So, Where Did Pale White People Come From? Part 2

Part 2 – Origin of White People, Theoretical Views

Just For Laughs! 😊 I have heard that white people are alien beings who crashed landed on planet earth and that the US government is hiding their spacecraft in an underground silo somewhere in New Mexico. This I heard from the friend of a government worker in the US Department of Defense. Although I have made this declaration as a “Just For Laughs” statement, in light of crazy events which occur in today’s society, I am not altogether ruling out the plausibility of this possibility.

Like most inquisitive minds who search for the truth, I cannot give an absolute and definitive answer as to where white people came from with solid proof; as of yet. But what I can offer are my own speculations and theories drawn from the results of personal research and studies, my observations and deductive reasoning.

The very first and honest supposition I must divulge is the datum that I do not believe that the hue-man Adamic DNA of Melanesian people is the only source for the hominoid composition of white people. In other words, I do not believe that they are one hundred percent human; whether they are part human and alien, part human and animal or a combination of all three, something is definitely different about them. The overall biological, cultural and social behavior of the pale white species of hominoids are thought provoking and intensely strange to say the least. By the fact that they live in body, soul and spirit form (meaning they breathe the Spirit -breath- of GOD in a physical body made of dust and have an eternal soul that will live in eternity either in heaven or hell after the death of the body just like the hue-man creation of Yahweh) let’s me know that they are in part a form of the creation Yahweh created in his Garden. But they have such questionable behavior which sets them apart from the core structure in which Yahweh fashioned the hue-man being and it causes one to intently ponder the true origin of their existence.

And I am being very audacious when agreeing that they have an eternal soul because I have at times had my earnest doubts, and I still do. One thing that has been noted world-wide about the hue-man is the fact that he “has soul.” Hue-mans are a down-to-earth people with connected emotions to Yahweh, the earth and to each other. They are a people who feel deeply and can put those feelings into their music, their expressions of dance, their culture and conversations and their worship to Yahweh. But white people are not so, overall. At the very core they are a coldhearted and emotionally dead people. They cannot deeply feel on that same level as hue-mans; they do not connect with Yahweh like the hue-man being and they often have unnatural affections. And we know that animals were not created with a soul; they have a body and the breath of GOD, but not an eternal soul, therefore animals cannot receive salvation through the confession and forgiveness of sin. And perhaps not having an eternal soul could lead to the absence of a fear of death and afterlife, causing an individual to not fear the consequences of committing suicide -as the pale white species often do. Without a soul, there is no eternal judgment. Animals’ lives end with the death of their body; there is no judgment after life because they do not have a will to sin.

When I consider the Fruits of Yahweh’s Spirit and the instructive ways of behavior commanded by Yahweh to the Hebrews and compare them to the ways of Melanesian people around the world, particularly to those descendants of the enslaved Melanesian African Americans, I find that the Melanesian hue-mans by nature are a loving people. They are endowed with a natural ability to love even the worst of their enemies. They are also by nature a forgiving people who try to move beyond the past sins of their captors. Not move past the memory of how Yahweh delivered them from bondage but move past the crippling agony of longing for revenge. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay saith The LORD.” By nature, they are a strong people as well, resilient under great pressure and excruciating pain. And no matter how much they have been beaten down and told they will never be free from the fear of slavery and bondage, or told they will never ever succeed as a people; they still have hope and believe that one day the wrong will be righted and they will be respected, loved and accepted in this world as being the children/creation of GOD.

But, when I consider the Fruits of Yahweh’s Spirit and the instructive ways of behavior commanded by Yahweh to the Hebrews and compare them to the ways of the white species around the world, I find that white people by nature are a corrupt, hateful and vindictive people. They are a people of greed, envy and immaturity. They lack natural affection, have an inability to genuinely love or forgive. Their emotions of love are corrupted by a perverted lust that is often displayed by sexual perversion; sex acts committed even upon the most innocent of their society. And forgiveness isn’t a natural trait of white people; they must be vindictive and seek revenge, even if the one they seek vengeance upon is innocent of any wrongdoing.

They are also a people who cannot deal with disappointments in life, they seem to have no real coping mechanisms. They are weak and are often given to commit murder or suicide as a solution or way out of a problem. There is something within their DNA and genetic code which makes them prone to extreme psychosis. The lunacy of sociopathic and psychopathic behavior begins as early as pre-adolescence in their communities, and it drove the era of slavery in Africa, Europe and the Americus. They breed assassins among their males who are driven to bomb, blow up and assassinate the hue-man race of Yahweh by the time their white males are 21 years of age.

Their minds cannot comprehend simple truth, logic and meaning. What you say to them and what they hear is often two different things. You can compliment them, but what their mind tells them is that you are insulting them. Satan constantly whispers into their ear and twists everything they hear to where their thoughts are irrational and without logic; which in more cases than not, governs their actions. Their entire framework is twisted, and I could go on and on about their twisted and often volatile behavior.

Without question, there is most definitely a noticeable difference in the core structure between the hue-man creation of Yahweh and the Japhetic mutants who call themselves ‘white people.’ In pondering their existence, my instincts warns me: “There’s Something About White People” and my instincts draw a figurative correlation between their existence and the old American horror film “Rosemary’s Baby!” I previously stated that white people are naturally a corrupt and hateful people. And in the Logos of Yahweh we find this saying: “In this the children of GOD are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of GOD, neither he that loveth not his brother.”  

Based on my observations and research results, here are a few theories on: Where Did Pale White People Come From?

Theory One

An unknown Melanesian descendant of Japheth made a covenant with Satan for world dominance and control, selling his soul and the souls of his offspring to the devil in exchange for rulership over the Kingdoms of this World. His offspring would become the instruments in which Satan would use to wreak havoc upon and attempt to destroy all of huemanity. And he would become the progenitor of hue-man mutation.

Often, white people will leak truths regarding their own existence in manuscripts written for American film. There is the reoccurrence of three themes which seems to suggest a further investigation into the origin of white people is needful: 1) the theme of alien beings subduing planet earth and cohabitating with white hominoids and creating a more intelligent race; 2) the theme of a white hominoid receiving super human powers after being struck by lightning or radiation; and 3) the theme of due to a biological mishap, people are mutating into hideous creatures or dying then coming back to life as zombies.

Because of the paleness of white people, the fact that they illuminate when light hits them and their use of and ability to withstand radiation in medical procedures, it is quite easy to believe that the tool used by Satan to mutate the Melanesian seed of Japheth was radiation. Today, it is a well-known fact that radiation mutates human cells; the more x-rays and scans you undergo, the more susceptible you become to cancerous mutations. Yahweh’s word warns the hue-man Hebrews that Satan has the ability to transform himself into an Angel of Light. He is obsessed with the desire to appear as intelligent and creative as GOD. Illuminating like a light bulb gives white people a false sense of high intelligence. (‘Illuminate:’ inspiration for the name of the Bavarian secret sect known as ‘Illuminati’ founded in Germany in 1776 by a Japhetic mutant whose organization’s later goal allegedly became to conspire to control world affairs by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations in order to gain political power and influence to establish a New World Order,) an event Yahweh’s word prophecies will happen in the last days.

In choosing whether or not to believe this theory wholly or in part giving any credence at all to any of it, the question we must first ask ourselves is: What universal people are currently in control of the Kingdoms of this World: the world market, land ownership (country, nation or island,) political influence, poses the greatest military threat to the rest of the world or controls the world’s monetary and food supply? Is it Melanesian people, Red people, Yellow people -Who?

Theory Two

The origin of pale white people is a result of a combination of what is described above at the hands of Satan and what their own scientists may have done to their own people in experimenting with animal DNA.

There are too many similarities between mutants and animals to disregard the possibility of a genetic connection. One thing is certain, contrary to their propaganda of “the ‘theory’ of evolution,” mankind (created hue-mans) are not a part of the animal kingdom! The distinction Yahweh made when He created mankind was that mankind was created in his image and after his likeness; and that mankind is a living eternal soul and animals are not, they are created “creatures.” Despite how man defines things, there is a difference in GOD’s eyes between a living soul and a living creature. So, any similarities between mankind and animals are as a result of something very sinister. And of a surety, some believe that white people are a mixture of mutated hue-man DNA and animal DNA. Here is a list of similarities mutants have with certain animals.


  1. In research for creating what drugs to use in treatments for diseases that mainly originate with white people, white scientists will use albino white rats who are said to have similar genetic DNA, behavioral patterns and a biological structure as white people.
  2. It is said by rat experts that white rats originated from Norway, and that they were the first genetic mutants purposely bred in domestic animals by hominoids. Other words, albino rats did not occur from some natural cause, they were purposefully genetically altered which caused the mutation in their genes. This would indicate that a mutation of turning darker skin to white in color is man-made.
  3. When compared to albino rats in general, pale white people breed and dwell communally atop each other much like rats do. A female albino rat can produce up to 15,000 offspring per year, more than the original grey rat. This is compared to the invasion patterns of white people and their ability to multiply themselves outside of Europe and over the face of the earth in other people’s countries.


  1. The most obvious is going to be the hairiness of white people. Compared to the hue-man, white people can grow hair all over their bodies at a length that is very freaky and scary. The amount and length of hair in their armpits, chest (both males and females,) over their stomach and back, their genital area and buttocks and their arms and legs is just unimaginable and unnatural. Yahweh did not create the hue-man in this way.
  2. It is no secret that some of Japheth’s mutated seed have a body odor that resembles that of a wet dog. This is not imaginary, anyone who has ever smelled a wet dog knows there is a closeness to the odor of white people.
  3. Much like the unkemptness of a dog, white people have very poor hygiene habits. They are not keen on bathing every day; and when they do, they are not keen on using soap -they just go through a rinse cycle. For this reason alone, they are highly susceptible to diseases that are known to strike only their kind.
  4. And because they do not bathe with soap regularly, are unkempt and keep their skin dry, they are prone to getting hair and body lice much like the fleas and ticks of a dog.
  5. Their sexual habits closely resembles that of a dog; they will mate with anything, anyone, anytime, anyplace or anywhere bathed or not whenever the mood strikes. And they name their sexual positions after the style of two dogs mating and it has even been said that they are known for mating with even their pet dog.
  6. Their habit of licking others in their private parts is uncanny when it comes to the similitude of the natural behavior of dogs. Anything you give to a dog, he will lick and put it into his mouth and he is notorious for constantly licking himslf.
  7. They are also known for eating off the ground. If their food drops onto the table, their clothes or the floor or ground, they will pick it right up and eat it, just like a dog.
  8. When it comes to sweat glands, some believe that some white people have none just like animals, which causes them to produce an animal like pungent odor when they start to overheat. They are also known for producing a “stress sweat” odor that is nose piercing.

Lastly, Cockroach

  1. The behavior of white people that resembles that of the cockroach relates more to their social behavior, but also includes their biological activities as well. It has been noted by American Indians that “the white man speaks with a forked tongue,” meaning he is a habitual liar. As goes the saying: “you know when a white person is lying because his/her lips will be moving.” If you have ever noticed, when you catch a white person in a lie or catch them doing something wrong or evil, they will scurry off as quickly as they can and go hide from your sight. I often refer to this as the cockroach approach: a cockroach loves to do their evil deeds in the dark: they will invade your home, destroy your goods and leave their poisonous droppings behind. As soon as they are discovered by the flick of a light switch, they will run as fast as they can and scurry off around a corner, under an object or between cracks in the wall to hide from your sight and the light.
  2. The cockroach is known for carrying diseases. They are not considered to be clean insects. As is the case with white people, they carry diseases in which they become immune to as carriers, all the while inflicting others with their viruses, maladies and infections, causing the death of others and nearly annihilating populations of people.

Theory Three

I have already established the truth that the DNA of Melanesian hue-mans is the parent DNA of all of humanity. And as stated in an earlier post, Japheth’s Rhesus (RH) factor, “What has been conclusive in studies is the standard fact that there is a difference between the RH Factor in Africans and the RH Factor in Europeans: Most Africans whose DNA is void of a European ancestor is Rh+ and most Europeans are Rh-. Now, what this emphatically denotes is that a natural source of common creation has been discovered for Africans in the same blood protein being discovered in the Rhesus Monkey. However, no natural source of common creation has been discovered for Europeans’ blood. We know that the Negroid descendants of Japheth who dwell in Africa are Rh+, but not the mutated Caucasoid seed of Japheth; so, from this perception we understand that the negative RH Factor did not come naturally from Japheth, the Negroid son of Noah, but was as a result of a mutation that is evident by present-day scientific studies of Europeans.”

I went on to discuss the discovery that the mutated seed of Japheth in Europe had the same blood serum as rabbits (Anti-RH.) I further learned that Spain, which means ‘land of the rabbits,’ had the highest population in Europe with the negative RH factor because rabbit meat was a mainstay diet for the Spaniards; but they also did something that is even more grotesque than eating the carcass of animals: they ingested the body fluids of the rabbit as well.

Mankind has been eating the carcass of animals since Noah and his family boarded the ark at the beginning of the deluge (all of the Melanesian hue-mans prior to the flood were vegetarians) and none of the earlier people ever changed in blood type to match that of the animals in which they ate. And none of the earlier people ever consumed the body fluids of the animals in which they ate either, it was forbidden by Yahweh to do so. So, the fact that the Spaniards’ blood serum became as that of the rabbits in which they ate, means there was something very deviate connected to the whole phenomenon. If there is indeed a similarity in RH Factor between hue-mans and the Rhesus Monkey, it only indicates that they were created by the same Creator who created land mammals from the same source -the dust of the earth and not that one evolved from the other. If evolution was real, then monkeys should still be evolving into human beings today.

We know that Africans and Arabs were the first people group to inhabit the land of Spain, we also know that all the early descendants of Noah’s three sons were Melanesians. We also know that the Apostle Paul made missionary journeys to Spain after the Passion of Christ, and he never came back to Jerusalem with a report of their being ‘white’ people there. So, when exactly did the seed of Japheth mutation occur? I cannot say with certainty. But I do believe it was clearly long after the Apostle Paul’s missionary journeys to Spain and that it could have been as a result of consuming rabbit body fluids.

Because of so many factors, it would appear to be more logical to conclude that pale white people are a form of hominoids who mutated from the original Melanesian seed of Japheth. That this mutation happened over a period time as they migrated from Turkey in Asia and into western Europe. And because there is a difference in eye, hair and skin color (ginger hair, blue/green/grey eyes and ghost white skin representing the most extreme version of their mutation) it would be more logical to theorize that there were different levels of mutations -meaning that the mutated genes mutated again and again and again over time. I would also offer the conclusion that there were different sources that caused the mutation of white people. The less extreme version of their mutation produces an outward change in skin color only while still retaining black curly hair, brown eyes, thick full lips and a thicker frame much like the old school Italianos and Greeks. If we take note, regardless of which continent an individual hail from, the universal Melanesian Adamic hominoid facial features are dark brown to black hair and brown eyes; signifying that these specific features are mankind’s origin of hair and eye color. Lighter colored hair and eyes are recessive traits which signifies a mutation. The only other part of creation that originally have different hair and eye color are animals, birds and sea life.

And, because of their universal strange, twisted, corrupt and diabolical behavior, it would appear to be more logical to conclude that pale white people have the spirit of the anti-Christ operating within them (see The Man Fashioned by God & The Clone of Satan.) World-wide history of their past and current activities and behavior have been a constant witness against them; and future biblical prophecies testifies that their corrupt behavior never ceases, but only intensifies. We understand from the Bible that the Kingdoms of this World were sold into the hands of Satan in the Garden of Eden when Adam sinned against The LORD and lost his dominion over the earth. Mankind does not regain the dominion back until the second coming of Christ (the second Adam.) Until then, the Kingdoms of this World are in Satan’s hands to give to whom ever he pleases. And the undeniable truth staring everyone right in the face is the fact that in these last days the people who have been in power over the earth are the Gentiles, from the time of the conquering of the Greeks.

The soul of a hue-man personified in song by Julian king.

“No Longer Slaves”

              Part 3 Coming Soon!

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