So, Where Did Pale White People Come From? Part 3

Part 3 – There Are No White People in the Bible


As I use the King James version of the Logos of Yahweh as a foundational recording for the creation, early history and migration of mankind, bear in mind that the translated versions of The Old and New Testaments into the English language (like The King James Version being among the earliest translations of the Bible that was authorized by King James I of England in 1604 AD) have been in some cases altered to benefit the mutated species of Japheth.

There are many ancient world-wide artifacts that have been uncovered from archeological finds that have debunked the claims of whiteness in the Bible. The conspiracy of Japheth’s mutated seed has been renowned for stealing the identity of the hue-mans in the Bible. They have gone so far as to re-create some of the archeological artifacts while changing the features and color of the ancient peoples of the Bible into that of whiteness. This is one of the reasons why they invade every known piece of land, to unearth truths in history so as to whitewash it. They have hoped to lay down with every known hue-man tribe of the earth in an attempt to mix their mutated seed in with the natives of the land repeatedly over centuries until they change the natives’ identity into that of whiteness. They will then falsely proclaim: “see, these ancient people were white!” If it were not for Europeans like the white Spaniards traveling abroad and sticking their little pale joy sticks into dark Aztec and Mayan tortillas, Spanish would not be the national language of Mexico. And today’s Mexicans (Indian/Spaniard mix) would not now be a people of both dark and pale skin. You can often trace the places where Europeans have invaded and destroyed the native language and culture by the number of foreign countries that nationally speak their languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and so on.  

Therefore, I will use other sources (like Hebrew words and meanings, as well as the history of ancient peoples in their own language) to give you a clearer background to the lives and events of the natives of the Bible concerning true ancient world history.

So, allow me to first set the confusion of your mind straight; contrary to the disseminated lie: Esau ‘father of the Edomites’ (Abraham’s grandson) did not produce a white race. And neither the ancient Egyptians nor the Canaanites were a white people. The children of Anak (the giants in the Bible subdued by Israel in the conquest of Canaan Land) were not a white people. None of the ancient peoples of the Bible were what the society of today would call pale white albino people because there were no white people in the Bible. Period! White people of the Japhetic mutation were not in existence at any time during the making of the Bible. The entire Bible is historically and completely about the dark hue-man people who descended from Adam. And, ironically, when white people name their children after Biblical characters, they are actually naming their children after the very people in which they despise the most: melanated hue-mans! If you go ahead and research “White People in the Bible” or “Ancient White History,” you will come up empty every time; the search will redirect you to world history because there is no ‘ancient’ white history past the colonization of mutated Japhetic seed in Europe.

And, converse to the newest propagated lie that Adam and Eve had the genes to produce children of a diverse race and that their offspring of present-day hue-mans can naturally produce children of variant races, white people are still the product of a ‘mutation’ at the very least and do not occur within the order of hue-man ecology naturally. Anyone with half a brain understands that the only thing that lightens the naturally pigmented skin of an African is the introduction of the sperm/egg of a pale white mutant. This is what causes the different shades (dark downward to light) of skin color, not different races of Africans; otherwise they would all still be a chocolate people if it were not for the rape of African women by pale white men. You can transport the darkest of Africans to the whitest parts of Europe and centuries later they will not turn white because of the environment of a lack of sunshine.

No, Yahweh did not create a ‘rainbow’ of people in his Garden. If a person knew and understood anything at all about him through his Logos, then he/she would know and understand that Yahweh has never ever created a Hybrid! He never pulled a lion out of a tiger naturally to create a hybrid liger and He never pulled a white person out of a hue-man naturally to create a white race or a hybrid race of pigmented and pale people. When he created the hue-man, he fashioned him out of dust as a finished product; when he created everything else in the universe, He spoke it into being as it ever would be with exception to some insects, fish and amphibians who undergo a natural metamorphosis! Yahweh is a GOD of order, everything created in this universe has its own place, order and glory! And to mankind, to every animal species, bird species, creeping insect, reptile and fish life came the commandment to reproduce and replenish the earth and sea with their own seed after their own kind. Even the fruits of an apple tree has the kind of seeds to reproduce another apple tree exactly the same. In order to change that seed to reproduce something else altogether different, you have to first genetically alter that seed to cause a mutation in its order of DNA. It is only white men who tampers with Yahweh’s order and creates spiritually unlawful and ungodly hybrids, whether a hybrid human, animal or plant life! And all hybrids are diabolical and out of the natural order of Yahweh’s creation.          

Before I get started with the history of man, let me also clarify something else -the term “race” being used to ‘officially’ describe a division or classification of people first came into use by the English in 1580 AD upon their initial sight of melanated people. Before using this word to categorically divide people based on skin color for the purpose of devaluing them, it simply meant to run swiftly as in a competition. So, the bottom line of putting people into race categories began with European white people upon encountering African hue-mans. Race groups did not exist prior to the existence of white people. Thus, white people are both the creators and perpetrators of “racism.” In Biblical times people were known by their tribal names, whose son or daughter they were and what country they were from; not by the color of their skin because all of hue-manity were the same various shades of brown to blackish (deep dark-brown pigmentation) color.

Melanesia -the ancient Greek word for black- was how the early Europeans described the primitive people of the islands of Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia and Australia, meaning: the islands of black people or the black islands (μέλας νῆσος.) These are incidentally the same people who also migrated to the Islands of Hawaii and became the Hawaiians; when they first arrived, they were a dark hue African people until the arrival of the Europeans with their pale white joy sticks. Now, the Hawaiian Islands are also a place that have been whitewashed with largely Portuguese mutation. Negro is the Spanish/Portuguese word for black (derived from the Latin word Niger,) it was how the Portuguese classified the Bantu people of South Africa upon their arrival in 1442 AD. It is also the term used to classify the African Americans in North America. In the southern states (USA) during the era of African enslavement, the offensive racial slur of “nigger” was used and is still used by whites today. The Spanish/Portuguese word Negro has its origin in Latin which has its origin in the classical Greek alphabet, and the classical Greek word negro is derived from the root word necro, meaning dead. If there was a presence of white people in the Bible, when the Europeans first encountered the Melanesians in the black islands and the Negro Bantu people in South Africa, they would not have been so shocked of the existence of a people with pigmentation. They would have been accustomed to their presence in the Bible from the history of their so called Biblical white ancestors and they would have known and identified these pigmented people by their tribal names and not by the classification of the color of their skin.

So, over the thousands of years (and perhaps millions and billions) of recorded history that survived the flood of Noah and the recorded history buried within the earth, from the creation of the hue-man in the book of Genesis, past the time of Christ’s resurrection, into the prophecies recorded in the Book of Revelation, there is no authentic and bonafide proof of the existence of a pale people. The early Biblical representation of what would become known as part of a continent called ‘Europe’ are the ancient people of Greece and Italy, who we know were a dark skinned black curly haired people. These people were present during the time of Christ, and there is no mention in the Bible by Christ or any other person/people that the Greeks and/or Italianos (Roma) were mutated, albino or otherwise different in any way in terms of skin pigmentation.  


Continuing in Part 4 Coming Soon! 


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