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Part 2: The English, French & Spanish Conquest of The New World

1607 AD, England founded the English settlement in Jamestown, North America and one year later the French built a settlement in present-day Quebec, Canada, while the Dutch invades Australia. Year 1618 is the start of the Thirty Year’s War and by Year 1619 more Africans are sold into slavery and transported to the West Indies to replace those killed under the harsh conditions of the sugar industry, while the colonies in Jamestown receive their first Africans as slaves from the Dutch to work in the tobacco fields. In 1620 traveling Puritans are blown off course and arrive in Massachusettes, after hardships and perils of life, the Puritan Pilgrims are rescued by Chief Massasoit and ninety of his warriors of the Wampanoag Tribe; this rescue and celebration of thankfulness later became known in the United States as “Thanksgiving.” Madagascar is invaded in 1626 by the French, while the Dutch purchase Manhattan Island from the Wappinger Confederacy of Canarsie Chiefs. A fort is built in the Gold Coast, Africa in 1631 by the English followed later by the French who establishes an outpost on the Senegal River for trading slaved Africans. The Americus Black Israelite Indians fight back and in 1638 a raid on the Massachusetts Bay Colony by the Pequot Tribe leaves 600 European settlers dead. Four years later, in 1642, a massacre is ordered against the Wappinger Indians by New Amsterdam’s Dutch governor (renamed New York by the English in 1665.) The Peace of Westphalia ends The Thirty Year’s War in 1648 after Germany loses a third of its population: a settlement is reached with an agreement for tolerance between Catholics and Protestants. In London, 70,000 die in one week by The Black Plague in 1665. Within one year many believe the Judgment of God is upon the English as much of London burns throughout the year as a result of big fires: officials investigate the possible cause of atheism in London. In 1676, Metacom (son of Chief Massasoit who rescued the Puritan Pilgrims on Thanksgiving Day in 1621) was defeated by the settlers in war: his wife and eight year old son were sold into slavery and shipped to Bermuda, while he was cut into quarters and hung from fours trees as his head was mounted on a pike at Fort Plymouth where it remained for more than two decades.


By 1700, more Europeans learn to read. The Tuscarora War begins in 1711 when the Tuscarora Indians attack the European settlers in North Carolina. Africans sold into slavery rebel a year later in New York killing six white Europeans. In 1741, 152 Africans and 20 whites are convicted and hung to death or burned for setting fires in Lower Manhattan. The average exportation of Africans sold into slavery per year reaches 60,000 in 1750. By 1755, whites in Britain’s Atlantic coast colonies have increased in population from year 1700 from 275,000 to 1.5 million, while Africans sold into slavery numbers roughly at 470,000! The French resistance ends in North America in 1760 with the British arms emerging as the victors. The French loses Louisiana to Spain, while Spain cedes Florida to Britain at the end of The Seven Year’s War in 1763. In this same year, many tribes in the Great Lakes region (territory ceded to Britain by the French) become dissatisfied with British policies and attack settlements in what became known as Pontiac’s War of Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa tribe. This led to British attempts to infect the Indians with smallpox by giving to them blankets that had been exposed to the virus. A year later, in 1764, The Pennsylvania Assembly, with the Governor’s approval, reintroduces a paid bounty for the scalps of every Indian killed above the age of ten, including females! By 1766, a debt stricken Britain is looking to the British-American colonies to pay taxes to help offset debt from Britain’s military commitment in preventing Indian uprisings. African slaves founded a Baptist Church in South Carolina Colony in 1773. The eight year American Revolutionary War begins in 1775. Vermont establishes itself as a colony with a constitution in 1777 and abolishes slavery. The State of Pennsylvania passes a law freeing children born of slaves after this Act in 1780; all children born to slaves prior to this Act are to remain slaves for life. In 1783, King George of Great Britain declares the thirteen American colonies “free and independent.” The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusettes ruled that slavery was illegal and all of its African population were immediately freed from bondage and enslavement. George Washington is elected first President of The United States in 1787 and the Bill of Rights is added as ten amendments to the Constitution. After losing the thirteen colonies, Britain is no longer able to send prisoners from its overcrowding prisons to the Americus and begin to send them to Australia in 1788. In 1799, a frail President George Washington with less than five months to live, give directives in his will and testament to free his more than 100 African slaves.


To be Continued…

Coming: Japhetic History – The 19th Century


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As before stated, not much is known about the person Japheth per say, but a whole lot is known about the seed and generations he produced; who turned this whole world upside down and shaped it into what it is today.

Japheth’s seed first inhabited what is now known as: land east of the Aegean Sea, south of the Black Sea, and west of the Caspian Sea. Beginning from the island east of the Island Crete in the Mediterranean Sea was where Kittim dwelled, an Island just north of Crete was Rodanim; inland northwest was Javan and north of him was Tiras, between Tiras and the Euphrates River were: Meshech, Magog, Tubal, Gomer, and Riphath. Right at the northern mouth of the Tigris River was Togarmah; and just south of the Caspian Sea was Madai, and Ashkenaz was between the Black and Caspian Seas; this was the true beginning of the Eurasian Empire (at least the southeastern part of Europe and the northern part of Asia.)

What we do know from history is, in the beginning, at the time when the three sons of Noah first separated into their own land divisions, they were amiable, together as one, and all still looked exactly the same: having no difference of hair, facial features, skin color, or speech of language; they were all Negroids dwelling in the same region that makes up present day Eurasia.

As one generation bled into the next and the next, Nimrod (great grandson of Noah through Häm, then Cush) emerged as an apparent ruler of their world and a mighty hunter whose kingdom included Babel, Erech, Accad, and Calneh: regions of the Land of Babylonia (Shinar, in present day Iraq) where the Tower of Babel was built, south of where the Rivers Euphrates and Tigris meet. Because of this pride of Nimrod (Nimrõ, Numrood, or Nimrud,) King of Shinar, God confused the speech of the descendants of Noah so that none understood the other, and began to scatter them abroad.

In as little time as three generations removed from Noah, the Negroid race of people on the face of the earth began to spread out, separate, and encompass the earth further westward into the European Nations, eastward into the Semitic Nations, and southward into the African Nations. In the time of Nimrod, 2200 BC, all ancient art depicts him and his people as Negroid.

Over time, something happened to the seed of Japheth that changed them forever! It is greatly speculated and believed, because of now present time capabilities of DNA Genetic testing, that sometime after the scattering, perhaps generations later; the seed of Japheth suffered or underwent a mutation of genes that changed them in a manner that is completely opposite to how their forefather Japheth was created. Some speculate that one of his seeds made a covenant with the Devil in exchange for world dominance and in doing so that meant Satan creating a whole new false race of his own; who is not really a race of people at all, but a clone of the Human Negroid Race or People created by God, Satan’s humanoids, but not human beings: a GEO, Genetically Engineered Organism!

Much like Satan tempted Jesus while he fasted in the wilderness: that if he would bow down and worship him, he would give Jesus authority over all the land that he sees; it is believed that the seed of Japheth, who were first called Gentiles as they populated the isles of the Mediterranean, committed such an act and knowingly and willfully worshipped Satan in exchange for world dominance and control. It is my personal belief that this may have occurred sometime around the mysterious appearance of a genetically identifiable seed of Japheth known as the Japhetic Kassites. The Kassites (Kossaei or Cossaean) were an ancient Near Eastern tribe of raw Caucasoid features inhabiting the Cossaean Mountains who invaded Babylonia around 1531 BC; they spoke an isolated unclassified non-Semitic or non-Afro language, there were no records ever found of their homeland, and they first appeared in history during the 18th Century BC when they first attacked Babylonia. It is not known how they rose to power, there were no inscriptions or documentations ever recovered in their language, which led to speculation of iliteracy; and they ruled Babylonia for 500 years until deposed by an Aramean (Syrian) Dynasty!

No doubt inter-breeding occurred during this 500 year period between the Negroid Babylonians and the mutated Kassites, creating a third category of living organisms with both whole genetic DNA and mutated genetic DNA. The Japhetic Medes Empire came onto the scene in 550 BC when they attacked and was defeated by Cyrus The Great of the Persian Empire, thus folding into the Mede-Persian Empire; twenty-nine years later Babylonia as well is under the control of Cyrus The Great. War was always imminent, and 490 BC began The Persian Wars, and for eleven years they fought against the Greeks for control of land and territory. By 330 BC, Persia had fallen prey to Greece, and Egypt did as well. Now the chances exist for inter-breeding between Arameans, Medes, Persians, Egyptians, Grecians and the mutated Japhetic Kassites!

In 146 BC the Greek peninsula came under the control of the Roman Empire as a result of the Roman victory over Corinth at the Battle of Corinth in that same year. By 395 AD, the Roman Empire is divided into two Empires -the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire. By 410 AD, German Goths sack Rome. Three years later Bishop Augustine claimed that The Roman Empire was influenced by both God and by demons; Rome, he stated: “was a product of sin and based on self-love, robbery, violence and fraud.” In 476 AD Emperor Romulus Augustus of the Western Roman Empire is defeated by the German Goth Odoacer. And by 1453 AD, the Ottoman Turks captures Constantinople and puts an end to the Eastern Roman Empire.


By this time in history, all of these cultures (all of Japheth’s seed, most of Shem’s seed, and some of Häm’s seed) were definitely changed from their original created DNA forever. Basic intelligence can teach that human DNA just does not change for any apparent reason at all; something very drastic and cynical has to occur in order to alter the genetic codes God put forth into the cellular structure of human DNA…

To Be Continued…


Coming: Japhetic History – The Invasion of Western Europe


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