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Are White People Demons and does the likes of Amber Guyger prove it?

There are those on this planet who strongly and deeply believe that White People are demons walking upright in a human shell with a penis and vagina and the ability to procreate!

There are many who have questioned the true origin of the mutated seed of Japheth who populated Europe so long ago. Because of their invasive approach to “brotherly love,” cultures from all over the world have developed a sense that “there is just something about white people.” Cultures like: China, the Philippines, India, the Hebrews and the Middle East, the Arab Nations, the Aboriginal Australians and Oceania, Africans, the North and South American Indians, the Islands of the Caribbeans, the Hawaiian Islands and Mexico represent people groups who have first-hand knowledge of the demonic activities of the one single people clique who refer to themselves as “white people.”

The amazing truth is the undeniable fact that every diverse people group on this planet have survived the exact same atrocities of an invasion by European “white people.” Every culture shares the same stories about “white people;” and yet, the European mutated seed of Japheth still tries to lie about history and lie about their role in it, even though everyone else knows better and knows the truth.

So, I won’t waste time reiterating and explaining the demonic behavior of “white people,” except to discuss the actions of Amber Guyger. There are plenty of history books and articles on the internet (including posts by this blog) if one wishes to abreast one’s self of all the wickedness and evil deeds of “white people.” But what I want to do is address the question of whether or not their behavior is due to a fact that they could be literal demons walking among us disguised by Satan as cloned human beings? See: The Man Fashioned by God & The Clone of Satan


On January 8, 1940, Finland puts the Soviet Union to shame when a Finnish force destroys the Russian 44th Assault Division, which ends the Battle of Suomussalami in the Winter War beginning the previous year in November over a border dispute. Stalin has more than 82,000 of Poland’s former policeman and soldiers imprisoned in camps between the months of February and March; in a clever attempt of Stalin to locate their families, prisoners are allowed to write letters to loved ones back home. The Katyn Massacre is signed by Stalin on March 5th ordering the execution of all captive members of the Polish Officer Corps, later to include the round-up of all family members of those captured as well. The Winter War comes to an end the 12th of March with the signing of a peace treaty in Moscow between the Soviet Union and Finland. On April 17th Polish gypsies are sterilized and sent to concentration camps and forced to work in Germany’s arms industry. German-occupied Oslo, Norway is bombed by Britain on April 22nd. On the 25th, Germany issues its final warning to Britain to stop its aerial warfare; and the United States has moved its naval base of Pacific Ocean fleet from San Diego, California to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on May 1st, closely directed at Japan, a move to which Japan’s Admiral describes as: “tantamount to a dagger pointed at our throat.” Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister on May 10th and Britain invades Iceland, while Hitler sends an army of troops into Belgium and Holland. Within five days, British bombers fly night raids against German cities.


On June 5th Hitler sends his army into France, by the 10th he drives British forces out of Norway and Italy declares war on Britain and France. Prime Minister Paul Reynaud refuses to sign a peace treaty with Hitler and resigns, a treaty is signed between Germany and France with France’s new Minister, General Philippe Petain on June 22nd, followed by a peace treaty between France and Italy two days later. On July 3rd a French fleet anchored in the Algerian ports of Oran and Mers-el-Kebir refuses an invite to join the British navy, so Britain sinks it; resulting the next day in France breaking diplomatic ties with Britain. On July 25th, US President Roosevelt mandates a partial trade embargo against Japan of aviation fuel, lubricates and high-grade scrap metal. After outlining a peace agreement with Britain just three weeks prior, Hitler begins to send a flotilla of airplanes against Britain, targeting fighter-plane air bases and radar stations on the 8th of August. The threat to demolish British cities by Hitler if Britain does not stop its bombing runs on Germany is followed up with dropped plans for a cross-channel invasion of Britain on the 16th of September when Hitler fails to destroy Britain’s air power. Hostility grows in the US against Japan after its parliament declares a holy war against China; and on September 26th the United States imposes a total embargo on all scrap metal shipments to Japan. Primarily aimed against the United States, Germany, Italy and Japan signs an agreement: The Tripartite Pact on September 27th, which propels Japan’s declaration of war against the United States of America. A little more than two-weeks later on October 16th, US President Roosevelt opens registration for the draft of American men called to war. Mussolini invades Greece without warning on the 28th of October, forcing Britain to send a naval force against the Italians. On November 10th, the US New York Times reports that ten-thousand Jews have been deported from Germany into France, in preparation of sending them to Madagascar. Five hundred German aircrafts raid the city of Coventry in England for ten hours on the 14th of November, followed by a two-day bombing of the German city of Hamburg by more than 200 British aircrafts on November 16th. A British offense is initiated against Italy in North Africa on December 9th and its forces enters the Italian colony of Libya four days later. When the French request help from the United States on December 21st with Jewish emigration, the administration of President Roosevelt refuses to help. After the German air force bombs the city of London, the British government lifts censorship for US reporters on the 30th of December in hopes of encouraging a United States entry into the war. Meanwhile, on the 31st it is reported that spending is lifting the US out of the depression and millions are headed to work in what is called the defense industry.


Between the 22nd and 23rd of January 1941, Romanian Jews are hunted like prey by a pack of armed wild dogs during an anti-Jewish violence raid in Romania, leaving 120 dead in the streets. On January 27th, Joseph Grew, US Ambassador to Japan, notifies the US State Department of the discovery of Japan’s plans to attack Pearl Harbor in the event of a Japanese/American war. In British victories over Italy, the Brits take Somalia and invade Ethiopia on the 26th of February. Britain severs relationship with Bulgaria between the 1st and 5th of March after Bulgaria joins the German-Italian-Hungarian-Romanian alliance, being promised most of Thrace and Macedonia, and the eastern part of Serbia; Bulgarians set out a welcome mat for German troops and the move is denounced by The Soviet Union. When Hitler invites Yugoslavia’s Prince Paul to bid his share in the “New World Order” on March 4th, the presumption of a German invasion of The Soviet Union prompts Prince Paul to inform the King of Greece, who is brother-in-law who then informs the British; three days later, five-thousand British soldiers land in Greece. The Lend Lease Act was signed into law by US President Roosevelt on the 11th of March, enabling the United States of America to send war materials and ships to those European nations who are at war. With the slogan “Rather death than slavery,” a coup in Belgrade establishes a powerful regime hostile to Germany and Italy on the 26th of March, a day after Yugoslavia’s government joins the German-Italian-Hungarian-Romanian alliance. After Gillani, the former prime minister of Iraq, promises Iraqi oil to the Germans, the royal palace in Baghdad is surrounded by Iraqi soldiers forcing royalty to flee and escape on April 1st; the area is still occupied by a couple hundred of British troops. Two days later, Gillani takes power in Baghdad with the help of four army generals; Jews are beaten in the cities of Amara, Basrah, Fallujah, Irbil, Kirkuk and Mosul and murdered in Baghdad. On the 4th of April, US President Roosevelt extends the United States defense zone eastward to Iceland and westward to the coast of Africa; and allows Britain’s Navy to repair and refuel its ships in the United States. The Soviet Union signs a treaty of friendship on April 5th with the new anti-fascist regime in Yugoslavia, despite having a pact with Hitler. A day later, Hitler sends troops into Greece and Yugoslavia; Albanian and Italian forces join the invasion of Yugoslavia; Bulgaria joins the invasion of Greece and German planes bomb Belgrade. British occupation of Egypt warns on the 14th of April if Cairo is bombed, the British air force will attack Rome. May 10th the House of Commons in London is destroyed by German planes and a German air strike begins against the British in Iraq. Three-Thousand six hundred Jews are arrested in Paris, France on the 14th of May; while hundreds of Orthodox Serbs in Croatia are slaughtered for not producing certificates of conversion to Catholicism after being obligated to attend a thanksgiving service to show gratitude for the fascist state of Croatia. The British war in East Africa comes to an end with the surrender of Italy on May 20th.


June 1-2, a handful of Moslems open their homes to feed and protect Jews when violence erupts against them in Iraq after British forces enters Baghdad and reinstates King Faisal’s regent. The Republic of Croatia orders all Jews to wear a star, and Germany bombs the port at Alexandria, Egypt, causing Egypt’s cabinet to resign on June 4th. Syria is offered independence from the Brits after the British and the Free French attack French forces in Syria on the 8th of June. The beginning of what is to become known as “The United Nations” is forged June 12th when a declaration of unity and sense of purpose is signed in London by Britain, Canada, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa and the exiled governments of Belgium, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia and Charles de Gaulle for a Free France. The Soviet Union begins to deport people to Siberia on the 14th of June: 18,000 from Lithuania, 10,000 from Estonia and 15,000 from Latvia. June 22nd, upon seeing a Soviet Union invasion as an expansion of Germanic superiority over the weak and inferior Slavs, Hitler launches a massive military operation against the Soviet Union and occupies Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Two days later, the entire Jewish male population in Gorzhdy, Lithuania is annihilated; and US President Roosevelt in The Great Patriot War pledges support to the Soviet Union. July 14th, six-thousand more Lithuanian Jews are annihilated. The Majdanek concentration camp opens in Poland on the 21st of July. Japanese assets are frozen in the United States on July 25th. Thousands of Romanian Jews are captured and/or murdered between the 5th & 7th of August. The “Atlantic Charter” is created by British Prime Minister Churchill and US President Roosevelt in Newfoundland on August 14th expressing “the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live.” On September 1st, widespread protest led by a Catholic Bishop has brought an end to Germany’s governmental euthanasian program of the killing of mentally handicapped adults and children. Poison gas tests are conducted at a facility in Poland on September 3rd by Germany which led to the poisoning deaths of six hundred Soviet prisoners of war. Japan’s Emperor Hirohito on September 6th approves efforts to negotiate peace with the United States and prepare for an attack if efforts fail. September 11th, as a result of submarine attacks on US ships, President Roosevelt orders any German ship found in American waters to be sunk on sight. All Jews in the Ukraine capital city of Kiev and its vicinity are ordered by Germany to report to a specific location the next morning and to bring documents, warm clothes, underwear, money and valuables; tens of thousands of Jews arrive on September 29th expecting to be deported, but instead are herded into a Jewish cemetery through a corridor of enraged German soldiers and machined gunned to death and buried in Babi Yar, a ravine. US Congressional approval is sought by President Roosevelt on the 9th of October to arm US merchant ships. October 16th, German Jews are deported to Jewish ghettos in Riga, Minsk and Lodz. Roughly 34,000 of the 180,000 Jewish population in Odessa, Ukraine are targeted by Romanian troops between the 22nd & 23rd of October and are shot or burned alive to death in a public square or by being locked in warehouses that was set on fire. November 28th, warships of a Japanese fleet leaving from Hiroshima Bay head towards the Hawaiian Islands. The Ruling Council of Japan and Emperor Hirohito signs an agreement to wage war against The United States, the Netherlands and Britain on December 1st. As an exhausted and ill prepared for the winter months German troops reach Moscow, they are disintegrated, and thousands taken as prisoners by The Soviet Union on the 6th of December. Meanwhile, two Hawaiian officers disagree with Admiral Kimmel to send the entire fleet out to sea in silence after dark; the next day on December 7th, US military installations at Pearl Harbor and Kaneohe Bay on the island of Oahu are attacked by Japan and most US aircrafts on the ground are destroyed after the Japanese bomb the US military at Clark Field in the Philippians. December 11th, Germany and Italy join ally Japan and declare war against the United States of America, followed two days later by Bulgaria and Hungary.


To be Continued…

Coming: Japhetic History The 20th Century Part 10

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Russian communist revolutionary leader, Vladimir Lenin dies on January 21, 1924 at the age of 53. By January 31st the Congress of Soviets ratifies the constitution and evokes a treaty which embodies separate nations such as Belorussian, the Ukrainian and Transcaucasian into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. February 3rd, US former President Woodrow Wilson dies after suffering a stroke and a long illness. Mohandas Gandhi is released early from a six year British prison sentence on February 24th; he serves less than two years and upon his release he focuses on writing about improvements for India. On March 8th, 171 miners (age 15 to 73) die in a coal mine explosion near Castle Gate, UT when an employee investigating a gas leak relights his lamp with a match; recovery of the bodies took nine days of which 126 were immigrants, 50 native-born Greeks, 25 Italians, 32 English (Scots,) 12 Welsh, 4 Japanese and 3 Austrians. Adolf Hitler is sentenced to 5 years in jail on April 1st for his participation in last year’s failed attempted coup to take over Munich. Recent immigrants in West Virginia from Poland, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Russia, the Ukraine and Lithuania are killed, a total of 119 men, in another coal mine explosion in the United States on April 28th during what is known as The Benwood Mine Disaster. On May 24th, a spirit of Anti-Americanism is embodied in Japan after US Republican President Calvin Coolidge signs into law the Immigration Act of 1924, which includes the Asian Exclusion Act –barring immigration from Japan, China, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Burma, Malaya, and India, as well as other Asian countries. Later, on June 2nd, President Coolidge also signs a bill which made all American Indians born within the territorial limits of the United States citizens of the United States. September 9th, 16 Filipinos and 4 policemen are killed, 101 Filipinos are arrested, 76 are tried, and 60 receive a four year jail sentence during the Hanapepe Massacre on the Hawaiian Islands after Filipinos form an agricultural strike and demand a wage increase to $2 a day. Democrat John Davis looses his presidential bid in the United States on November 4th to Coolidge (who became president as the V.P.) which was attributed to his denunciation of the Ku Klux Klan and his defense of the voting rights of African-Americans. “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle -to be published on July 18, 1925) written by Hitler while serving only 8 ½ months of a 5 year jail sentence will prove to be successful after his release on December 20th.


January 3, 1925, Benito Mussolini becomes dictator after dissolving the Italian parliament. US Tennessee Governor Austin Peay signs a law on March 23rd which prohibits the teachings of evolution: Governor Peay states that “the very integrity of the Bible in its statement of man’s divine creation is denied by any theory that man descended or has ascended from any lower order of animals.” Eighty-one year old General Paul von Hindenburg is elected to the German presidency on May12th; 8 years later he will appoint Adolf Hitler as Germany’s chancellor. August 8th 40,000 Klan’s members set forth in a parade in Washington DC, United States; it is the belief of this terrorist group that to be one hundred percent American, one must be white and Protestant. Members of the terrorist group claim the Bible, the United States Flag and the United States Constitution as their keystone principles. October 16th, the Texas School Board in the US prohibits the teaching of evolution. The American Association for Advancement of Atheism is formed in New York on November 16th. By December 31st, immigration to the United States from Europeans in Italy drops from 56,246 in 1924 to 6,203 and in Britain from 59,490 in 1924 to 27,172; yet and still immigration from Asian countries remain prohibited.


January 27, 1926, a US senate agrees to allow the United States to join the World Court. Atlanta, GA joins the war on the teaching of evolution and bans it in their schools on February 9th. Satchel Paige begins as a pitcher in the Negro Southern League on May 1st. White Prime Minister Herzog in South Africa introduces a Mines and Works Amendment Act which excludes Black-Africans and people of Indian heritage from all skilled mining jobs on May 13th. On the 19th, the French bomb Damascus in their war to over-take and control Syria; the place where the Apostle Paul was struck and knocked to the ground by the Glory of the Lord: Yahushua Ha Mashiach. On July 28th, the French are unable to claim a victory after a 10 day battle in Damascus where they are described as having razed villages and bombarded the Kurdish quarters of Pamaseus. Germany joins the League of Nations on September 8th. By the 25th, the League of Nations Slavery Convention abolishes all types of slavery. After a military coup d’état takes place in Lithuania on December 17th, the deposed president, Kazys Grinius flees to the United States some 21 years later.  


To be Continued…

Coming: Japhetic History The 20th Century Part 5

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January 3, 1920, Prohibition Law takes effect in the United States. US Senators vote against joining the League of Nations. The Irish Republican Army asserts Ireland’s War of Independence against British control. Strong willed Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands repudiates the Allied nation’s request to extradite Kaiser Wilhelm (former German Emperor) for prosecution. The first baseball game of The Negro National League is played on May 2nd in Indianapolis, IN United States. The AIDS virus was traced back by scientist (in 2014) to the 1920’s in Leopoldville in the Belgian Congo during the time of colonial rule, the virus was linked to urban growth by colonials and a rise in the railway. In New York City, The Wall Street Bombing on September 16th in the front of the JP Morgan building kills 38 and wounds 400; capitalism lives on. Warren G. Harding is elected the 29th President of the United States on a campaign against ratification of the peace treaty and for a return to the “good old days” and “normalcy” before the war.


John D. Rockefeller in the US pledges $1,000,000 in relief funds for destitute stricken Europe on January 21, 1921. Mongolia is stripped from China on March 13th by Russian leader Baron Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg, declaring himself as Mongolia’s ruler. March 18th is recognized as a holiday into the 21st century in Mongolia when its military leader Damdiny Sükhbaatar fought and defeated a Chinese force inside Mongolia. In the Caucasus region, Abkhazia becomes a self-governing republic within the Soviet Union. On April 14th, when British mining, railway and transportation labor union workers call for a strike, the British government responds by threatening to call in the army. War crimes trials by the Allies of World War I against Germans begin in Leipzig. May 31st, Black Wall Street (a prosperous and self-sufficient African-American neighborhood in the Greenwood district of Tulsa, OK) is annihilated by angry white migrants from the South and returning poor war vets in the United States when an assault by whites against African-Americans is escalated over a misunderstanding regarding the false accusation of the rape of a white woman by a young African-American male: arrests, killings, fires, destruction of businesses and homes and total devastation of African-American lives incurs. The Irish War of Independence comes to an end on July 11th with the signing of a truce between British Government and Irish forces. China regains power over Mongolia and defeats Baron Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg with the help of the Red Army. After terrorizing the world, a Russian writer: Maxim Gorky makes a sentimental appeal “to all honorable people” in the world for food and medicine after the Russians resort to cannibalism during a famine in the Volga-Urals region; population drops by 3.8 percent in one year. Adolf Hitler becomes chairman of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party on July 28th.


By January 1922, the British Empire covered 1/5 of the world’s population. Brits declare Egypt a sovereign state on February 28th; however, troops will continue to remain in Egypt. Harry Thuku (1895-1970), an English-speaking Kikuyu in British controlled Kenya, is arrested and imprisoned; two days later, 8,000 of his followers clashed with colonial police. Thuku was a pioneer of modern African nationalism, he was exiled to Somalia. Hostility towards the Jews is on the rise in the United States; Jewish applicant’s enrollment into Harvard University is advocated to be restricted by the university’s president, A.L. Lowell. June 28th, Civil War begins in Dublin, Ireland when the Irish government fires upon the Irish Republic Army with artillery loaned from the British government, destroying their own government buildings occupied by the opposing army; the IRA are in protest of the Anglo-Irish Treaty which compromises the independence of a unified Ireland. By July of this year, 563 marks buys one US dollar, within a month it will take 1000 marks to buy one US dollar, and later, 3000 marks; inflation had begun as the way to pay for the nation’s war effort. West Africa’s Togoland of former German rule, is divided by the League of Nations into French Togoland and British Togoland. The US has economic interest in Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador; each President meet on the USS Tacoma in the Gulf of Fonseca and pledge to prevent their territories from being used to promote revolutions. The Chamber of Commerce in Sharon, CT is distributing unsolicited flyers influencing property owners not to sell to Jews. The last battle of the Greco-Turkish war begins on August 26th called The Battle of Dumlupinar; both are to lose equal number of lives of upwards of 2,318 people. Council of the League of Nations approves Britain’s Mandate of Palestine, making legal Britain’s administration of territory occupied by the Ottoman Empire, which included Jerusalem: The city of David. The Greek army has been pushed back to Smyrna, but the raging of The Great Fire of Smyrna on September 14th has forced the Greeks to evacuate the city on ships protected by Allied destroyers. BBC, The British Broadcasting Company is formed on October 18th. Mussolini, Italy’s new Prime Minister, is given power by Italy’s parliament for one year on November 24th. On December 6th, a treaty signed in London becomes official, declaring Ireland a Free State. In gaining their independence form Russia following World War I, Poland’s professor of hydroelectric engineering, Gabriel Narutowicz takes the oath for Poland’s first president on December 11th; by the 16th he is assassinated with a hand gun.


On January 2, 1923, The US formed racist group: the Ku Klux Klan in Rosewood, Florida attacks a residential town of 120 African-Americans where 8 looses their lives to racial violence and the town was burned to the ground; this act of violence came as the result of a white woman who was fearful of being caught in an affair with a white man falsely claims she was rapped and beaten by a Black man. “Positive Thinking” and “Will Power” is proclaimed in New York City by French pharmacist Emile Coué, promoting the cure of diseases by chanting: “Everyday, in every way, I’m getting better and better,” he dies 3 years later. By January 11th, the political party of Adolf Hitler grows rapidly in Germany; police reports show growths from 6,000 to 35,000 in Munich and to approximately 50,000 in Bavaria; while the United States withdraws the last of its troops from Germany almost two weeks later. British Air Commodore Charlton resigns on February 2nd one year after taking up the post of Chief Staff Officer amidst opposition to the bombing of Iraqi villages. Female African-American Blues singer, Bessie Smith (Empress of the Blues 1898-1937) records her first song: “Down Hearted Blues” on February 16th, while Louis Armstrong (1901-1971) records his first “Chimes Blues,” on April 6th. The Irish Civil War ends on May 24th. The 624-year-old Ottoman Empire is brought to an end on July 24th at the signing of The Treaty of Lausanne, officially ending the war between Turkey and British-French Allies with the Turks receding land beyond the modern Turkish state. On July 31st, the world economy sees an all-time high inflation on the German mark; requiring 353,000 marks to a single US dollar. The 29th US President, Warren Gamaliel Harding, dies on August 2nd of a heart attack. World War II is in the early makings when Britain becomes agitated about Japanese imperialism (a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through diplomacy or military force) and the Anglo-Japanese Alliance is terminated on August 17th. Italy’s Mussolini bombs the Greek island of Corfu when no reparations are made by August 31st for the earlier assassinations of an Italian general and 3 of his assistants in Kakavia. October 25th, Albert B. Fall, former US Secretary of Interior in the Harding Administration is found guilty of conspiracy and bribery and sentenced to one year in prison in the Teapot Dome scandal, regarding corruption in the oil reserves. Whites in the United States consider the African-American show “Runin Wild” which introduces the dance: the Charleston, debuting on October 29th, as cheerfully impudent. On November 8th Adolf Hitler fails at an attempted coup of Berlin and to take charge of Bavarian dictatorship; a day later he promises to shoot himself if his Hitler-Ludendorff attempted coup fails, he reconsiders and is later arrested and stands trial. By the 15th of November, one US dollar is worth 4,200,000,000,000 marks. The year ends with North Dakota in the US outlawing dancing on Sundays.


To be Continued…

Coming: Japhetic History The 20th Century Part 4

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