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Japhetic History The 20th Century Part 12 Y1946

Posted: April 18, 2020 in Japheth
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January 1, 1946, believing that democratic reforms and a constitutional form of government could not be established in Japan as long as Japan’s Shinto religion was in practice, Allied Forces headed by US General Douglas MacArthur orders a disestablishment of Shintoism. Communist in Albania imprisons thousands and abolishes the Albanian monarchy to create a People’s Republic on January 11th. The United Nations (UN) Security Council hears its first complaint on the 19th of January from Iran regarding the Soviet Union’s interference into its internal affairs and refusal to remove troops from Iranian territories. Known for implementing the Marshall Plan to rebuild the economy of Western Europe and for establishing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO,) US President Harry S. Truman creates the Central Intelligence Group -the prelude to the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) on January 22nd. February 1st, Syria secretly signs a military treaty with the Soviet Union; and with the Soviet Union’s influence, The Kingdom of Hungary becomes a Republic. News of the “Gouzenko Affair” broke on the 3rd of February, detailing the Canadian operations of a Soviet spy ring that had been transmitting American atomic secrets. Less than two weeks later, Canada would go on to indict twenty-two communist agents.

“A Soviet war with the West is inevitable,” a statement made by Joseph Stalin on February 9th which is considered to be the beginning of the cold war. If it had not been for the United States joining the Allied Forces in a European war, Germany would have eventually obliterated the Soviet Union if their supplies and arsenal of weapons had held out. Yet, just one year after WWII, the Soviet Union eyes going to war with the West in order to destroy capitalism. Apparently, the loss of all the lives of his (Stalin’s) people had not humbled him one bit.

Also, on the 9th of February, Italian mafia mobster Charles “Lucky” Luciano is deported back to Italy from a New York prison. With so much condescending talk about gangs amongst today’s Africans living in America, the first gangs to develop in the States actually arrived with the Irish, Italian, and Jewish immigrants (the people called Jews but who are not the real Hebraic Jews.) These European immigrants were the first to introduce constant gang related murders as a way of life, drive-by shootings, street brawls and shootouts with law enforcement, bank robbery, the manufacturing, sale, and consumption of alcohol, organized prostitution and overcrowded ghetto slum type living to The United States of America. On February 10th, 167 native residents of the Bikini Atoll are informed by US Commodore Ben Wyatt, the Military Governor of the Marshall Islands, that they would need to be ‘temporarily’ relocated in order that atomic bomb testing could take place. Wyatt informs them: “your sacrifice is for the good of mankind and to end all wars.” The Bank of England is nationalized on the 14th. More than four hundred coal miners are killed in an explosion on February 20th in West Germany. March 2nd the British troops stationed in Iran withdraws, but the Soviet troops remain. Former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill coins the phrase “Iron Curtain” on the 5th of March during a speech at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri USA. British troops begin to pull out of Lebanon on the 10th of March, and by the 15th a promise is made to India of independence by Britain’s newest Prime Minister, Clement Richard Attlee. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, formally known as the Amirate of Trans-Jordan is granted its independence by The United Kingdom on March 22nd. Before gaining its independence as the Nation of Ghana in 1957, the British colony of the Gold Coast in West Africa garnered an African majority in parliament by the 29th of March. April 1st, the United States of America recognizes Indochina and Vietnam as being under the authority of the French and the Allied occupation has ended; while the Republic of Singapore becomes a Crown colony (a dependent territory or royal colony.) Also, on the 1st an 8.6 Mw earthquake hit the Aleutian Islands, resulting in a devastating tsunami hammering the Hawaiian Islands and causing the deaths of upwards of 173 residents, mostly from the town of Hilo. On April 3rd, Lt. Masaharu Homma of the Imperial Japanese Army is executed outside Manila, Philippines for his leadership over the Bataan Death March four years prior during WWII where approximately 18,650 of the roughly 80,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war were physically abused and murdered. The UN Security Council’s first complaint brought by the Iranians earlier this year against the Soviet Union is resolved on April 5th, resulting in the Soviet Union agreeing to withdraw troops from Iranian Azerbaijan if the Iranians agree to a local reform and the establishment of a Soviet-Iranian oil company. April 17th, French and British forces withdraw from Syria and Lebanon thanks to UN Security Council negotiations, which leads to the recognition of Syria’s independence. The League of Nations final meeting is held on the 18th where it disbands and transfers its mission over to The United Nations. On May 1st, the longest industrial strike in Australia begins when roughly 800 Africanoid Aboriginal Australian pastoral workers walk off the job in the northwestern region of Western Australia. May 9th in Italy, King Victor Emmanuel III abdicates the throne and is succeeded by his son, Umberto II. Mines are nationalized on May 20th by the British House of Commons. A Grecian referendum on May 31st supports the return of the Greek Monarchy of the mid-1800s.

June 1st, a 20-kiloton atomic bomb is tested in the Marshall Islands near Bikini Atoll by the United States of America. The Conducător and Prime Minister of Romania during World War II is executed on the 1st; Ion Antonescu is found guilty of betraying the Romanian people in exchange for German profits. Italian women gain the right to vote for the first time on the 2nd when a referendum changes Italy from a monarchy to a republic. On the 8th, Kusno Sosrodihardjo “Sukarno,“ Indonesia’s first president, in a struggle for independence from the Dutch Empire pushes his supporters to fight Dutch colonial occupation. The Baruch Plan, a proposal of The United States of America with Great Britain and Canada calling for an international organization to regulate atomic energy, was proposed to the United Nations on the 14th; a plan which was rejected by the Soviet Union in fear it would preserve the American nuclear monopoly. The collapse of The Baruch Plan eventually led to the Cold War arms race particularly between the two superpowers: America and The Soviet Union. On the 29th, during Operation Agatha, in a British occupied Palestine, roughly 2,700 Jews are arrested who are believed to be waging war against British authority. July 1st begins Operation Crossroads, a sequence of nuclear weapon testing in Micronesia of the Bikini Atoll by the United States. The Philippines achieve full independence from The United States of America on the 4th of July after forty-eight plus years of American domination and supremacy. Also on the 4th of July, eighty-two Polish Jews (the people called Jews but who are not the real Hebraic Jews) were attacked in Kielce with more than half perishing during The Kielce Pogrom, an outbreak of violence against the Jewish community of refugees. Secret conversations between Britain and non-Hebraic Israelite people calling themselves Jews living in Israel regarding consolidating the state of Israel results in an Irgun bomb exploding in Jerusalem on the 21st. In further response to Britain’s Operation Agatha, the Irgun (a militant Zionist group) bombs the British headquarters at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on the 22nd, injuring 45 and killing 5 individuals, 17 people called Jews, 28 Brits and 41 Arabs.

July 25th, in the state of Georgia, near Moore’s Ford Bridge, during a mass lynching in The United States of America, a mob of angry white men shoot and kill two African American couples. After WWII African American soldiers returned home in the south and were met with resentment by white supremacists who sought to reassert their dominance over them through increasing lynching. Despite a four-month FBI investigation, no one person or group of individuals were brought to justice. The case became cold. Publicity of the cold case in the 1990’s led to a new investigation; but still, no one person or group of individuals were ever brought to justice. The state of Georgia and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation closed the unsolved case in late 2017. The families of lynching victims: WWII veteran George W. Dorsey, his seven months pregnant wife, Mae Murray Dorsey, Roger Malcom and his wife, Dorothy Malcom never saw justice for the lynching of their loved ones. Lamar Howard, a young African American who testified in secret before a federal grand jury regarding the lynching of the two African American couples, was severely beaten by white brothers: James and Tom Verner in retaliation of his testimony that was supposed to have been kept secret. The brothers were arrested by US Attorney John P. Cowart. James Verner acknowledged that he beat Lamar Howard until his fists were bloody. His own brother Tom testified against him, as did other witnesses. But, despite James’ confession, the testimonies of his brother Tom and the other eyewitnesses, the jury deliberated for two hours and came back with a “not guilty” verdict. Now, that’s ‘white privilege’ at its finest.

August 1st, the US establishes The United States Atomic Energy Commission. Seven thousand Muslims, three thousand Hindus along with a number of Sikhs and Buddhists are killed in Calcutta, India during “The Week of the Long Knives” in what became known as: Direct Action Day on August 16th when Muslims attacked Hindus and they retaliated during demonstrations for a separate Muslim state. India’s Independence Activist, Jawaharlal Nehru forms an interim government on the 2nd of September in agreement with Britain to transition India and Pakistan from the rule of the British Raj to full independence. Sometime between the 26th & 28th, King George II (first cousin of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg who is both the husband and third cousin of Queen Elizabeth II) returns to Greece after being exiled in Britain; he returns only to find the Communist political party at war with the local government in Athens. September 30th, US troops in occupied zones in South Korea restore order when riots and assaults break out on police stations and police officers are killed as a result of a rice shortage and the inflation of the price of rice. The Communist Party in Korea strike back against what they believe to be the United States’ attempt to defeat and subdue them. Mensa is founded on October 1st, headquartered in England, Mensa is an international organization created just for people who score at the 98th percentile or higher in intelligence quotient (IQ.) In the districts of Noakhali, in the Chittagong Division of Bengal ‘Bangladesh’ the Noakhali Genocide against Hindus occurs on the 10th of October at the hands of Muslims where massacres, rapes, abductions, looting, arsons and forced conversions to Islam ensued. Hermann Göring, founder of Geheime Staatspoleizi (Gestapo, the official secret police of Nazi Germany,) as a war criminal with an IQ of 138, poisons himself with potassium cyanide on the 15th just two hours before his scheduled execution by hanging during the Nuremberg trials. Over more than a two-week period beginning on October 24th, in retaliation of the Noakhali Genocide, Hindus in Bihar, India conducted what is known as: 1946 Bihar Riots targeting Muslim families which resulted in upwards of 30,000 deaths. On the 4th of November, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO,) a specialized agency of the United Nations is formed in Paris, France. By using intimidation tactics and electoral fraud, The Romanian Communist Party wins over seventy-nine percent of the votes during the 1946 Romanian general election held on the 19th of November; a tactic denounced by Britain and The United States, only to adopt such tactics themselves later in history. During an expectancy to ‘take care of the Viet Minh (Vietnam Independence League) in eight days or so’ after Vietnamese riots in Hai Phong clashes with French troops on the 23rd, the French battleship Suffren opens fire resulting in the deaths of six thousand Vietnamese. Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s new Prime Minister, makes an appeal on the 27th to The Soviet Union and The United States to put an end to nuclear testing and engage in nuclear disarmament in order to save lives. The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is founded on the 11th of December. On the 12th, The United Nations severs diplomatic relations with Spain’s dictator, Francisco Franco Bahamonde. Also on the 12th, as a result of Stalin’s refusal to relinquish occupied Iranian territory as promised, The Iran Crises of 1946 became one of the first crises of The Cold War when Iranian troops recapture the Azerbaijan province and later the Kurdish Republic of Mahabad. December 14th, The United States of America through diplomatic channels makes a proposed offer to purchase the Island of Greenland from Denmark; despite its several inabilities to make a purchase, a 1951 defense treaty gives The United States military a certain amount of control over the island. And the US continues its efforts today to purchase the world’s largest island. “We, together with the other United Nations, set about building a world in which justice shall replace force:” says US President Harry S. Truman in deliverance of Proclamation 2714 to end all hostilities in World War II on December 31, 1946.


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