie about their role in it, even though everyone else knows better and knows the truth.

So, I won’t waste time reiterating and explaining the demonic behavior of “white people,” except to discuss the actions of Amber Guyger. There are plenty of history books and articles on the internet (including posts by this blog) if one wishes to abreast one’s self of all the wickedness and evil deeds of “white people.” But what I want to do is address the question of whether or not their behavior is due to a fact that they could be literal demons walking among us disguised by Satan as cloned human beings? See: The Man Fashioned by God & The Clone of Satan

There is a saying from the American horror film Jaws: “Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water!” In this same vain, “Just when you thought something couldn’t possibly be true!” If enough diverse people all over the world are saying the exact same thing, then sooner or later we must eventually begin to give earnest heed to what is being said. Right?


What do we truly know about them?

Secondly, I won’t waste any time arguing whether or not Demons exist; if you don’t know for sure by now the answer to this question, then I cannot open your eyes any further than what they already are to help you see better the times in which we are currently living in to prove their existence.

Before we can discuss Demons, we first must discuss who and what Satan is. Satan in the Hebrew tongue is שָׂטָן Adversary and he is the fallen angel who transgressed Yahweh and led a revolt against Him, and he is the arch-enemy, opponent and adversary of all that is good that was created by GOD. Who is Satan -the fallen angel; what is Satan -the arch-enemy, opponent and adversary of all that is good? According to the Logos of Yahweh, Satan before his fall was Lucifer (son of the morning.) He no longer holds this position as “son of the morning,” but is now the Dark Adversary of the Righteous. In the Greek tongue Satan is referred to as διάβολος Diabolos or the Devil, one who slanders and falsely accuses the Righteous.

When the “son of the morning” fell, he led a revolt against GOD and caused a third of the host of heaven to fall with him, these were a third of Heaven’s Angles who many believe have now garnered the title of “Demons or Daimon in the Greek tongue.” Demons and Devils are used interchangeably, and they are no longer Angles of Light; but like Satan, they have lost their former estate and have now become Demonic Angels of Darkness and Evil.

Now that we have identified Demons -Is it True, Are White People Demons?

In as much as Angels of Light do the bidding of Almighty GOD on behalf of the Righteous unto righteousness, in that they work in the Heavens (high atmosphere) to aid Believers upon the earth who are seeking to do the will of GOD; likewise, Angels of Darkness who were kicked out of Heaven and some now dwell in the atmosphere beneath the Heavens, but still in high places work to do the bidding of Satan where they render aid in works of unrighteousness to sinners for the purpose of destroying all that is good. Not all fallen angels were confined to Tartarus (Greek word for Hell,) for we are warned in Ephesians that Believers are fighting against the rulers of darkness of this world and against spirited wickedness in high places (Demons.)

What is worthy to note here is the fact that biblically speaking, both the Messengers of GOD in the Heavens and the Messengers of GOD in the earth are referred to as “Angels of GOD,” both spirits in Heaven and man upon the earth like preachers, pastors, evangelists, missionaries and so on. Likewise, it should be noted also that any followers of Satan, whether in spirit form or human form, is referred to as “Demons or Devils of Darkness.” You don’t have to have a halo and wings in order to be an Angel of GOD, for this reason the Bible instructs us to “be careful how you entertain strangers, for many have thereby entertained Angels unawares!” Likewise, you don’t have to have horns, a pitchfork and a tail in order to be a Demon, for this reason many individuals, world leaders and nations throughout time have been referred to as The Adversary.

Whereas created spirited Angels of Light are not confined to a spirited atmosphere and can enter into time and space and appear in the form of a man/woman; Angles of Darkness cannot and require a host human/animal body to possess and inhabit in order to enter into earth’s atmosphere. This is called Demon possession!

So, whether in spirit form or human form, because of their universal wicked deeds -Is it True, Are White People Demons?

I have recorded many times throughout Dear Japheth in part this verse of scripture in St. John 10:10 -“The thief (Satan) cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I (Jesus) am come that they (hue-manity) might have life, and that they might have it (life) more abundantly.”

And in I John 3:10-12 -“In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother. For ye heard from the beginning that we should love one another. Not as Cain, who was that wicked one, and murdered his brother because his works were evil, and his brother’s works were righteous.”


In the United States of America -the land of opportunity and the land of freedom- where the American Indians were slaughtered by religious English settlers of the Church of England, who obviously never read I John 3:10-12, on September 6, 2018, off duty police officer Amber Rene Guyger of the Dallas, Texas Police Department entered the apartment of neighbor Botham Shem Jean and fired two rounds, striking Jean once in the chest. Amber Rene Guyger is a white Japhetic mutant female, while Botham Shem Jean was a young African American male; he died as a result of his wound.

It was Guyger’s affidavit statement and testimony that after getting home from a long shift, she drove her vehicle to the wrong garage level and entered onto the floor above her apartment floor and stuck her key into a slightly ajar door that she believed to be her apartment door. She then heard noises coming from inside what she thought was her apartment and saw the silhouette of a figure pacing back and forth, to which she gave commands to the silhouette to “show me your hands!” According to Guyger, the silhouette disobeyed her commands and advanced toward her, to which she discharged her weapon firing twice.

From the beginning holes began to appear in Guyger’s ever changing story which finally led to a murder indictment and a recent conviction earlier this month of a ten-year prison sentence. What I want to focus on here are the holes in Amber Rene Guyger’s story and the obvious lies that were told under oath, the obvious psychopathic mind of Miss Guyger and my theory on what I believe really happened that fatal night.

Holes From Start To Completion:

  1. Amber Rene Guyger stated that she thought that she had parked on the correct parking garage level for the third floor and had approached the correct door for her apartment number 1378 on the third floor. Hole Punch -From the testimony of neighbors, both the various garage levels in the South Side Flats at 1210 S. Lamar in Dallas, Texas and each apartment are clearly numbered to identify each parking garage level and each apartment door. Besides the bright numbered lights indicating that Miss Guyger was at the door of apartment number 1478 on the fourth floor, there was a red door mat outside of apartment number 1478 being rented by Botham Shem Jean, a red mat to which Miss Guyger’s door did not have. Further, upon entering apartment number 1478, personal items of Mr. Jean can immediately be seen strewn about on the countertop which is to the immediate right of the entryway into the apartment.
  2. Amber Rene Guyger stated that upon approaching what she thought was her door, she noticed that it was slightly ajar, and when she placed her electronic key fob into the door, the weight of doing so further pushed the door open. Hole Punch -It has been demonstrated on YouTube videos by other tenants of the South Side Flats and given in testimony under oath that all of the apartment doors at the South Side Flats are heavy electronic doors that do not remain open was opened. It has been demonstrated that the heaviness of the door causes the door to automatically shut and will close unless it is held open by a prop. It has also been revealed that all key fobs are coded, and unless the right key is inserted into the right door, the device on the door will not recognize the key and will flash a red light instead of a green one, thereby denying access. Furthermore, testimony has been given by other tenant(s) of hearing someone pounding on Mr. Jean’s door and a female voice shouting: “Let me in!”
  3. Amber Rene Guyger stated that upon entering what she thought was her apartment, she heard noises in a darkened room. She stated that she could not see who was in, what she thought was her apartment and that she could not make out whether the individual was male or female. Hole Punch -The distance between the entry door of Mr. Jean’s apartment (where Miss Guyger claimed she stood as she held open the door with the left side of her body) and the opposite wall with a door that leads to a balcony is a very short one. The living room space where Mr. Jean sat on his coach eating a bowl of ice cream is a very small space that was illuminated by the light of his television. According to Miss Guyger, it was too dark for her to tell if the individual inside of what she thought was her apartment was male or female. But it wasn’t too dark that she could not see a silhouette pacing back and forth according to her, nor too dark that she wasn’t able to tell that the silhouette did not follow her commands to put their hands up, nor too dark to notice that the silhouette began to advance toward her. A silhouette is defined as a two-dimensional representation of the outline or general shape of an object. From this definition, we know that one cannot necessarily make out specific facial features of an object (individual,) but it is clear that Miss Guyger would have been able to tell the size of the object inside what she claims was her apartment, and she would have been able to tell whether or not the object was in a masculine or feminine form. After all, police officers are known for their observation skills. It has been revealed in photographs that Botham Shem Jean was a large frame young man who stood at 6’0” tall. Surely, if Miss Guyger spoke truthfully that Jean was pacing back and forth, she would have been able to notice the silhouette of his large masculine frame.
  4. Amber Rene Guyger stated that upon entering what she thought was her apartment, she immediately saw a silhouette directly across from (or ahead of) her as she stood in the entry doorway, pacing back and forth and after the silhouette disobeyed her commands and advanced toward her, she fired two shots and the silhouette fell to the floor. Hole Punch -The design and layout in Mr. Jean’s apartment in 1478 is exactly the same as it is in Miss Guyger’s apartment in 1378, one floor below. As you walk into each apartment, immediately to the right is an opening into the kitchen which is closed in by a wall that has the kitchen appliances on it and a built-in bar with countertop on the opposite half wall that creates a sort of kitchen nook if you will with one open side. The living area is an open concept space with a built-in bar countertop type half wall that separates the kitchen from the living room area. Along the long wall on the left of the entry doorway is an opening which leads into the bedroom and bath. From the location in which Mr. Jean’s body fell and was found, and from the testimony of the trajectory of the bullet entering into his chest, it would be impossible for Miss Guyger to have fired her weapon straight forward from the position of standing in the doorway. It would also have been impossible for Mr. Jean to have been advancing toward her from across the room opposite her. Botham Shem Jean’s body, while Dallas police officers performed CPR, lay on the floor north of and to the right of the entry doorway opposite the half wall of the built-in bar. And according to expert testimony, the bullet entered his chest in a downward position as though he had been sitting on his couch, possibly rising up. A straight-forward shot makes it impossible for a bullet to hit Jean’s chest at a downward angle from below his armpit, and it certainly would have been impossible for the bullet to travel downward and across hitting organs below the heart. And in fact, since Amber Rene Guyger was in full uniform when she forced her way into Jean’s home with a drawn firearm, it is no doubt in my mind that Jean would have immediately threw his hands and arms up in the air. This is how the bullet would have entered his chest from a slightly side view below his armpit (and not through his upper left arm.) The trajectory of the pathway of the bullet indicates and proves that Miss Guyger fired her weapon close to the entry doorway towards her right at an angle. The bullet struck Jean from his left as he sat on his sofa, hitting his heart while traveling across his body from left to right in a downward across motion. The bullet entered his heart, traveled through into his stomach, his large and small intestines before lodging in his lower back. Also, from videos of the crime scene, there is a pool of blood directly in front of the couch near where Jean’s body was at the time the Dallas Police Department was performing CPR. The location of this blood in conjunction with the evidence that Botham Shem Jean was sitting down when he was struck, suggest that he fell forward onto the floor from off the couch and was slumped over with his legs bent at the knees and his chest to the floor. Since there was no exit wound in his back, the blood could have only come from the front left side of his body, which means he was slumped over in front of the couch. This also debunks Guyger’s testimony that she gave commands “let me see your hands,” she already saw his hands, stationed on the couch; so how did he pose a threat? It also debunks her testimony that she rendered CPR to a slumped over body and the lie that a silhouette was standing up and pacing back and forth. Finally, Guyger fired two shots, one bullet struck Mr. Jean in the chest, the second bullet lodged in the upper back portion of the wall to the right of the entry doorway above the couch where Mr. Jean sat. If he had been advancing toward Miss Guyger from a straight-ahead position when she fired her weapon, the bullet could not have ended up in the upper portion of the wall to her right.
  5. It was Amber Rene Guyger’s testimony that once she completely entered into the apartment after shooting Mr. Jean, dialing emergency dispatch and turning on the lights, she was then able to realize that she was not in her apartment and that Botham Shem Jean was not an intruder, nor was he a threat -but she was the threat. And that she had just shot an innocent man! She stated numerous times to the 911 dispatch and in her testimony that she performed CPR and sternum rubs on Mr. Jean as life saving measures. Hole Punch -There is a little confusion for me here. There would only be two possibilities in which Mr. Jean’s body could have fallen after being shot: either the impact of being hit with a bullet would have knocked him backwards onto the couch (but to my knowledge there was no blood found on the couch,) or he would have fallen forward either down to his knees first, then falling forward onto his upper torso or he would have fallen straight onto his upper torso without going down onto his knees. I doubt very seriously if he twisted his body and then fell prone onto his back. So, unless Amber Rene Guyger moved him onto his back, how did and could she perform CPR? Was it ever noted and revealed in what position did rescue personnel find the body of Mr. Jean?
  6. Amber Rene Guyger testified that at the time she was on the phone with 911, she was performing CPR on Mr. Jean. Hole Punch -As you listen to the actual 911 call, there is no sound of someone performing CPR. You do not hear the counting a person usually does as they are performing chest compressions and you do not hear the sound of someone blowing breaths. What you can hear on the 911 call is Botham Shem Jean taking his last breath and I believe that he died before the Dallas PD arrived. You can distinctly hear Jean’s death rattle and the moans of the dying. Once they arrived and began CPR, you can see on the police cam video that Jean was unresponsive. Something else that you do not hear on the 911 call is the female dispatcher enquiring of the victim: Is he still breathing, Apply pressure to the wound, or Start CPR as they normally do. She never gave life preserving medical instructions to Amber for Botham. So, it is more likely that Amber Rene Guyger did not perform CPR, she was too distraught over believing that she was going to be losing her job. Had she performed CPR until help arrived, it is possible that Jean may have had a fighting chance; but she in all likelihood did not. And in fact, it was discovered that at the time when Miss Guyger was on the phone with dispatch -when she should have been trying to save the life that she would come to end- she was texting her married police lover. This to her, no matter how distraught she may have been, was more important. After all, had Botham Shem Jean survived, being the only other eyewitness to the shooting, he would have been able to tell what really happened that night. And Amber Rene Guyger, well she wasn’t having that.


Martin Rivera is a senior corporal police officer with the Dallas, Texas Police Department. Besides being Amber Rene Guyger’s on the job partner and older and more experienced mentor, he was also her married lover from around early to mid-2017 up until the murder of Botham Shem Jean in early September of 2018. Under oath, during both of their testimonies, Martin Rivera and Amber Rene Guyger testified that they were in a sexual relationship that included physical intercourse and sexting with explicit photos of their body parts. While Amber admitted they each sent explicit photos to each other via snap chat, Martin could not recall if the photos were sexual in nature of his private parts or not. Phone records indicated that on the day of the murder, Rivera and Guyger had been sexting each other throughout the day, to which they each later deleted from their phones. After sexting each other for hours leading up to the hour that Amber Rene Guyger left work late to return home, Officer Rivera placed a phone call to Miss Guyger’s cell phone which lasted approximately sixteen minutes.

Both were driving home during the time of their phone conversation, which at some point Amber reached her apartment complex and entered into the parking garage. But before actually reaching the fourth-floor level parking garage, Miss Guyger stopped her vehicle and pulled over to the side before proceeding to the fourth-floor level and parking her vehicle. It is the speculation of prosecutors, from the content of their sexting messages, that there was some sort of plan to meet up for sex once Miss Guyger arrived home. What is known next is immediately following their phone conversation, Miss Guyger was so disoriented, according to her, that she exited her vehicle, entered into the apartment complex from the fourth-floor garage and proceeded to apartment 1478 where she shot and killed Botham Shem Jean.

Prosecutors have queried both Rivera and Guyger as to the content of their phone conversation that night. It was noted that according to phone records, that was the longest phone conversation they had ever had, roughly around fourteen minutes longer.

Are You Still With Me? Hold On, I’m Going Somewhere! We Are Still Talking About:

Is It True, Are White People Demons?


The general public has speculated so many things surrounding this bizarre occurrence. Many questioned whether or not Botham and Amber had been in a sexual relationship, and I can see where the suspicion was coming from. There have been allusions, based on her social media posts that she was a racist, no surprise there. References have been made to the shooting death of an unarmed African American male by Officer Martin Rivera back in 2007, supporting speculation that he too was racist. This speculation was expounded upon with the courtroom publicizing of questionable text messages sent to Guyger by Rivera regarding his African American co-workers

My Theory:

Earlier in the day on September 6, 2018, both Botham Shem Jean and his neighbor -Joshua Brown-, who was also a star witness for the prosecution, received a knock on their door from management with complaints from a tenant (Amber?) below them of a loud noise. Having never met each other prior, Jean and Brown conversed, and it was Brown’s later testimony that Jean said the complaint probably came because of the two of them smoking weed in their apartments. According to his sister, Jean suffered from ADHD and it was noted that he preferred the relief of marijuana over the prescribed medication he had been previously taking.

It was Amber Rene Guyger’s testimony that prior to moving to the South Side Flats she had an agreement with her former complex to be pro-active in the complex in searching out drug-related crimes or offenses that may occur in exchange for a reduction in her rent. Although she had no such agreement with the South Side Flats, I believe that within a few months of moving there, her police senses were alerted to the marijuana usage that appeared to be happening on the fourth-floor of her new apartment complex which seemed to be coming from the apartments of Joshua Brown and Botham Shem Jean.

I do not believe that Miss Guyger accidently stumbled to Jean’s apartment after a long day at work, believing that it was her apartment. I believe that she was enraged over the marijuana usage occurring in her building on the floor above her. And I do not believe that it was a coincidence that management only went to Botham’s and Brown’s apartment with complaints of loud noises. I believe that Amber Rene Guyger made plans to confront Jean that night and I believe that something of a conspiracy level was formed to set-up Jean of some sort.

I believe that not only did Senior Corporal Officer Martin Rivera know about Guyger’s plan, but I believe that he helped her to devise it and that this is what they were discussing over the phone for those sixteen minutes prior to Botham’s murder. I believe that this is the reason why there were so many texts messages between the two on that day, and the reason why he kept checking to see if she was home yet (meaning at her apartment complex.) Initially, I thought Miss Guyger pulled over once she entered the parking garage of her apartment complex before reaching her final parking location because they were engaging in phone sex. I can understand how the prosecution would conclude from Rivera’s questioning in his text messages to Guyger if she had made it home yet that they were possibly planning on getting together soon. And I can see how Guyger pulling over to the side in the parking garage was of interest to them. But I sincerely believe that the purpose was to go over last-minute details of what Amber should do when she entered Jean’s apartment. I believe that Rivera was psyching and pumping her up for whatever they had devised, maybe conjuring up demonic spirits. I believe that this deviant psyched up mind-set was evident in the way she was witnessed driving to her final parking location by fellow tenant Ronald Jones who testified that he noticed Amber driving up behind him somewhat recklessly.

Something has consistently nagged at me, and no matter what, my brain keeps coming back to it: How did Amber Rene Guyger get into Jean’s apartment? Her key didn’t work in his lock, this is the reason why tenants testified that they heard a female banging on a door saying: “Let me in, Open up, Open up!” And I am convinced that Jean never made it to the door to open anything. And I do not agree with the lie Amber told that his door was slightly ajar and that the force of her key when inserted into his lock, pushed a heavy door the rest of the way open. Despite the fact that other law enforcement officers acknowledged that Amber’s key was stuck in the lock when they arrived (could have been staged,) I believe that she secured if not a master key to the doors, then a copy of Jean’s key fob.

She was a police officer, remember? They are corrupt and they do get special privileges and can intimidate just about anyone to do anything. After watching hours of videos of the court proceedings and of Miss Guyger’s testimony, I am convinced that there is something just a little off about both Guyger and Rivera, to me they were a match made in Hell! I did come away seeing a demonic force in her eyes, especially during the time when she played the sympathy card while being questioned by her defense lawyer. I saw a complete change in her while being cross-examined by the prosecution, and it was very obvious that she was lying under oath. I realized that she may appear to be scattered brain at times, fragile, soft-spoken and timid, but she is in fact a great actress in my opinion and a deeply disturbed psychopathic woman who lives somewhere between believing that she is a good person with some questionable morals and the mind of a sexually deprived overworked police officer who has the hots for her married partner and who plays with fire.

One of the reasons why I too initially thought that there was a sexual relationship going on between Jean and Guyger is because 1. I could not see her going to his apartment and randomly shooting him unless they knew each other, and it was of the nature of a lover’s quarrel. 2. Her banging on his door and demanding to be let in isn’t something someone does at the door of a complete stranger. And 3. The words of Jean as he was shot, as testified by neighbors, “Why are you doing this?” again just did not strike me as something someone would ask of a stranger, but it is something someone would ask and say to someone they knew. It wasn’t until I later learned of some of Miss Guyger’s job duties and her services and special agreement with her former apartment complex and the fact that both Brown and Jean was paid a visit after someone had complained of noise beneath them. And the confession of marijuana usage. Please excuse what I am about to say and how I choose to phrase it; but when I speak, I shoot a six shooter straight from both hips and I mean no disrespect to other females. But I believe that there is something in which Amber Rene Guyger loves more than she does the cock of a man, and that is the cocky feel of bringing down what she sees as a Black male drug criminal. I believe this is the greatest satisfaction she’s ever experienced. After all, she was the only female on an elite male police team with Martin Rivera. And this is the reason why there were so many texts messages of a sexual natural between Rivera and Guyger leading up to the murder of Jean. In a sadistic way, they were no longer engaging in physical intercourse, but I believe she was getting her rocks through some perverted way that involved Rivera and their work relationship. I believe that making arrests and the whole process of law enforcing was an arousal and sexually deviant turn on for them both. This, is what I believe, is what they were really trying to hide. This is the real urgent need for them both to delete all the sexting messages between them!

So, what went wrong when Amber entered into Jean’s apartment? I believe instincts and training kicked in and instead of sticking to the plan whatever that may have been, she reached for her firearm and discharged her weapon, striking and killing Botham Shem Jean. I believe this because of her next text messages to Officer Martin Rivera and the words she chose to use: “I need you. Hurry.”  This text indicates that Rivera already knows where Guyger is because there is no instructional text indicating to him where to come to. It is presumed by her that he is already aware of her location -inside of Botham’s apartment. A minute later, the next text message follows: “I f***ed up.” Again, if Guyger was supposed to be home and was in her own apartment as far as Rivera would know, then what could she possibly be referring to when she stated: “I f***ed up?” Obviously, she was referring to something that had been previously discussed, and she was notifying him that it did not go as planned, she f***ed up! And again, the presumption is made by her that Rivera already knows what she is referring to. When questioned by the prosecution regarding these text messages as to what Officer Martin Rivera thought they meant, he replied: “That there was some emergency.”

I am positive that the plan that Guyger and Rivera devised and whatever was supposed to happen that night, it did not involve shooting Jean. I believe this is the reason why Guyger made the statement while talking to dispatch: “I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.”  But, at the same time, once Guyger went into a different frame of mind, and once she decided to draw her firearm and shoot, she shot to kill, as she later testified in court.

With all of the police cover-ups and lies surrounding this occurrence and with every attempt to save Amber Rene Guyger through false testimonies, she was still found guilty of murder; and rightly so. But there are still things nagging at me that tells me the bizarre truth behind what really was happening still hasn’t been told. Let’s go back to our initial story on how the day on September 6, 2018 got started. Both Botham Shem Jean and his neighbor Joshua Brown (who was the key witness in Amber’s murder trial,) received a visit by a representative of management of a noise complaint by a tenant directly below them. Weed, Jean thought, was the real reason of the complaint and visit. And, at the end of the story thus far, both Botham Shem Jean and Joshua Brown are the only two associated with this case who ends up dead! In the morning on September 6, 2018 Amber complains about a noise coming from Botham’s apartment, by 10pm that night he is dead. Within a few days of Joshua Brown giving his testimony in court against Amber Rene Guyger, he was gunned down and shot multiple times in execution style. What the heck was really going on?

From this one example, we have shown the bizarre complexities of growing up white. This type of demonic behavior is multiplied by thousands of them and many of them work on the United States of America police force. This kind of scenario happens every few weeks or so in the States where an innocent unarmed African American is shot and killed by a white police officer. And despite the fact that some are prosecuted and found guilty, like robots, this does not deter the next one from believing that they can shoot and kill innocent people and get away with it. Either we are talking about a mass conspiracy of a police union that has specifically targeted African Americans as a result of hate; or we are talking about a demon race who knows that the hue-man is the original creation of GOD, and they are driven by a satanical force to attempt to wipe out the people of Yahweh. Perhaps it is the truth of both in which the African community worldwide is dealing with.

“Botham Shem Jean,” Botham = an old Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘bottom’ as in the bottom or lowest part of a valley; Shem = of Hebrew origin meaning to bring to renown or fame, to broadcast one’s name; Jean = from the Hebrew name Yochanan, meaning ‘Yahweh is Gracious’. I often say, if you want to learn about a person, begin with his/her name.

Is It True, Are White People Demons?

Since this occurrence has troubled me from the moment that I heard about it, I had to seek out wisdom from The LORD in understanding what was really going on behind what we could initially see and what was He speaking through the fine lines? These are the things in which The LORD showed “me;” you don’t have to agree with any of it. The validation and truth of what Yahweh spoke isn’t contingent upon whether or not any of you believe me; but, whether or not any of you plan to be on The LORD’s side during the move of GOD, well now, that is contingent upon you believing me.

From the time that the mutated seed of Japheth entered into Africa, war of the highest magnitude has been waged against the Afro Hamitic seed of Häm and the Afro Hebraic seed of Shem (The Nigger and The Jew, if you will.) This war has been waged for over hundreds of years and it has not let up; only the individual faces have changed over the centuries and the mode and methods of operation, but still the same demonic force behind every battle and every attack. Satan is this demonic force, and from the Logos of GOD we learn that his intentions and plans are to destroy the people of Yahweh and everything that is good that was created by GOD. From the Logos of Yahweh and from history we also learn that the instruments in which Satan uses to accomplish his wickedness in high places and upon the earth are entities called Demons: fallen angels in the spiritual realm and possessed human bodies upon the earth in the natural realm.

Every single person born upon the face of this earth is born unto a purpose, some have a purpose of righteousness, while others have a purpose of evil; some vessels are unto honor, while others are unto dishonor. When we have completed our purpose and reason for being born into time and space, we move on to reward: whether reward of a crown of righteousness or the reward of everlasting punishment.

Botham Shem Jean, by testimony of those who loved him and were a part of his everyday life, was a Born-Again Believer of Yahushua Ha’Mashiach. He was born with a purpose of righteousness and he lived his life fulfilling what he believed his purpose to be. And I know that in grief his family through their sorrow for the loss of his life, believe that Botham’s life ended in tragedy and was cut short by the hands of Amber Rene Guyger. But this isn’t what The LORD showed me. At first, I was angry; and I asked of The LORD the reason why He would allow the enemy to take Jean’s life in defeat like that when his Word declares that: “No weapon formed against the Righteous shall prosper?”  It wasn’t until The LORD spoke and showed me that Botham Shem Jean did not lose his life in defeat and neither was his life taken from him. But Botham Shem Jean was living a pleasing and acceptable life unto Yahweh, therefore it could not have possibly ended in defeat. Defeat is when an individual die in his unrepentant sins, having rejected the Blood atonement of Yahushua Ha’Mashiach. Secondly, his life did not end -he transitioned from labor to reward and his soul ever liveth. Thirdly, Botham Shem Jean’s life was not taken from him or his loved ones. But he offered himself up as a living sacrifice the moment he accepted Christ, put on the whole armor of GOD and stood on the Battlefield to fight the good fight of a Christian Soldier. Fourthly, his life was not cut short, although short as it may have been upon the face of this earth; nevertheless, his departure was at hand.

Let us revisit this earlier statement:

“Botham Shem Jean,” Botham = an old Anglo-Saxon (of Germanic descent living in England) name meaning ‘bottom’ as in the bottom or lowest part of a valley; Shem = of Hebrew origin meaning to bring to renown or fame, to broadcast one’s name; Jean = from the Hebrew name Yochanan, meaning ‘Yahweh is Gracious’. I often say, if you want to learn about a person, begin with his/her name.

By a GOD appointed purpose, when Botham Shem Jean was born, it was revealed in his name that he would travel into the Bottom of a valley. That he would go into the Valley of Death at its lowest part, signifying the manner of death in which he would suffer by the hands of a representation of an Anglo-Saxon (meaning a Caucasoid of European descent.) That he would go into the Valley of Death in the Lowest form of death so as to be violently murdered. And in this death, his name would become Renowned. The manner of death in which he would suffer would cause his name to be broadcast all over the world, and his name would rise to fame or distinction. And, in the midst of his suffering, Yahweh will be Gracious. The Hebrew name Yochanan (Jean or John) is also the name of The Great ‘John (Jean) The Baptist’. John The Baptist also experienced the lowest form of death when he was beheaded as a Christian Soldier on the Battlefield. Yahweh was indeed Gracious unto him as well in that death came speedily. And his name rose to fame. Wherever the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached, we find the name: Jean The Baptist. And now the world knows, Jean The Psalmist (Botham Shem Jean.)

So, what was Yahweh speaking through the fine lines?

It is so easy to get caught up in what’s on the surface when tragedies like this occurs. And the further away an individual is from The LORD, the less likely he or she will be able to hear GOD’s voice. You have to come in closer; you have to get out of the flesh and come into the Spirit of GOD.

There was one central message Yahweh was speaking through Amber Rene Guyger, and one central message He was speaking through Botham Shem Jean and his death.

Amber Rene Guyger

Amber Rene Guyger represents a clandestine group of demons who have been operating for centuries within an alliance of humanoids who I believe are on this planet illegally. Illegally because it is pretty obvious and evident that their substance (the nut inside the human shell) came from somewhere else. Since before the birth of Christ into time and space, in the early representation (in the Greeks and Romans) of what they would later become (the mutated seed of Japheth) they have been the ruling force and the last of Noah’s three sons to rule on planet earth. For centuries they have terrorized the whole entire world and have gotten away with it, or at least it seems.

Much like the slaughter of innocent African Americans have continued since the days of slavery until now. And in Amber Rene Guyger’s case, like at other times throughout history, she expected to get away with murder. But to her horror, she was found guilty in a court of law and must now begin her sentence of imprisonment as punishment.

In this time and space in history, GOD is speaking to this clandestine group of demons:

“You have been charged with a crime. The testimonies of my people have come up before me. Satan has accused you of being his instruments of unrighteousness, and my Son cannot adequately defend you because of the lies you have told. The Host of Heaven and The Righteous upon the Earth have found you “GUILTY” as charged. And now, My JUDGEMENT is upon THEE!”

There is an outpour of reaping what has been sowed that is about to befall the mutated seed of Japheth. They are soon to discover that their ‘white privilege” has run out! The first shall be last and the last shall be first; GOD will cause his People to be the Head, and their Enemy the Tail. The wealth of the wicked has been stored up for the Righteous and there is about to be a transference of the wealth for the furthering of Yahweh’s Kingdom. A dam is breaking and there is a release in the atmosphere. White people will be running for their lives, and the crimes they were once accustomed to getting away with, they will be found guilty of and sentenced with prison time.

There is a “Set Up” on the horizon! Look in the news reports, the behavior of the Japhetic mutants have increased and become predictable, particularly in the Americus. From their great leadership down is continual corruption: racism, lies, lies, lies and more lies, crimes against foreign children, hatred, rapes and murders, the repeated and incessant slaughter of African Americans and the long list goes on.

Time and Season has met when it comes to the Judgement of Almighty GOD upon the Gentiles. Can you notice the shift in the atmosphere? They will continue to seek opportunities to slaughter the People of Yahweh, not realizing that they are being set up because their behavior, mode and methods are too predictable. GOD has a warrior prepared, a soldier of the highest caliber of spiritual warfare and skilled in putting to death the enemies of GOD. Yahweh will set up the right moment, the right place, the right people, and the right scene; and like business as usual, they will attempt to slaughter the wrong Nigger!

And all of Heaven will break loose! An Angel of GOD in disguise, prepared since before the foundation of the world! An Angel who doesn’t know Black or White, Male or Female, Adult or Child, Democrat or Republican, European or American; but who only knows his target. Search and Destroy the enemy of his GOD! This will be a catalyst, and the greatest thing Japhetic mutants has ever feared will come upon them suddenly: The Revenge of The Niggers with the backing of Almighty GOD! A GOD ordained and appointed thing; just say: “It’s a GOD Thing!

For centuries there have been an attempt to destroy the African male population by slaughters (by kidnapping and murdering a large percentage of adolescent males, by outright assassinations by the police -the new AmeriKan Klansmen and by supplying firearms and bullets to the poor African communities so that they can kill each other,) false imprisonment, drugs, homosexuality or by watering down their DNA (African) by mixing their own (Caucasoid) mutation into the culture. In fear of and in preparation for this one GOD appointed event in history, the Japhetic mutants have attempted to lessen the male population in the African and African American communities to gain the upper hand in numbers. But what they apparently have never understood from the Logos of Yahweh is the fact that GOD always gets the Victory with just a remnant or a small-scale army. This is how you know that It’s a GOD Thing!

Besides, GOD has some surprises up his sleeve that the Devil isn’t aware of! So, the tables will be turned, there indeed will be a slaughter that day, a great one; but it won’t be African Americans who lay dead in the streets.

See Prophetic Words About Japheth

Nevertheless, as in Amber Rene Guyger’s case, Yahweh will be Gracious, and He will show Mercy. The prison sentence/punishment (Judgement) will in no way reflect the magnitude of the crimes committed. The leniency will reflect the invitation to Repent. In more than five hundred years there has been no repentance and no change. You say: “We have made progress.” When you have your foot on someone’s neck they don’t want you to take five hundred years to make ‘progress’ by moving it just a little here and there and granting some freedom; they want you to get your foot completely off their neck -stat- and keep it off! And, repair the damage! In five hundred years you have failed to do so; and not only have you failed to do so, but you have also increased the oppression with continual murders. So, No more fake tears, No more lies; render nothing less than a Godly sorrow, and Ownership of the crimes/sins you have committed with a complete 180-degree turn.

Repent of your murdering spirit; Repent of your deception and habitual lying tongue; Repent of your hatred: Repent of your envy and jealousy; Repent of your nosey busybody behavior; Repent of your meddling and interfering in other people’s personal business and lives; Repent of your trouble-making spirit; Repent of your gossiping about other people’s business; Repent of your thievery of stolen land, cultures, creativity, languages, identities, homes, jobs and wives/husbands/children; Repent of your gender abominations, lasciviousness and perverted sexual behaviors; Repent for leading the entire world into utter destruction and for the arrogant audacity to believe that the whole world lacks the intelligence to know that your propagated truth is a lie; Repent of traveling to foreign lands and falsely misrepresenting yourselves as missionaries of GOD; Repent of falsely misrepresenting Jehovah GOD; Repent from twisting and using The Gospel of Yahushua Ha’Mashiach to oppress his people; Repent from using The Gospel for your personal gain; Repent from using the Church’s name as a front for your hatred of supremacy; Repent for taking the sacred emblem of the Cross and burning it as a sign of hatred and striking fear in others; Repent from bombing GOD’s House and for your attacks on Him and His People; Repent for taking The LORD’s name in vain; Repent of your arrogance for thinking that you are better than what Yahweh has created; and Repent of your God-like complex and attempts to make yourselves equal with GOD! Begin here with nothing less. And a Failure to REPENT this time will result in a greater JUDGEMENT to come! You do not have another five hundred years.

For the day cometh when –‘You will’ bow to GOD’s People, ‘You will’ sing their praises, ‘You will’ honor GOD’s People, ‘You will’ put away your evil against them, and ‘You will’ worship The LORD their GOD in the Beauty of His Holiness.

Botham Shem Jean & His Death

“All we like sheep have gone astray and they slaughter us like sheep before her shearers!”

The first thing is to know Who You Are! Botham Shem Jean in the Americus represents a people of a stolen identity. It is now a known fact that the African American descendants of the enslaved Africans from Nigeria are the children of African Hebraic Jews who fled from Northern Israel after the Assyrian invasion. After the plundering of Northern Israel by the Assyrians, the Northern Israelites who scattered were referred to as “The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel,” and the Assyrians moved Gentiles into Israel whose descendants in part claim to be present-day “Jews.”  But they, according to the Logos of Yahweh, are the synagogue of Satan. The real Jews are all still copper colored to a dark hue in skin tone with dark curly/kinky hair and full lips. Any person of a pale skin tone with a big hooked pelican nose claiming to be the Jewish people of Yahweh, are a Yiddish lie! These people are the Germanic poor souls Hitler put through the Holocaust, not the real Jews! The real Jews were carried off in ships and sold into slavery and had yokes of iron placed upon their necks as prophesied in The Book of Deuteronomy.

So, these African American descendants of the African Heebo (Hebrew) People have to first recognize and admit that they are in this predicament because they have transgressed the commandments of their great GOD Jehovah. Accepting who they are and Repenting of the sin of having forsaken their GOD is the first order of business for Deliverance from their oppressors and seeing Restitution upon them.

In this hour of Judgment upon this clandestine group of demons, GOD has used this tragedy surrounding Botham Shem Jean’s death and He has spoken at the trial of Amber Rene Guyger to his People. There are three separate individuals in which Yahweh chose to use at this trial; nevertheless, because many did not understand that they were being used of GOD, they received a tremendous amount of backlash just for obeying the prompting of The Holy Spirit.

-Brandt Jean

African American Brandt Jean, the younger brother of Botham Shem Jean stunned the courtroom and the world when he openly forgave white Anglo-Saxon Amber Rene Guyger and embraced the murderer of his brother. Although many diverse people weighed in on Brandt’s actions, The message itself in which Yahweh conveyed was to his African Hebraic People.


The immediate ‘willingness’ to Forgive and the immediate ‘ability’ to Forgive are two separate things. Brandt expressed and extended an immediate willingness to forgive Guyger after a year long struggle. An immediate willingness to forgive comes out of an act of obedience to the Word of GOD, even though you are not feeling it and are still struggling with the hurt and pain of someone’s actions. The immediate ability to Forgive usually comes long after a person has gone through the cycle and process of grief caused by hurt and pain. It takes a while to get to the point where when you think of the guilty party, there is no longer pain and anger associated with their name. Forgiving an individual/persons for atrocities in which they commit isn’t for the guilty party; they will be judged regardless, and Forgiveness does not excuse their actions nor set them free from the judgement of it. Forgiveness is for the victim; it removes that foothold that Satan can use for the desire for revenge. This is the reason why Yahweh said: “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay!”

To my Beloved Africans, African Americans and Hebrews, you must forgive white Anglo-Saxon Europe/America for the many horrific violations of civil rights, deeds of oppression and horrendous cattle like slaughters in which they have committed, and yes -still do perpetrate against you. Like Brandt, the hardest thing you must do is the very thing that will uncover that you are undoubtedly a better character of people than they ever will be. You making a testament of a willingness to forgive out of an act of obedience releases you from any further immediate penalties of the judgement of your own sins against Yahweh. Judgment begins in the House of The LORD Afro-Hebrews! And GOD shows mercy to the merciful. Your Forgiveness does not release your oppressors from their penalty of sin, in fact it will heap coals of fire upon their heads. But, it places a banner of protection around you while Yahweh is executing Judgement upon them until you yourselves are Forgiven and Restored. Your forgiveness doesn’t mean that you are going to start building lives with them. Remember Yahweh said: “Come out from among them and be ye separate.” They are corrupting. But your Forgiveness does mean that you are releasing them into GOD’s hands and that you are looking to GOD for your own healing and restoration back unto health and wholeness. So, stop looking for them to do what they never will by your means or on their own. Brandt Jean represented GOD The Father, Yahweh present there in that courtroom that day -He is the one who Embraces his People with an immediate willingness of Forgiveness, even though you have yet to Repent with the full knowledge that you are Hebrews and the full knowledge of your transgressions against Him. Forgive, if you want to be Forgiven!

-Judge Tammy Kemp

African American Judge Tammy Kemp, the officiating Judge in the Amber Rene Guyger murder trial, after sentencing her to ten years in prison, embraced Guyger and gave her a Bible. Although many diverse people weighed in on Judge Kemp’s actions, The message itself in which Yahweh conveyed was to his African Hebraic People.


When the People of Yahweh forsake and forget his Word, sin follows. Judge Tammy Kemp recognized, after the many lies told under oath by law enforcement officials in an attempt to sway the Jury and save Amber Rene Guyger, the only thing that could save and help her now is The Word of Almighty GOD!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye People of The Most High GOD -Repent & Return unto the ordinances of Your GOD! Restore your Faith in him through his Word, Rebuild your Confidence that He is able to Deliver thee. Think not that He has altogether forsaken You; remember that You are the only People on this planet that He has cut a covenant with! He will not forsake his covenant, nor will He forsake the People of his covenant. You are the Apple of his Eye!

Judge Tammy Kemp represented GOD The Son, Jesus Christ present there in that courtroom that day -He is the spoken Word of GOD made flesh as personified in the Holy Bible. He is the Holy Scriptures fulfilled and He is the one who Embraces his People with himself by writing his laws into their hearts. As Judge Kemp said unto Amber Rene Guyger when she handed her a Bible, so say I unto you paraphrased: “Hebrews, this is your job while you’re in custody (under oppression) as she turns to St. John (Jean) 3:16 (The Word of GOD) this will strengthen you. Seeking GOD’s Word is how you should conduct yourselves while my Judgement falls.”

-The Bailiff

An un-named African American female Bailiff, as she stood behind and beside Amber Rene Guyger after her sentencing, began to do what many believed to be the equivalent to “stroking Amber’s hair.”  Being misunderstood by many, Judge Tammy Kemp clarified the Bailiff’s action in a later interview on The Tamron Hall Show. According to Judge Kemp, once Amber was found guilty of murder and sentenced, she was no longer free to go. And because no contrabands are allowed in jail, all prisoners are searched. This is the reason why the Bailiff, according to Judge Kemp, was running her fingers through Amber’s hair; she was not stroking it, but actually searching her hair and scalp for contrabands. Although many diverse people weighed in on the Bailiff’s actions, The message itself in which Yahweh conveyed was to his African Hebraic People.


During the most difficult times in the lives of Africans, African Americans and the real Hebrews, for the most part, they have stood alone. It is only because of the invention of the internet and YouTube that the world now believes them regarding the atrocities in which they have been enduring for more than five hundred years. As the white Anglo-Saxon have propagated, many believed that they were just playing the “race card.”  Now, the world knows!

But as a people, there were none to comfort you and none were willing to search out the truth. If we take the belief of many that the courtroom Bailiff was stroking Amber’s hair as a way to comfort her, then we must understand that Yahweh was saying to his People: “I will comfort you, I will come to you in your hour of need and I will touch you with my hand and I will comfort you.” The world cannot comfort you; they do not understand your struggle, they do not understand all that you have gone through. They have not known you from the beginning; they do not Love you with an everlasting Love.

If we take the belief clarified by Judge Tammy Kemp that the courtroom Bailiff was searching Amber’s hair for contrabands, then we must understand that Yahweh was saying to his People: “I will search the hearts of my People and I will see if there be any wicked way in you.”      Allowing Yahweh to search your hearts before his Judgement falls ensures that you have clean hands and a pure heart. Sin in the hearts of GOD’s People and a lifestyle of disobedience at a time when He is executing Justice and Judgement upon his enemy is a dangerous thing. In the Logos of Yahweh, we find that whenever this was the case, the People of GOD lost every battle in the war until the sin was dealt with. If you want to ensure that you have the Victory over your enemy, offer up clean hands and a pure heart before your Holy GOD.

The Bailiff represented GOD The Holy Spirit present there in that courtroom that day -He is the Comforter sent by The Logos (Christ Jesus) to abide with his People after his departure. His job is to succor the People of Yahweh in their hour of need; to search their hearts and purify them; to anoint them from on High; and to seal them unto the Day of Redemption. What you have tried to accomplish in more than five hundred years will take him only a fraction of a second. He is all the HELP you need! Let the world herald their stones. Let the world call you thugs. Let the world steal everything from your culture, then abandon you when you need comfort the most. The Holy Spirit of The Most High GOD was sent to the earth just for YOU Hebrews, He will fight your battles! He is more for you than the whole world against you.

So, learn how to Embrace Forgiveness, Embrace The Word of GOD and Seek The Holy Spirit for comfort and purification of the heart. This is the message and Word of The LORD to you in this hour and season.

Cry Afro-Hebrews:

“Thou art our King, O GOD: command deliverance for Afro Hebraic Americans. Through Thee will we push down our enemies: through Thy Name will we tread them under that rise up against us.

For we will not trust in our bow, neither shall our sword save us. But Thou hast saved us from our enemies, and hast put them to shame that hated us.

In GOD we boast all the day long and praise Thy Name forever. Selah.

But Thou hast cast off and put us to shame; and did not go forth with our armies. Thou made us to turn back from the enemy: and they which hate us spoil for themselves. Thou hast given us like sheep appointed for meat: and hast scattered us among the heathen. Thou sellest thy people for nought, and dost not increase thy wealth by our price.

Thou made us a reproach to our neighbors, a scorn and a derision to them that are round about us. Thou made us a byword among the heathen, a shaking of the head among the people. Our dishonor is continually before us, and the shame of our face we have suffered hath covered us.

For the voice of him that reproach and blaspheme by reason of the enemy and avenger. All this has come upon us, yet have we not forgotten Thee, neither have we dealt falsely in Thy covenant. Our heart is not turned back, neither have our steps declined from Thy way.

Though Thou hast sore broken us in the place of dragons and covered us with the Shadow of Death; If we have forgotten the Name of our GOD, or stretched out our hands to a strange god, shall not GOD search this out? For He knoweth the secrets of the heart.

Yea, for Thy sake are we killed all the day long; we are counted as sheep for the slaughter. Awake, why sleepest Thou, O LORD? Arise, cast us not off forever. Wherefore hidest Thou Thy face, and forgettest our affliction and our oppression?

For our soul is bowed down to the dust, our belly cleaveth unto the earth. Arise for our HELP and redeem us for Thy mercies’ sake!” Psalm 44:4-26 Rephrased



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