So, Where Did Pale White People Come From? Part 4

Part 4 – There Are No White People in the Bible -a Bastard Creation  

Throughout time, all of civilization have relied upon the discovery of past languages, past cultures, ancient people and ancient history in order to understand where it is that we came from; to understand the conditions of our current societies and to gain a glimpse into what can be expected for our future existence. If we are all honest with the suspicions of our minds, we would all openly admit that the Logos of Yahweh has held the single most unbiased and unchanging compilation of people origin, true culture identity and documentation of original land ownership. Long before science could trace the migration of man post the Noahic Flood through DNA, the Logos of Yahweh served as a written document of people origin and migration before and after the Flood. From the time of Adam down through nine generations to his son Noah, the ‘physical’ proof of history and the DNA of early civilization remains submerged beneath water. And the only living DNA record of early civilization that we have today is the DNA that came only through the lineage of Noah from Seth, the third recorded son of Adam. Since we have no record of Abel ever producing offspring, it is safe to say that he died childless. And the entire descendants of Cain drowned in the flood, so there are no people walking on the face of this earth who are descendants of Cain because the only survivors of the flood was Noah, his wife and their three sons and their son’s wives. So, the only people on this planet are those who came from Seth through Noah. All of Cain’s children, the other children of Adam and the other children of Seth who were not mentioned in the Bible were all drowned in the flood. The Logos of Yahweh only records three sons of Adam (Cain, Abel and Seth) and the first born through Seth, from Seth to Noah. It does not mention Adam’s or Seth’s other sons or daughters. When we get to Noah, the Bible then gives a record of all three of Noah’s sons and their descendants, not just his first-born Shem.

This realization of the truth that all of Cain’s descendants perished in the flood, debunks any claims of the free masons that they are descendants of Tubal-cain, the grandson of Cain to the fifth generation. It has been reported that the free mason’s insignia and secret code is (Tubal-cain) ‘two balls’ on either side of a single ‘cane’ (a cleverly disguised male chauvinistic homage to the almighty penis of a man if you will.) There is nothing and no one on this planet that a pale man worships greater than his penis. Tubal-cain was a craftsman in brass and iron of which sets the whole premise of the secret society of freemasonry. But it is not a bond over the actual trade of brass craftsmanship for which drives this sect, as it reportedly is the cunning satanic devices of symbolically hammering by force into submission mankind to be used as tools to create as it were robotic machines/weapons for human control and later human destruction. A hammering or pounding much like when a male penis pounds a woman’s vagina into submission. Many of the secret sects in today’s society has its origin in Europe or were founded by Europeans abroad in foreign countries and were inspired by a biblical concept yet twisted and camouflaged as having a Christian foundation or background but are in fact a high society cult and occult. Sects such as: The German Thule Society, The Bilderberg Club, Freemasonry, The Ku Klux Klan, The Illuminate, The Order of Skull & Bones, The Order of 9 Angels and among many, many more are the known but yet disguised sects like The Fraternal Order of Police whose members hide behind a badge and become paid genocidal assassins from taxpayer’s dollars and The Greek Order of University Fraternities and Sororities.

After the deluge, the ark containing Noah and his family came to rest upon Mt. Ararat in present-day eastern Turkey, a 16,847 ft. volcanic mountain in the Armenian Highlands. And since the deluge killed off all of the pre-flood civilization and repositioned the beginning of life from the Garden of Eden quite possibly in Africa to eastern Turkey in Upper Mesopotamia (which later in history became the location of part of the empire of the Hittites, the sons of Heth who was the grandson of Häm,) it would be safe to say that all of mankind’s new origin -in present-day society- is actually modern-day Turkey and not Africa! So, ‘we all’ are not from AFRICA; only those hue-men whose ancestors migrated back to Africa after the flood are true indigenous Africans! And the true AFRICANS, who have no mutation of whiteness in them (whether they are a Semitic African hue-man, a Hamitic African hue-man or a Japhetic African hue-man) are the only people on the planet with the pure hue-man Adamic seed of Adam. Although the mutation of Japheth has tried desperately to whitewash Africa, Yahweh has preserved unto himself his pure Adamic seed in Africa if he so chooses to start all over again for the third time. And over time, as the population of Noah’s descendants grew, so did their expansion over the earth. It wasn’t long before unrighteousness began to be a problem again. The first recorded revolt after the flood against Yahweh and his righteousness came during the time of Nimrod, a descendant of Noah through Häm.

Nimrod (Nimrowd נמרוד) a Cushite -son of Cush, Häm’s first-born son who was also the father of the Ethiopians as well- was a rebel. His name in the original Hebrew text is actually translated as the word “Rebel” -rebellion and the valiant one, he was fearless and courageous in rebelling against Yahweh and his righteousness. There are two things of great importance to note about Nimrod, the first being that the creation of various languages was as a direct result of Nimrod’s attempt to build The Tower of Babel. The tower itself and the city of the tower’s location were called in the Hebrew tongue Babhel, meaning to confound. But the city in which Nimrod built the tower in -Babylonia- was called by Nimrod, Bab-ili “the gate of gods” or “place of the seat of life.” In stopping Nimrod from building this rebellion of arrogance, Yahweh confounded mankind’s speech to prevent their ability to communicate and to prevent unification through one speech. The second importance to note is that evidence of the oldest and longest lasting cultures recorded in history are the empires built by Nimrod: Babel (Shinar or Babylonia,) Erech (Uruk or Sumer,) Accad (Akkad,) and Calneh, also in Shinar. And out of the land of Calneh went forth Asshur -Shem’s second born son- under the rule of Nimrod and built four Assyrian cities to the north: Nineveh (Assyria,) Resen, Rehoboth-Ir and Calah (Nimrod.) Further important reference notes to make here is the fact that all of these empires built by Nimrod were built in what is now known as present-day Iraq in either Northern (Upper) or the Southern (Lower) part of Mesopotamia. And, from establishing the fact that both the Ethiopians and Nimrod were Cushites, we then understand that Nimrod and the Babylonians were also a dark hue people, just like the Ethiopians! And since the empires of Assur (Assyrians) came out of the land of Nimrod, we can conclude that the ancient Assyrians were also a dark hue people, meaning that Shem -Noah’s first-born son was also a dark hue-man. Both Asshur and Nimrod came from two brothers (Shem and Häm,) and we learned that Yahweh does not and did not create hybrids, so both Shem and Häm were of the same race and the same ethnicity. And this fact also gives credence to the truth that the original Hebraic Israelites, who descended from Shem, were also a dark hue people just like the ancient and present-day Ethiopians, who in part are the children of King Solomon of Israel and Queen Makeda of Sheba. And, once more, this also validates that all of the middle east, ancient Iraq and the people from the flood down to the building of the empires of Nimrod around 2300 BC, were all still a dark hue people!  

Let’s use common sense here, accepting truth doesn’t take being spoken by rocket scientists before it can be believed.

The people and civilizations that began the world before the flood, and the people and civilizations who restarted the world after the flood were all a dark hue melanated people down unto the time of Nimrod and his empires some 2300 years before Christ. There was still no sign of whiteness among all of hue-manity! And even though modern-day history venues will give you an account of these people’s existence, they will yet leave out one major detail, the ethnicity and physical attributes and identity of these ancient and very important peoples. When they cannot whitewash the people, they will leave out the details of their true identity. But the fact of the matter is, all of the powerful ‘ancient’ cultures that arose after the flood over time and ruled civilization (Babylonia, Assyria, Persian-Meade and Egypt, including ancient Greece and Roma) were all cultures of a melanated people.

Besides the proof that the ancient Semitic empires of Assyria arose out of the Hamitic empires of Nimrod, we have further proof that they both were of the same culture at that time because they both also spoke the same Akkadian language. And one obvious proof that we can look at in determining that all of the super ancient cultures mentioned above (Babylonia, Assyria, Persian-Meade, Egypt, Greece and Roma) were all the same darkness of color as the nation of Israel is the fact that each culture either enslaved, captured or invaded the people or land of Israel over thousands of years and within those thousands of years you could not tell Israel apart from their captors just by their outer appearance or the color of their skin. It was ways and culture, language and religion that revealed a people’s identity, not skin color because they all had the same dark hue skin color. Even though “Black, Negro or Melanesian” were/are terms used to describe dark hue people, ‘most’ of these people were/are not black in color at all, they were/are in fact ‘brown’ skinned just like most Africans, African-Americans, African-Caribbeans, African-Australians and so on. There are a few distinctions in the Bible where individuals are signaled out as being ‘black’ or different from others in color; not because they were being compared to the presence of whiteness, but this was due to the fact that some hue people are in fact black as coal looking in skin color. And just like there are no people on this planet with black eyes (iris,) they are deepest dark brown that appears to look black; likewise, no one on this planet has black skin, but it is really a deep darkening of brown skin from exposure to extreme sunlight that can also become a reproductive DNA pattern. This was Yahweh’s built-in protection system for his creation; pigmented skin can withstand the rays of the sun in places like Africa and the middle east and it will not burn no matter how dark it becomes; it is in the darkening where the protection lies. I have never ever witnessed a sun-burnt or skin peeling African. In Africa you will find these deep dark brown people (also known as blue-black people) in places like Kenya, in the Americus you will find them in the deep south of the United States. In the Bible days, you will find them among the empires of Nimrod in Sumer. And these blue-black people are the most beautiful people in the world with the healthiest, most even toned and most beautiful skin in the world!

The Sumerians of Sumer, one of the empires founded by Nimrod, called themselves: ùĝ saĝ gíg ga “the black headed people,” from ancient sculptures we learn that they were a blue-black, round nosed, thick lips, dark hue people. From the Logos of Yahweh and from modern-day African societies, we find that being black as coal or midnight wasn’t the norm among the dark hue people, it was the exception, even in Africa. Even in today’s society, different shades of brown skin is the norm, this we understand from the ancient carvings on the walls in cultures like that of the Egyptians. Can you now agree with me that from the time of Adam up to at least the time of the building of Nimrod’s empires, whiteness on this planet was non-existent?

So, if we understand that whiteness in hue-manity was never a creation of Yahweh in the Garden when He created Adam and Eve, then we must also conclude that it came from somewhere other than GOD and is therefore a bastard creation in society by sinister means.

Everything that we know and have witnessed of the behavior and culture of whiteness are synonymous with the perverted and destructive ways of Satan. The feasting of whiteness is to go against nature and the natural order of creation. It is consumed by corruption and it harbors the arrogance of spiritual Babylon, and within its walls lies confusion. It is a Rebel and has revolted against the righteousness of Yahweh. And believing itself to be a god, it has made itself the seat of life in place of Yahweh’s original Adamic hue-man seed of life. Babylon Has Fallen and she has played the whore! With a straight face she pretends to be a worshipper and faithful to Yahweh, but with a crooked heart she lays herself down and allows everything vile and corrupt to penetrate her soul. Oh, come out of her my people! Come out of her, saith The Lord! Separate yourselves from her and do not give yourselves unto her ways; for her ways are corrupt and corrupting and I will have no pleasure in her! I will not redeem the tares of her fruit for they are fuel for the fire. And I will get my vengeance upon her, for vengeance belongeth unto me and I will repay. I will smite the head and wound the tail; and I will break her stronghold and crush her strength. And I, even The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, will again deliver my people!    


Continuing in Part 5 Coming Soon!              

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