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In 1880, Europeans industrializes food with a new technology replacing the stone grinding of grains; the oil in flour now turns rancid so it is removed, removing with it valuable nutrients. Tsar Alexander II is assassinated in 1881. Segregation is mandated on US railroads in Tennessee. US President James Garfield is shot and dies two months later after an infection is caused by doctors repeatedly sticking their fingers into the bullet hole looking for the bullet. European powers meet in Berlin in 1885 and make arrangements to rape the commonwealth of Africa by giving King Leopold of Belgium control over the Congo; Tanzania, Southwest Africa and Cameroon is given to Germany; Botswana is annexed and France colonizes Central Africa and establishes a colony on the northern tip of Madagascar. Geronimo, the Apache Chieftain, is finally captured in 1886 after a four-year attempt. Wyoming becomes the 44th state to join the Union in 1890, after it had been denied statehood because it allowed women the right to vote. Sitting Bull is shot and killed and 300 men, women and children are massacred at Wounded Knee, after whites feared that Sitting Bull would lead a rebellion in his old age because an Indian woman named Wovoka foresees a messiah rescuing Indians and killing whites. The state of Mississippi creates a poll tax, literacy tests and other measures to prevent blacks from voting.


Journalist Ida B. Wells begins to investigate the lynching of blacks in 1892 after three of her friends are lynched in Tennessee. In 1893, Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalane plans a constitution that will deprive white businessmen of their power in government, before she is over-thrown by an armed militia of whites. The US economy is plunging: the Reading Railroad collapses financially, money in circulation declines and an agricultural depression spreads in the West and South; and by 1894 the unemployment rate jumps from 3 percent in 1892 to 18.4 percent. A “separate but equal” US Supreme Court ruling on public facilities for whites and blacks are deemed legal in 1896. More than 100 black women’s clubs are united at the forming of The National Association of Colored Women. Alarmed by the French influence in Sudan, the Brits lead an army into Sudan, while the Ethiopians defeat an Italian army, saving themselves from colonial rule. Hawaii is annexed in 1898 by President McKinley. After suing for peace, Spain loses all of its colonies, including the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico to The United States; Cuba is recognized as independent. By the end of its total devastation, the European pestilence of the bubonic plague kills 3 million during an outbreak in China and India. In 1899, Germany acquires islands in the northern Mariana and Caroline Islands, while a treaty recognizes Western Samoa as a German colony and American Samoa as being under the control of The United States; and Britain gains power over the island of Tonga.


To be Continued…

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In 1850, US Congress passes a Fugitive Slave Act mandating government support for the capture of escaped slaves. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” is published in 1852 and the South makes owning a copy illegal, says the novel is exaggeration. The British makes a profit by selling and introducing opium into the lower Burma culture. In 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry arrives in Japan with 967 men, attempting to intimidate the Japanese into opening their ports and trading with The United States. An epidemic of cholera breaks out in London after scientist John Snow makes a claim that cholera is carried in the water and food, making it possible to ingest the bacteria; samples of the water from the infected area were tested and found under a microscope to be contaminated. The City of Chicago in 1855 is the first in The United States to adopt a plan for the first comprehensive city sewer. In 1857 The Supreme Court of The United States, in the case of Dred Scott vs. Sanford (the lawsuit of a slave suing for his freedom,) rules that African-Americans, free or slave, are not citizens and have no recourse in federal courts. John Brown is hanged in 1859 after creating an armed rising to begin a war for the liberation of all slaves in The United States.


Jews are allowed for the first time to vote in Britain in 1860. Abraham Lincoln becomes the second President of The United States in 1861, and The American Civil War begins. The South creates a panic and threatens secession in fear of Lincoln’s possible interference with the institution of slavery, even though he reassures the South that he would not interfere, directly or indirectly. The population of whales begins a downward decline as whale oil becomes the primary fuel for lighting lamps, giving way to the popularity of oil wells as an alternative fuel source. German workers in a mirror factory are discovered to be the victims of mercury poisoning after losing all of their teeth, while children in Britain working in non-textile factories are found to be the victims of occupational diseases. In 1862, the Lakota Sioux Indians massacre 1,000 people on the Minnesota frontier after miners began invading the Rocky Mountains and the plains; one year later, 38 Lakota Sioux are hanged before angry whites in Mankato, Minnesota. The Second Confiscation Act of 1862 gave Southern Confederate supporters 60 days to surrender or face confiscation of land and slaves. The Executive Order of President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation becomes law in 10 states in 1863, freeing roughly 4 million slaves and under a “freedmen” status, allowing them to enroll into paid service of The United States forces to fight against their former slave owners. As a result of the Civil War in America, Russia is cut off from its primary source of Cotton, who subsequently sends its military into Central Asia (where sparsely underdeveloped tribal Muslims reside) to confiscate their Cotton.


In 1865, white miners invade Colorado Territory, dislocating Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, causing a Cheyenne-Arapaho war against whites that resulted in a massacre of Indians which included women and children. The American Civil War ends, General Robert E. Lee surrenders and the Northern Union wins; President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated. The Winnebago Indians are removed from Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota and placed on a reservation in Nebraska. The first plantation workers of 600pl from China and Japan arrive in the Hawaiian Islands in 1866. The Russian government of Tsar Alexander II sells Alaska to The United States in 1867. An army including a black militia is sent to the South by a Republican majority Congress to enforce the law of The Reconstruction Act after Congress overrides President Andrew Jackson’s veto; laws that would provide for a more efficient government of the Confederate Rebel States of the South after The American Civil War. Five all-black colleges are founded in the US: Howard University in Washington D.C., Morgan State College in Maryland, Talladega College in Alabama, St. Augustine’s College and Johnson C. Smith College in North Carolina. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution is ratified in 1868, overturning the Dred Scott case and granting to all persons (including African-Americans) born or naturalized in The United States the right of citizenship and equal protection under the law; however, Civil rights are not extended to Indians or anyone who has held office in the Confederacy. Indian Chief Black Kettle, his family and followers of the Cheyenne tribe are slaughtered by George Custer on the Washita river within borders of the Cheyenne reservation in western Oklahoma.


1870, Diamond deposits are discovered in southern Africa in Griqualand that attract Diamond diggers from Africa, Europe, Australia and the Americas. By 1872 all former Confederate States have returned to the Union, and An Amnesty Act restores the vote to those whites in the South who had been denied it. In 1875, gold is discovered in an area that the US government promised would be the Sioux forever: the Black Hills of South Dakota. The former Confederate States resume their bigotry, once restored to the Union, and in 1876, through the popularity of the conservative party, establishes a “redeemed” government that limits black votes by complicating ballot boxes, instituting literacy tests and poll taxes. The Sioux and Cheyenne warriors annihilate Lieutenant George Custer and 210 of his Seventh Cavalry at Little Big Horn. Colonel Nelson Miles defeats the Sioux and Cheyenne, the Crow and Blackfeet Indians are ejected from their reservation, holdings of the Ute Indians are confiscated and whites invade territory that was promised to the peaceful Nez Perce Indians in 1877. While the US economy takes a nose dive, 3 million men become unemployed; in San Francisco, white men are bitter over the wealthy hiring Chinese and the popular slogan is invented: “The Chinese must go.” The largest native South African people of the Bantu tribe, the Zulu, defeats the British, killing 800 after the British tried to order King Cetshwayo to disband his army of 6 thousand strong in 1878. An epidemic of the Yellow Fever begins in 1879 in New Orleans.


To be Continued…

Coming: Japhetic History – The 19th Century Part 3

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The Man Fashioned by God, as we know it, is recounted in the first book of the Bible, Genesis 1st and 2nd chapters.

1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.


This is the only true theological account that exists of the creation of humanity; all other accounts are speculation and theory, and outright absurdity.

What we understand from these verses is the first human man, Adam, was formed from the dust of the ground or dust of the earth. Many times throughout the Bible you will find that God refers to man as an earthen vessel; because Adam is of the earth -not the sky -not the atmosphere -not the heavens -and certainly not from monkeys, but the earth. Adam’s substance or physical composition was formed out of the dust of the ground, this is the reason why when a man dies his body decomposes back to dust, not back to a monkey.

From these verses we can understand a few more things. We can understand the color of Adam’s outer substance; if fashioned from the dust (dirt) of the earth, Adam’s substance would have to match the color of the dust of the earth from whence he came. Soil, in its richest form, uncontaminated by chemicals, is a deep dark robust black gold! So it is accurate to say that the color of Adam’s outer substance was a deep dark robust black color; not white, not pink, or any other unimaginable color.

After fashioning Adam from the dust of the earth, God brought Adam to Life by breathing Himself, His essence into Adam’s nostrils. God breathed His own Spirit (The Breath of Life) into Adam and Adam became a living Soul, a living Organism, a living Being! The air we breathe everyday, the air molecules in our atmosphere is no less than The Breath of God! If He doesn’t first exhale, we could not inhale!

The final thing we learn from these verses is in God’s Plan He created the earth, the atmosphere, plant life and food provisions, and the fowls, cattle, sea life, and crawling things days before He created Adam. Other words, there was nothing created by Adam! And all that Man needed was created for him in the Garden of Eden exactly as he would need it. Adam was created with the perfect hair structure, skin color and tone, build of frame, and the perfect DNA for the hot atmospheric environment in which God had placed him in; in other words, Adam’s DNA could withstand the climate of his environment as well as the heat of the sun.

In present day, Scientific and Archeological finds have finally caught up with the Truth of the Bible written long ago! Ancient human discoveries have now confirmed that the oldest and first people of our society were Africans (meaning Negroids!) Furthermore, it has been concluded that Adam & Eve were in fact themselves, Black Negroids and their home was The Garden of Eden located in or near Ethiopia, Africa or Turkey, Asia.

What this tells us is: God created only One Human Race in The Garden of Eden that day, and the race of people God created were Black Negroid Africans! There were no multi-racial human beings; Black Africans were and are the only One True Race of people created by God!

So where did The Clone of Satan come from and who are they?

Let’s first look at some characteristics of Satan to help us identify his clones:

  1. Whenever the sons of God present themselves unto God, Satan always shows up to copy them.
  2. Satan’s primary character flaw is the character of an accuser.
  3. Satan reigns over and stands together with the wicked.
  4. Satan is an offence to Jesus.
  5. Satan savourest not the things of God, but the things of men.
  6. Satan is the Tempter of men.
  7. Satan removes the Word of God from men’s hearts.
  8. Satan fell from the Grace of God.
  9. Satan is the father of lies.
  10. Satan is the author of darkness.
  11. Satan destroys the human flesh, he’s The Destroyer.
  12. Satan transforms himself into an Angel of Light.
  13. Satan is the hinderer of the things of God in the lives of humanity.
  14. Satan is a Deceiver.
  15. Satan is the Devil.

What we have learned about Satan is his number one obsession, copying the things of and people of God. Satan is so fixated on being like The Most High, ascending into heaven, sitting on a throne, and having subjects worship him as though he were God; that he copies everything about and everything pertaining unto God. This includes establishing a false religion, a false church, a false prophet, a false Christ (the Anti-Christ), false doctrine, and false worshippers.

Satan’s worshippers, followers, and those who do his bidding are clones of himself because these individuals have his influence or his spirit within them, as opposed to having the Spirit of God as God’s only Black Adamic creation. Furthermore, these hand-picked individuals have knowingly made a covenant with Satan whereby they have undergone a genetic mutation to look completely opposite of the only true creation God created in The Garden of Eden.

Taken from the DNA of Adam’s seed, through Noah, Satan’s clones are opposite to God’s creation in skin color, hair texture, eye color, nose, lips, muscular structure, genitals, bone structure, mindset, creative abilities, the ability to praise God, the ability to house the Spirit of God, the ability to worship God in spirit and in truth, the ability to feel the presence of God, the ability to communicate effectively with God, the ability to hear from God, and the ability to obey God’s commands.

Within the genetic code of Satan’s clones we will find the obsession to copy the creation of God; an attempt to copy skin color, hair texture, lips, muscular structure, genitals, creative abilities, lingo, praise and worship style, the same knowledge of God as His sons, and much more. The obsession to copy God’s People gives Satan’s clones a false reality of being as God’s People, or the false hope of replacing the People of God with themselves.

We will also find evidence of missing links in Satan’s clones: mental deficiencies, psychological psychotic deficiencies, a susceptibility to physical maladies, sicknesses and diseases, a core mirrored image of Satan to destroy that which is good, purposefully hinder the things of God, accuse others, speak lies, and commit murder and kill innocent lives.

As we consider all these things, we must give due diligence to the Seed of Japheth in recognizing his history and correlating it to the description of Satan’s clones! Could it be that Japheth was so envious (a trait fully recognized to be that of Satan’s) of his brothers: (Shem, because he was the one chosen to bring the Messiah, and Häm, because he first ruled the earth,) that he made an irreversible and irrevocable covenant with the Devil (Satan) in exchange for the dominance, control, and habitation of the kingdoms of this world, that has quite possibly damned all the souls of the Seed of Japheth forever?

What we do know for fact from History is that all of mankind remained Negroid throughout the times of Noah, past the time of Nimrod and the building of the Tower of Babel, into the time of Abraham and the birth of the 12 Patriots of Faith and the timing of the enslavement of Israel in Egypt, past the days of Moses and the receiving of The Ten Commandments and the Exodus of the Children of Israel out of Egypt, and into the time of the Conquering of the Promise Land led by Joshua and Caleb.

By the time The Children of Israel returned to Jerusalem to conquer her, there were primarily one group of people living there and occupying the lands: The Negroid Seed of Häm through his second born Mizraim and his youngest son Canaan (Philistines, Canaanites, Sidonians, Jebusites, Amorites, Girgasites, Hivites, Hamathites, Perizzites, Gaza, and more), the same who was cursed by Noah and became servants to Shem’s Seed. The Negroid Seed of Shem dwelt in surrounding areas such as Moab, and the land of Ammon. There is one mention of The Seed of Japheth dwelling in Harosheth, who by this time were fully referred to as “Gentiles”. Throughout the time of The Judges til Samson and Delilah and the Kings of Israel and Judah, there is no mention of The Seed of Japheth until the Children of Israel were sold into Persian captivity by way of Babylonian captivity. All of the wars of Israel were between them and their brothers (other descendants of Shem, like the Syrians) and The Seed of Häm. The first mention of Japheth’s descendants is when History speaks about the Mede-Persian Wars during the captivity of Israel under Babylonia, then Mede-Persia; other than prophecies spoken concerning The Seed of Japheth during the captivity of Israel in the time of Daniel. After the Mede-Persian Empire, The Seed of Japheth began to be on the scene constantly due to the failed attempts of Persia to conquer The Greeks; as a result, Greece was the second Gentile Nation, other than The Medes to then set out and conquer the world. By this time there was definitely a noticeable difference in the DNA of The Children of Japheth!

DNA and genetic codes of human beings don’t just mutate on their own, something had to happen by a greater force to change the DNA of humanity in which God created; something went horribly wrong! Exactly when the Gentiles turned, and which generational son of Black Japheth was the master mind behind the seduction of his people is unclear. But cohabitation between the Greeks and the Hebraic Black Jews changed the Jews over time into features much like the European Japhetic Seed of today. The Medes (people of Madai, third son of Japheth) married into Shem’s family and were never amongst their people in far Europe after land division. Throughout history, this continual cohabitation with The Seed of Japheth produced a by-product of several racial ethnicities: Mexicans, Latinos, Puerto Ricans, South Americans, and Central Americans; these groups of individuals are a result of the Spaniards cohabitating with the Indians of the Americus, who are quite possibly descendants of Black Asian Jews initially from Israel. Some cohabitation was with the French, Dutch, and English as well.

The people of Asia: India, Chinese, Japanese, Philippines, etc, and the surrounding southward Islands, including the Hawaiian Islands all have their roots from Black Negroid Ancestry, this is the reason why if you research their ancestors they will all come up dark and Black as dust. All of the ethnicities of people who do not have an ancient history past the European Invasion holds true because their history is buried within Japheth’s cohabitation with either Shem or Häm; for example: the Mexicans ancient history ends where the white Spaniards mixed with the Black Indians. There is no history of Mexicans prior to this because they are the result of cohabitation between two people groups and their history either blends into the history of the Spaniards or the history of the Americus Black Indians.

In the conquering of the Europeans: The Greek Empire gave way to Rome, and the Roman Empire gave way to the Germans and Hitler, while the English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Portuguese Invasion swept parts of the globe. And as these events took place, it was clear that an imitation of humanity existed, guided by a demonic force to conquer, destroy, subjugate and wipe out the True History and Identity of the Only Human Race created by God in The Garden of Eden called Adam (father of the Black African Human Race). 


Coming: Japhetic History


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Shem was blessed with the Birth Right as Noah’s first born son (meaning he would be given the responsibility of the Commandments of God, inherit the Promised Land, and he would be the one to produce the Promised Seed of the Messiah through Arphaxad). For his place as first born son, to Shem was given the inheritance of the largest allotment of land on planet earth, the entire Asian Continent, largest of the 7 known continents in the world: with western borders from the Mediterranean and Red Seas eastward to Japan and the Pacific Ocean, and northward from the Arctic Ocean south to Malaysia and the surrounding Islands of Indonesia! The five sons of Shem: Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud, and Aram were to inhabit the lands of the Mongoloid people from Semitic Jews to Semitic Japanese; and from its southern to northward borders.

Even though Häm was Noah’s second born, yet he had the privilege and Birth Right of continuing the DNA genetic code of the First Creation of the son of God because the first created man Adam was of Negroid DNA made fresh from the dust of the earth/ground and Adam received the First Blessing of God to mankind. For his place as second born son, to Häm was given the inheritance of the second largest allotment of land on planet earth, the entire African Continent, second largest of the 7 continents. He also re-inherited the land that has been verified to be the birth place of human souls! Now of the four sons of Häm (Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan), descendants of the youngest, the Canaanites also dwelt in the mountains of present day Turkey (the Hittites) and ancient Asia with their border from Sidon unto Gaza, and Zeboim unto Lasha (the Sidonians, Jebusites, Amorites, Girgasites, etc.), which is The Land of Promise!

But what did Japheth inherit as the least born of Noah?

As the third born and youngest son of Noah, to Japheth was given the inheritance of the smallest allotment of land, the entire European Continent, the second to smallest of the 7 continents. Known as the “Gentiles of the Isles”, Japheth’s borders were from Portugal, Spain on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean westward unto the lands north of the Black Sea eastward. Looking back, now we can understand why “Noah”, not God, said in Genesis 9:27 “God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.”

In the eyes of God, Japheth had no birth right according to the ways established by God; perhaps this is a reason why Noah sought to remedy this by giving his least born son the name Japheth, which means “to enlarge”. Perhaps he felt by giving Japheth a part in Shem’s inheritance of allotment of land that this would appease him. So Japheth acquired, as part of his European inheritance, the northern part of Asia now known as Russia, as well as present day Turkey, and as the ancient co-inhabitants with the Persians, the Land of Iran as it were during the time of the Mede (Madai, the 3rd born son of Japheth)-Persian Empire, which since has been re-allocated solely back to the Seed of Shem.

We also see something else in Genesis 9, the cursing of Canaan, which the seed of Japheth has twisted to validate the enslavement of Africans and to justify their inhumane cruelty against the Seed of Häm. Even if you read verses 22-27 with face value as an unlearned Bible reader, you can see that this doesn’t add up to the way this scripture has been perpetrated throughout the centuries. First, if you were given to the continual study of the Word of God, with the instruction of the Holy Spirit, you would learn that there is an order, a rhythm to the language of God…

Namely, in the Hebrew culture a grandson was referred to as the grandfather’s son because there was no word for grandson; an uncle or nephew on your father’s side was often referred to as your brother; and when you spoke of a man, you did not necessarily call him by his given name, but by his father’s name or tribal name. For instance, when blind Bartimaeus cried out to Jesus, he called him “thou son of David”. Now any unlearned person could figure out that the era in which King David and King Jesus walked the earth makes it impossible for Jesus to be the direct son of David, what Bartimaeus was saying is: “Jesus, I am recognizing that you are of the house and lineage of your forefather King David.”

This is the reason why Häm’s name is mentioned in verse 22; the way this scripture is worded tells any person familiar with Jewish culture that it was Canaan who saw his father (grandfather’s) Noah’s nakedness and not Häm. Canaan was being recognized as the son of Häm, and Häm was being recognized as having the responsibility of his son Canaan. In verse 24 we further read where Noah refers to Canaan as being his son and distinguishes him as his “younger” son, meaning the younger son of Häm, for Canaan was the least born of the sons of Häm; and the scriptures already distinguished which younger son Noah was referring by recognizing Häm as the father in verse 22, for Noah had many grandsons. We also understand that Häm was not the one who saw Noah’s nakedness because Häm is not the younger (least) son of Noah, Japheth is. Now we understand why it was Canaan who was cursed by Noah and not Häm, nor all of his African seed! For Canaan never dwelled in Africa, he inhabited The Promised Land of the Middle East, until the Conquest of the Jews.

If you also understand Biblical History, then you would also understand that in verses 26 & 27 Noah is prophesying that Canaan will be a servant unto Shem and to Japheth because Japheth inherited together partly with Shem. This occurred when Israel (again, the entire nation being referred to by their tribal name and name of their forefather Israel the son of Isaac) went in to possess the Promise Land, the Canaanites dwelling in the land became their servants. Canaan was not supposed to inhabit the Land of the Middle East that was given unto Shem, but because of his disobedience, when it came time for the Seed of Shem to go in and possess the Land, the Bible says that they were unable to wholly drive out all the inhabitants, therefore they dwelled together in The Promised Land as the servants of the children of Israel…the words of Noah being fulfilled.

As you can see, the curse of Noah upon Canaan to become a servant/slave did not in any way include the rest of Noah’s grandsons through Häm who obeyed the commands of the LORD God and returned and dwelled in the Land of Africa of their inheritance.

Now even after Noah gave also unto Japheth the blessing to inherit together with his brother Shem, he was still not content. True to his blemished nature as the youngest or baby sibling, Japheth and his seed were and are a very spoiled brood, as most of the time the baby of the family is. Japheth’s name comes from a Hebrew word which means to expand or enlarge by deception, sinister means, to dupe, cheat or mislead; and he is called Gentile: a Gowy (a heathen nation, a troop of animals) and described as a Gevah: an exalted people of arrogance, a people lifted up in pride. Through deception and by misleading the nations, after the seed of Häm began to migrate into new territory, the Seed of Japheth moved to conquer the world and to mix with the seed of Häm and Shem in order to change the face of the world!

Coming: The Japhetic Conquest


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After the Flood, and prior to the scattering, the descendants of Japheth’s older brother Häm, emerged as a great builder of cities, as a mighty hunter, and quite possibly as a revolter, at least this was the case with Häm’s grandson Nimrod. After the scattering, the Hämitic people migrated southwest into present day Africa, southeast into present day Gaza, Jerusalem, and Jericho; the Hittites remained in present day Turkey (for Turkey on Mount Ararat was the location where the Ark came to rest after the Flood), and the Hämites also eventually migrated far south into Madagascar, Australia and surrounding Islands. Through four sons: Cush (the father of Nimrod & Ethiopia), Mizraim (Egypt), Phut (Libya), and Canaan (Canaanites), Häm continued the African Negroid seed (of which was the Heritage of the first created man and woman Adam & Eve) that covered Africa: the ancient Egyptians of the first 25 Dynasties of Pharaohs, the Semitic Ethiopians, the Mali, the Ashanti, the Ajuran Sultanate, the Nubians: the seed that once covered the Middle East and Arabian Desert (along with the descendants of older brother Shem), the Sabaens, the Land of Shinar, the Chaldean Babylonians, the Land of Nineveh, the Philistines, Zidon, the Jebusites, Amorites, and the Hamathites.

The eldest son of Noah, Shem (out of whom Jehovah God brought forth Abraham, King David, and King Jesus) shared a special bond with younger brother Häm, and they primarily cohabitated in the Middle East together, with the Semites dwelling mostly after the scattering in present day Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Even though Noah prayed God to enlarge Japheth, and pronounced Japheth shall dwell in the tents of Shem, it was actually Shem and Häm who were close, cohabitated together and inter-mingled race wise. Japheth sort of eventually disappeared northward beyond the Caspian and Black Seas, aside from his inter-mingling with Shem that produced Madai, the Medes who ruled later with the Persians (the seed of Shem) and his habitation of parts of Turkey and eastward.

Unto Shem were born five sons, through which came all Mongoloids: Elam (Elamites -southern Iranians), Asshur (Assyrians), Arphaxad (out of who was born Eber -the father of the Hebrews), Lud (married a daughter of Japheth and dwelt in the land presently from Croatia eastward), and Aram (Aramean people in present day Syria). One of the things shared between Shem and Häm were their faith practices of Judaism and Christianity, and yes as well as the Muslim religion. The first account I am able to gather through investigative study of slavery was actually among the Arabs, particularly as they began to move westward across the Red Sea and invade the northern parts of Africa, namely Egypt and Libya. With the widespread of the Muslim religion, Arabs began to conquer and enslave all people, including their own. This led to a fight between the faith of the Judeo-Christian belief and the Muslim religion, especially in Africa where African tribes began to war against and conquer their own people! Soon, under the Muslim umbrella and other pagan religions, Africans began to carry off other tribes (Christian Tribes especially) as prisoners of war.

In generations to come, long after the fall of the Kingdoms of Häm: the dismantling of the African Egyptian Dynasties, the fall of Babylon, the exchange of power in Nineveh, and the destruction of the Canaanites by Joshua and the Promised Seed of Shem, the Japhetic Gentiles began to rise to power…it was another shifting of conquer and destroy. Javan, the fourth born of Japheth, who produced the Greek species, rose to great influence and conquered through a philosophical approach during the Hellenistic Period. They were followed by the rule of Tubal, Japheth’s fifth born who gave the world the Roman Italians who ruled well passed the time of Christ! After a very long empire, Tubal was finally forced to abdicate to older brother Gomer the Germans. After the Germans rose to power, amidst the 30 Year’s War of religion between Roman Catholicism and the Protestant Reformation in the early to mid 1600s, the Africans had now fully began to sell their own people into slavery through the hands of Europeans: the Portugese, the Dutch, the English, and many, many others! They were Christian Africans, being sold by Muslim Africans, into the hands of supposed Christian Europeans.


Coming: How The West Was Won Pt. 2


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