The Darker The Berry The Sweeter The Juice

There is the old American saying when referring to sexual relationships with Africans: “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.” The saying infers that sex is far better with Africans than it is with others. We certainly have seen a rise in Europe and America of Japhetic men marrying African women. There is now an African Princess in the monarchy of the United Kingdom . “Once you go Black, you never go back” specifically refers to Japhetic American women who seek out relationships with African men. The obvious controversy over whether or not African men are more well endowed sexually speaking is certainly addressed by the actions of these Japhetic European and American women in this video.

Who would have ever thought that after the history of Europeans enslaving Africans and demoralizing them for centuries that they would then run to Africa to pay their men to have sex with them? How can a populace despise a people with such an intense hatred and teach the world to have the same hatred towards Africans everywhere want to lay down and have sex with them?

Are not their own men man enough to get the job done? With the decline of the Japhetic male sperm as mentioned in Japhetic Infertility & Spermageddon are they running to African men for their reproductive seed? No, according to Dr. Mumbi it is the older Japhetic women who are seeking out the African experience. Is it because they have become so unattractive in their old age that not even their own old men will touch them? Whatever the reasons, it appears that Japhetic women are flocking to Africa in droves for some jungle fever!

Dr. Mumbi says it best.


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