Japhetic Law Officials Strips Woman

There is no doubt that it has been proven that the mutated seed of Japheth is a vile and corrupt specimen who has invaded the world and has set out to destroy the hue-man and others. Centuries of oppressing the world and violating its women hasn’t even reached an all-time high yet. But this sociopathic behavior of Japhetic men and women and their fascination with the genitals of the hue-man has come under fire numerous times.

With a terrible history in the Americas, Japhetic law officials have long since stripped individuals naked on the street and searched their private areas. While the American Government self-righteously travel abroad and try to tell other countries how to live their lives, they in the mean-time brutalize their citizens of color. They cannot uphold their own laws when it comes to protecting their citizens of color; yet they try to teach other countries about peace and human rights. What about the rights of your citizens of color?

In this horrifying video, a young Afro-American woman is torn from her vehicle and stripped naked from her waist down by two female law officials, while a male law official looks on. She is then further humiliated when she is handcuffed and flipped onto her stomach; one officer spreads her legs apart and bends them up to her buttocks; while the other female officer inserts her dirty gloved fingers into her in search of drugs for ten minutes!!!

Every man on this planet, who is a real man, should be ghastly appalled and highly angered by the violation of this young lady’s honor who was pregnant at the time!


WARNING: This may absolutely turn your stomach!


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