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January 1, 1944, Deoxyribonucleic Acid, better known as DNA, the carrier of genetic information is discovered in America by Canadian born medical researcher, Oswald Avery. Although the Soviet Army is able to drive back the Germans from Leningrad, on January 18th, a little more than two years after its siege 830,000 Leningrad civilian lives will be lost. Two Hundred Germans are taken as prisoners on January 22nd when 36,000 US and British soldiers land around Anzio, Italy, 37 miles south of Roma. Australians fighting in Papua New Guinea win a major battle against Japan, sending them into retreat on January 26th. Hard fighting begins against the US and British Allies on February 3rd when Germany sends troops against them around Anzio. February 26th, guerilla forces kill more than 21,500 German soldiers and derails 136 military trains near Estonia during a six-week campaign; three German divisions are also destroyed, 17 more are routed while 189 tanks and 1800 artillery pieces are captured by the Red Army. In a broadcast from Berlin on March 1st, Arab nationalist and Muslim leader Amin al-Husseini instructs Muslim members of the Waffen-SS 13th Division to “Kill the Jews wherever you find them;” he states that: “This pleases God, History and Religion, this saves your honor. God is with you.” On March 24th US President Roosevelt sends out a warning to Hungary to refrain from anti-Jewish measures. Jewish children and their elderly are dragged from their homes in the ghettos of Kaunas, Lithuania on the 27th of March; 1,800 are murdered with an additional 40 Jewish police officers who tried to render aid. By May 16th, 5,200 Jews from Athens, Greece and 180,000 from Hungary arrive in Auschwitz.


The Allied D-Day invasion of Normandy, France lands 50,000 American, British and Canadian troops onto the beaches of Omaha, Utah, Juno, Gold and Sword on June 6th with a codename of “Operation Neptune.” On June 15th twenty-thousand American Marines land on the shores of Saipan. With 200 divisions, 2.3 billion soldiers, nearly 6,000 tanks and a mass of artillery, the Soviet Union launches “Operation Bagration” on June 22nd against 34 German divisions in Belorussia. By July 7th, Hungary’s leader, Admiral Horthy halts the deportation of Jews at the advancement of the Soviet army. German officers attempt to assassinate Hitler on July 20th, the attempt would fail, and eight officers would later be hanged with piano wire. Japan loses Saipan and on July 24th American troops land in Tinian where Napalm is used. August 1st, underground members of the Polish Home Army in Warsaw are ordered by their government leader, who is exiled in London, to begin an uprising and attack the Germans. American troops add Guam with Saipan and Tinian to their victory over Japan on August 10th. August 29th -September 6th, 60,000 Slovak troops turn against Jozef Tiso, a supporter of German government; Soviet troops besiege Bucharest, Romania and Bulgaria declares war on Germany. No longer able to launch his V1 rockets from France, Hitler launches his longer range V2 rockets from the Netherlands on September 8th in hopes that this move will turn the war around in Germany’s favor. At the signing of a preliminary peace agreement with the Soviet Union on September 9th, Finland agrees to expel all German troops from its territories and to hold war crimes trials. When American troops cross into Germany’s western borders on the 11th of September, 2,129 German children die along with 2,742 women and 1,766 men; among the dead are 368 prisoners of war, as well as 936 German military personnel and 492 foreigners who were forced laborers; another 6,000 dead were not able to be identified for a grant total of 14,433 dead. Without the help of Stalin, the Warsaw uprising of members of the Polish Home Army against Germany failed, on October 2nd 150,000 Poles die; but with the death of 26,000 plus Germans, Germany evacuates Warsaw destroying it as they move along. On October 10th, in a meeting with Stalin in Moscow without an Allied US representative, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill makes a secret agreement with Stalin regarding world influence. Horthy, Hungary’s leader, asks during a radio broadcast on October 15th for a non-aggression treaty with the Soviet Union. October 16th, the Red Army reaches Germany’s eastern border of East Prussia. The Germans evacuate Belgrade, Serbia on October 19th, one day later, the Soviet army arrives. During the Battle of Leyte Gulf on October 25th, while knowing that they are losing the war against the United States, Japan runs suicide raids in its kamikaze airplane attacks against US ships in the Pacific. November 7th, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt wins by election a fourth term to the presidency of the United States of America. With the imminence of defeat looming, Hitler flees from his headquarters in East Prussia to an underground bunker below the Reichskanzlei in Berlin on the 20th day of November. One Hundred B29 American bombers traveled 1550 miles from Tinian to bomb Tokyo on November 24th. Believing that their god is on their side, Japan launches another raid of suicide kamikaze attacks against the US Navy in the Philippines on the 25th of November. Germany withdraws the last of its troops from Albania on November 29th. Hitler launches an offensive attack, “Operation Watch of the Rhine” against the US forces in Belgium on December 16th. The Brits bomb the Gestapo headquarters in Oslo, Norway on December 31st.


January 11, 1945, the Soviet Army enters Warsaw, Poland and commands 180 divisions against Germany’s seventy-five. As the Soviet Army advances toward Auschwitz, Germans began to evacuate slave laborers and inmates by foot to farther points on January 18th, anyone falling behind in the freezing temperatures are shot to death. January 20th, “The Russians are coming;” as Soviet troops encroach further into East Prussia, more than two million Germans flee. On January 26th, the Soviet Army reaches Auschwitz, Poland, the place of three camps: prison, extermination and slave labor. February 2nd, Ecuador declares war on Japan. The United States Army converges upon Manila in the Philippines on February 3rd  and the battle for Manila begins. February 7th, Paraguay declares war on Germany and Japan and five days later Peru does the same. Peru, Paraguay, Chile and Ecuador join the United Nations on February 14th.  On February 15th, after two days of burning, the US Airforce joins Britain in bombing Dresden, Germany which burns for a total of seven days, resulting in the deaths of 59,773. Today, also on the 15th, Venezuela and Uruguay declare war on Germany and Japan. Out of frustration from an apparent observation of losing the war, Japanese troops hold 5,000 Filipinos in Manila hostage on February 17th and begin to release their frustration and anger onto civilians by killing several thousand of men and women, young and old. February 19th, American Marines land on Iwo Jima. Egyptian Prime Minister, Ahmed Pasha declares war on Germany and Japan on February 24th, hours later he is assassinated. March 1st, Iran and Saudi Arabia declare war on Japan. The battle for Manila ends on the 3rd of March: 1,010 US troops are dead along with 16,000 Japanese and 100,000 Filipinos. Today, Finland also declares war on Germany. March 7th, Romania declares war on Japan. Possibly upwards of 200,000 residents of Tokyo die on March 9th after tons of incendiary American bombs are dropped with the ability to consume oxygen and suffocate all breathing creatures within their reach. March 16th, the last of the Japanese resistance on Iwo Jima ends. Fifty-thousand US Army and Navy troops land on Okinawa, Japan on the 1st of April. When Hitler’s Gestapo phones Germany’s first concentration camp at Buchenwald to inform them that he is on his way to blow up the camp and its inmates on April 11th, the call is answered by an inmate pretending to be a camp administrator -the real camp administrators had already fled due to the impending arrival of the US Army- the inmate responds with the lie: “Do not bother, it has already been done.” Also, on today Chile declares war on Japan. April 12th, the United States of America 32nd President, President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies at age 63 of a cerebral hemorrhage. By the time British and Canadian troops liberate the concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen, Germany on April 15th, 60,000 starving and acutely ill men are surrounded by the bodies of 13,000 dead men; inmates are dying at a rate of 500 per day mostly from typhus (a bacterial infectious disease caused by body lice.) April 28th, the body of Benito Mussolini is hung after he is captured and shot by Italian partisans while fleeing northward towards Germany; his last words are reported to have been: “I’m sorry.”


April 30, 1945 -Adolf Hitler prepares his last will and testament, apologizes for nothing, blames Germany’s failures on others then commits suicide. “Atlas, he who barked such Greatness and Great Power and caused so much human tragedy, destruction and carnage is after all he himself a spineless Coward!”   

May 1st, Hitler’s most devoted associate and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany, Paul Joseph Goebbels murders his wife, six children and dogs before committing suicide; “The dog (Goebbels) who blindly follows a foolish master (Hitler,) follows him into death.”

May 2nd-8th, the Soviet Union announces the fall of Berlin and a whipped Germany surrenders unconditionally to Allied forces!!!!!!!!! After the Soviet Union enters Prague, the respect of Czech people for Germans has failed and on May 9th the people call for the “Death of Germans” which begins a week of revenge against Germans of theft, rape, brutalization and murder. Among the most powerful men in Nazi Germany orchestrating the Holocaust, Heinrich Luitpold Himmler commits suicide with cyanide at the age of 44 on May 23rd when captured by the British.


June 21st, after more than three months of fighting since the 50,000 US Naval and Army troops landed on Okinawa, the battle ends with 18,900 US troops dead or missing, 100,000 Japanese soldiers dead (many by suicide,) and at least one-third of the Japanese civilian population of 150,000 dead (many by suicide.) In San Francisco, CA USA, 50 nations sign the United Nations charter on the 26th of June. The United States of America successfully explodes the first atomic bomb on July 16th in New Mexico. July 17th-21st, Stalin reaffirms the Soviet Union’s commitment to war against Japan; Stalin, Churchill and the newly appointed US President, Harry S. Truman (former Vice President) attends the Potsdam Conference near Berlin where President Truman approves the use of the atomic bomb. July 25th, Japan conducts talks with Soviet officials regarding an end to war of an unconditional surrender, which to the Japanese would be an unacceptable dishonor. Great Britain’s Prime Minister, Winston Churchill is succeeded after elections by Clement Attlee on July 26th. US President Truman cables Japan from Potsdam on the 27th of July and warns of “utter devastation to the Japanese homeland” if Japan does not surrender unconditionally. August 6th-15th, Japan has not accepted the offer of unconditional surrender and the United States drops the atomic bomb on Hiroshima; the Soviet Union declares war on Japan, the United States drops a second bomb on Nagasaki and Japan’s Emperor, Hirohito surrenders. August 15th-September 2nd, Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam declare their independence.

September 2, 1945, Japan signs the instrument of surrender aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

October 15th, the country of Poland becomes the 51st member of the United Nations. War crimes trials begin in Nuremberg, Germany on the 20th of November. Despite the role the Soviet Union played throughout World War II, US Senator, James Eastland warns the American people about Russian American citizens describing them as “Mongolian hordes stalking the streets of Western civilization as conquerors;” he further states on December 4th that: “Americans must realize that Russia is a predatory, aggressor nation, and that today she follows the same fateful road of conquest and aggression with which Adolf Hitler set the world on fire.”


To be Continued…

Coming: Japhetic History The 20th Century Part 12

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The very first transatlantic telephone call is made from New York City, US to London, England on January 7, 1927 via radio waves. A strike erupts on February 19th in Shanghai in protest of the presence of British troops; later, on March 5th, America sends 1,000 US Marines to protect “American” property in Shanghai. Two days later, the US Supreme Court rules “unconstitutional” the Texas law that banned African-American Negroes from voting. March 9th, fascist government in Italy revokes self-government in Libya. Hitler attacks agreements that Germany made at Locarno in his first speech after the Bavarians lift the ban against National Socialists (Nazis) on March 10th. Germany sees its first bloody street fights on March 19th between Nazis and Communists in Berlin; and Hitler holds his first Nazis meeting there on May 1st. On May 16th the US Supreme Court rules that illegal income can be taxed and sets out to prosecute Chicago’s mafia leader, Al Capone for tax evasion, with an estimated yearly income of $105 million from illegal gambling, prostitution and distilleries. Andrew Philip Kehoe, age 55, a white American farmer in Bath Township, Michigan, kills his wife, blows up an elementary school, killing 38, two teachers and 4 other adults before killing himself because he lost the election for township clerk on May 18th. The Treaty of Jeddah is signed on May 20th between King Ibn Saud and Great Britain, recognizing the sovereignty of Saud in Hejaz and Nejd. May 22nd, the US produces a settlement during a conference between the Liberals and Conservatives; the Liberals agree to turn in 11,600 rifles, 303 machine guns and more than 5 million rounds of ammunition. The United States Mississippi River continues to flood, killing 500 and displacing thousands on May 24th. A ten-year project which killed nearly ten thousand, was penned in a journal on June 1st by Frenchman André Gide in ‘Travels in the Congo’ when he concluded his travels through central Africa and French Equatorial Africa; the French were indignant because it unmasked the mistreatment of Africans who were “forced” to work on the construction of 300 miles of railroad from Brazzaville to Point Noire. “Live on and fight another day,” the sentiments of Augusto Sandino who lost 40 to 80 men when he began a war against US occupation of Nicaragua on July 16th. In the US, black-faced Al Jolson copies the Negroes’ Jazz style in the opening of “The Jazz Singer” on October 6th. Six unarmed miners are shot and killed when fired upon with machine guns during a coal miners strike on November 21st at the Columbine Mine in northern Colorado, USA. December 19th, Joseph Stalin emerges as the undisputed Soviet Party leader after a Communist Party Congress closes, and Marxist Leon Trotsky is sent into exile and later assassinated in Mexico in 1940.


Seventeen innocent bystanders are killed in an attempt to blow up Italy’s Prime Minister Mussolini in Milan on April 12, 1928. Another 22 are killed in a second bomb attack against Italian fascism on May 23rd at the consulate in Buenos Aires. On July 25th US President Calvin Coolidge signs a tariff treaty with the Chinese and recalls troops from China after recognizing Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang government as the legitimate government of China. Ethiopia signs a treaty with Italy after giving the future Emperor, Haile Selassie a luxurious Isotta-Fraschini limousine, among other gifts on August 2nd. White American rapist, Carl Panzram is arrested on August 16th for burglary and later hung amidst confessions of 22 murders and the sodomy of 1,000 young boys and men in Washington DC. United States Secretary of State, Frank B. Kellogg renunciates war in his Kellogg-Briand Pact, wanting to avoid US involvement in another European War after France seeks his assurance of US help on August 27th should another war erupt in Europe. Republican US presidential nominee, Herbert Hoover campaigns on the belief that “We are nearer today to the ideal of the abolition of poverty and fear from the lives of men and women than ever before in any land.” After winning the presidential election, Herbert Hoover enjoys the honors of the US Congress approving the renaming of the construction of Boulder Dam to Hoover Dam on December 21st.


January 6, 1929, King Alexander changes the name of his kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes to Yugoslavia after proclaiming his kingdom a dictatorship. The Soviet Union, Poland, Estonia, Romania and Latvia signs the Litvinov Protocol in Moscow renouncing war on February 9th. Recognizing Catholicism as Italy’s only religion, Pope Pius XI as secretary of state representing a mortal man calling himself “The Holy See,” signs an agreement with the Kingdom of Italy on February 11th in hopes of Mussolini reconciling a totalitarian Italy under his dictatorship. The Chicago Saint Valentine’s Massacre in the United States results in the death of seven men being gunned down during competition amongst gangster mob activity on February 14th. Persia, who will later come to be recognized internationally as Iran, signs the Litvinov Protocol on April 3rd. Sidney, Australia’s drug-dealing gangsters battle out control in a 30 minute brawl with razors on May 7th in what has come to be known as “The Battle of Blood Alley.” On June 1st, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela gather in Buenos Aires for the First Conference of the Communist Parties of Latin America. Not able to pinpoint the exact day in July of 1929, epidemiologist Larry Brilliant states that it is when the first known HIV virus jumps from an animal to a human (speculative as a result of a human being having sex with an animal.) During an uprising from August 16th – 30th, the Jews are convinced of the need for a separate state after they are accused of seizing Muslim holy places in Jerusalem; they are attacked by enraged Arab mobs who loot their homes, massacre a Jewish settlement in Hebron, bringing it to an end and killing 133 Jews; in turn, 110 Arabs are killed by British police. October 18th, women are proclaimed as legal “persons” in Britain and in Canada, women can be appointed to the Senate. December 28th, Western Samoans create a non-violent independence movement after New Zealand colonial police kill 11 unarmed demonstrators; and a day later, the All India Congress demands India’s independence from British rule.


January 26, 1930, Britain fails to recognize India’s “Purna Swaraj” (Declaration of Independence) organized by Mohandas Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. Dictator, Miguel Primo de Rivera of Spain has lost support of the king and military due to The Great Depression and steps down on January 28th, to be succeeded by military men. Soviet peasants farmers are forced from their homes on February 20th and placed in freezing freight cars inbound for resettlement under police control to labor camps after the Soviet Union collectivizes peasant farms in order to move farming from small holdings to large-scale mechanized farms. February 10th, Vietnamese soldiers within the French colonial army, in collaboration with the Vietnamese Nationalist Party, organize the Yen Bai mutiny. Turks request that Constantinople be changed to Istanbul on the 28th of March. Intended as a barrier against German aggression, France commences building the structure of the Maginot Line on April 4th. In the breaking of a British law, which forbade Indians from making “salt,” Gandhi leads a 24-day 200 mile march to the sea; he is subsequently arrested and thrown into prison on April 6th. “Chittagong Rebellion” ensues in Bengal, India on April 18th when insurgents raid the armory seeking weapons for a violent overthrow of British rule. April 30th, the Soviet Union addresses Britain and France with a proposal for a military alliance in pursuance of national security. May 21st, skulls are fractured, consciousness is lost and several die as the British directs Indian police to brutally beat India’s insurgents fighting for freedom, who never lifted a hand as they were bludgeoned to unconsciousness and death, -Gandhi is arrested yet again. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act (legislative raising import duties) is signed into law on June 17th by US President Herbert Hoover. September 6th, Argentina’s General, José Félix Uriburu is successful in a military coup overthrowing the elected Democrat Hipólito Yrigoyen for president. The French stage executions and conduct punitive raids on Vietnamese villages after bombing a column of thousands of peasants who were headed to the provincial capital on September 9th. After The National Socialist (Nazi) Party wins 107 seats in parliament on September 14th, German manufacturing has fallen to 17% and unemployment has skyrocketed to 3,000,000! Ratifications are made to the first London Naval Treaty on October 27th, modifying the US Washington Naval Treaty of 1925, putting more limits on naval arms races between the United Kingdom, the United States, the Japanese Empire, France and Italy. November 2nd, Haile Selassie is crowned Emperor of Ethiopia –while a new religion is formed in Jamaica called “Rastafarians,” having roots in black-empowerment back to Africa movement to the Promised Land of Ethiopia. With The Great Depression taking its toil on the world economy, US President Herbert Hoover bids Congress on December 2nd for $150 million to help create jobs and to stimulate the American economy. Roman Pope Pius XI issues The Papal encyclical Casti Connubii on December 31st, stressing the sanctity of marriage and strengthening the ban on artificial birth control such as: condoms, diaphragms and cervical caps.


To be Continued…

Coming: Japhetic History The 20th Century Part 6

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