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If you haven’t already heard of me -which I seriously doubt- then please, by all means visit G’day Mate, My Name is COVID-19 for a little background information.

Now that we are several months into my world renowned fame, I feel it necessary to make a few Declarations! At this moment, as I have the undivided attention of most of you, let’s just cozy on up a bit and have a little chinwag natter shall we? I mean -like- where are you gonna go anyway where you won’t run into me, right? Lol.

So, let’s just sit here by the fireplace you and I. Grab your latté, cappuccino or your caramel macchiato; let’s watch the snowflakes drift and conversate for a while.

I really don’t mean to brag on myself, or maybe I do; but of the 532,237 worldwide reported active and closed cases, I have taken the lives of 24,089 people so far, and still counting by the minute. Again I say: “Oh Snap!” These numbers don’t even include the unreported cases of infection nor the unreported cases of deaths related to me.

You take me seriously now don’t you? Indeed I am a force to be reckoned with! You know by now that I am “dead” serious, powerful, unrelenting, dangerous, grave and fatal.

Let me Declare Seven Things I have done so far:

  1. I have placed fear into your hearts!
  2. I have halted your lives as you once knew it!
  3. I have closed businesses and educational institutions; and I have impaired homes!
  4. I have shut down cities, states, providences, regions, territories, nations and countries!
  5. I have recessed your economy and placed its future endeavors into jeopardy by threatening an imminent depression!
  6. I have taken many of your loved ones away from you, permanently!
  7. And, I have placed many of you in a state of confusion despondency despair and desperation!

Now Let me Declare Seven Things I intend to do:

  1. I intend to use fear to cause you to absolutely lose your minds. As one Japhetic man put it: “we are going bat ‘dung’ crazy!”
  2. I intend to make you do awful things after you lose your minds that you ordinarily would not do. I intend to make you stoop so morally low in order to survive, that not even dogs will recognize you as human beings! You will compromise your integrity, honesty, standards, hygiene, your loved ones, families and closest friends. And some of you will even compromise your salvation and your God! At least the weak ones and all of those who always played church every Sunday morning!
  3. I intend to force you to steal, rob others, degrade yourselves and even commit murders to save your own skin alive!
  4. I intend to break up families and happy homes, tear countries apart and pit nation against nation through division, strife, battles and wars! You see, my plan is long range; in my previous post I said that this was only the beginning!
  5. I may come in waves or seasons, or I may disguise myself and resurface at a later time as something altogether different just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water. Because after I depopulate your population, I intend to destroy your world’s economy! I will bankrupt the global nations and annihilate your present monetary systems!
  6. It is a long range plan that will happen over time, but this is the beginning! I intend to take over your lives, put you under the authority of a one-world-government and control every aspect of your lives: your movement and travels, your income and spending, whether or not you can, with whom and how you procreate, your health and who gets to live or die!
  7. With the purposeful present crashing of these multiple national orders, I intend to establish a New World Order with a New World Government and a New World Monetary System that will be computer based and will utilize the chip system!

I guess now you know the reason why a new software system was implemented a few years ago or so in which all forms of businesses use in which they input all sorts of data about you. All forms of businesses with data such as your employment history, rental history, criminal history, credit and purchase history, travel history, banking and financial records, medical records, military records, immediate and extended family and associates information, social media accounts and email tracking will be information inputted into a universal software system where your entire life is recorded! And unawares to the general public, through companies like Ancestry and 23AndMe and now through the coronavirus testing, your DNA is also uploaded into a database!

Oh Snap, Snap! Double Snap! This pre New World Order has you lock, stock and barrel!

Again, While You Were Sleeping:

What did you think collecting people’s DNA in a world of scientific research and genetic studies was all about? Were you so naïve to believe that it was all so that you could connect with family you never knew you had? That was the bait laid out for you that got you hooked!

What do you think The American Real ID is all about? A new state driver’s license where the info will be forced to be accessible to other states in order to create a nationally interlinked database. The info on the driver’s license must contain your full legal name, gender, address, date of birth and signature. It must have an identification number and your photo. It must have a hologram as a security feature. And, here is the mother lode of them all, it must contain “bar codes” that will give access to additional data and information about the license holder. As an individual, you can choose not to comply; and if you don’t comply you will not be able to enter federal buildings, board a plane (unless you have a passport) or open a bank account!

What did you think the invention of the computer was all about? It is “The Beast.” It represents the system by which all lives will be monitored and controlled!

What did you think the microchip was all about? It is the mark of “The Beast.” The microchip is to the New Worldwide Computer System what a data chip is to a robot; it houses all of the data or information pertaining to the existence and functionality of the robot. The time has come to receive the mark of “The Beast” whereby without it no man may buy or sell! It will be a small version of the microchip now in credit cards, implantable under human skin. It will be placed either under the thin skin of your forehead or under the thin skin in the back of your hand! This is the New Worldwide One World Order Monetary System! No paper money: it eliminates robbery and identity theft. The Monetary System will be based on the currency of a specific nation by which all world citizens will be paid via an on-line payment system. Sort of like direct deposit; but there will be no bank accounts, only your one-world-government personal account. You go to the supermarket and just like your food is scanned with bar codes, the back of your hand or your forehead will be scanned to access the chip containing your financial records and monetary value.

There will be no people manned service/workstations anymore. Everything will be robotically/computer controlled; eliminating non-essential workers in a workplace governed by a few top dog managers and overseers. Well, you say how will the masses work and earn a living? What masses? Have you not been paying attention? Didn’t I say that I, COVID-19 and my follow-up posse will depopulate your population? The remaining population will be production workers earning the bare minimum necessary to be kept alive. The extreme wealthy will be running the world and will have eliminated the middle-class. The production workers will become virtual slaves: the working poor needed for manufacturing, construction and fabrication. The few will control the majority, just like Apartheid in South Africa.

My Final Declaration:

When I have accomplished my plan and work, I will have completely destroyed all religions, the middle-class, independence and self-reliance and “white privilege.” I will annihilate any and all fascist groups who believe themselves to be supreme. Any group or individual who poses a threat to the allegiance, worship and supremacy of The New World Order will be eradicated and obliterated! The New Society will only consist of The Haves & The Have Nots, there will be no in-between.

You will see those who cannot cope jumping out of windows and in front of fast moving trains and motor vehicles. They have never known oppression; they will not survive! They will self-destruct. They will become the THUGS! They are opportunists, they will seek to make a buck from the suffering of others. They will resort to thievery and murder. Crime will rise, which will eventually lead to martial law and a real lockdown!

Keeping the population to a minimum will be a priority, which means either sterilization of the general public and selective breeding, or test-tube creations through the stored stolen DNA people never knew existed, and/or the aborted embryos of unauthorized pregnancies.

So, Be aware of any one leader having too much power. Of pensions, social security and bank accounts disappearing. Of ploys and false pretenses to get your DNA. Of sudden new chum buddies. Be aware of bait ruses to lower your guard to the point that you would be willing to go along with something you ordinarily would not. Of accepting that which you know is viciously and morally corrupt. Don’t be so trusting. Don’t believe everything you hear at face value, check things out for yourself. And for goodness sake: “Don’t be STUPID!” You have been warned!

“We are all in this together” some say. So, you are together now huh? Will you go back to business as usual afterwards? It is funny how worldwide Racism doesn’t matter at a time like this! It is ironic that no unarmed African American males are being gunned down in the streets of America by white male police officers now. There are no white women calling the police on African Americans now for existing while Black. When a man is hungry and can’t buy food and when he may become homeless because he can’t pay his bills, the last thing that is on his mind is hate, it seems. When it comes to America: “No lie can live forever,” says the Great late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; “The roots of Racism is very deep in our country.” He said: “It is an unhappy truth that Racism is a way of life for the vast majority of white Americans” and “Racial injustice is still the Black man’s Burden, and the white man’s Shame!” These statements were true 52 years ago on March 31, 1968 when these words were uttered in a white Canterbury Pulpit at the Cathedral Diocese of Washington D.C., USA just four days before the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated; and they are still true today! It is sad, the only way to kill Racism is to view all lives the same, equally take away everything from everybody, and place everybody in the same boat of oppression. Who will survive?

Hue-mans are accustomed to oppression, They are accustomed to being enslaved. They are accustomed to living in shacks and are accustomed to surviving off scraps. They are accustomed to having their freedom taken away, being under control and being dominated. They are accustomed to having the laws of the land and the court system against them. They are accustomed to businesses and corporations being against them. They are accustomed to the housing market being against them. They have learned how to survive, and even thrive! Even in the worst of situations and circumstances, in the midst of oppression, suppression, recession and depression, they still have a song to sing! They will still lift up their voice and give Almighty God the Glory due his Name!

Now, did you enjoy our time together, the chinwag and your latté?

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