So, Where Did Pale White People Come From? Part 1

PART 1 – Creation of Man Background History

Through scientific and archeological discoveries, it has been proven without argument that the oldest and first race of people on the planet are the melanin sub-Saharan race of Adamic hue-mans. It is now a well-known fact that the people who lived on and ruled the face of the earth from the time of Adam and Eve until the Deluge of Noah and beyond were a dark hue people with wooly black locks and full lips. Since Ethiopia, Africa is the place where the oldest hue-man skeletal remains have been discovered, it has been speculated that this is also the ancient location of The Garden of Eden. Therefore, all of humanity is said to have come from Africa and have been dubbed “Africans.”

There are several theories as to how the continent of AFRICA got its name and from what origin of people contributed to the name. Regardless of where the name Africa came from, the truth of the matter is, Yahweh did not call his garden “Africa,” He called it EDEN!

Eden (ehˈ-den or ayˈ-den) comes from the Hebrew word אָדוֹן ʼâdôn which is equivalent to Yahweh’s name ‘Adoni-‘ or Adonai. The Garden of ADONAI simply translates to “The Garden of GOD” and it means to rule; the Owner, Master, LORD of the earth who builds a foundation: The Garden of The Master who Rules.

And the foundation in which Yahweh built in his Garden was the foundation of melanated hue-manity He called Adam (‘aw-dam’) which means ruddy, the same description given of King David. Despite the fact that many of Japheth’s mutated seed have twisted to their benefit the definition of the word ruddy to mean when a pale person turns red, Yahweh’s description of ruddy (Adam) meant to have or show life (blood) in the face or to be of color; to be made (created) or dyed with hue (not paleness, paleness is a sign of death or lack of color or lack of flowing blood.) Adam was created from the dust of the earth in which Yahweh was the Master or landowner who gave dark dust form and blood and blew into it his breath of life and made it to become a living soul! This is the reason why there is the biblical saying: “In The Blood is the Life Thereof!” So, the name Yahweh gave to his foundation of Melanesian Hue-manity (Adam-ruddy) was “dust with blood.”

And, whereas Japheth’s mutated seed have always tried to inject themselves into melanated African history; only the melanated Adamic generation up to the dislocation of man after sin from The Garden of Adonai are from Eden. The generation of people from post dislocation down to the flood are from various locations over the earth; and only those who migrated back to the continent of Africa and their descendants after the flood are Africans. This would be the children of Häm (Cham – khawm) which means “Hot” from a tropical habitat and the melanin children of Shem (including the Hebrews) who migrated into Africa long after Häm.

Adam and Eve and the entire descendants they created were expelled from the Garden of GOD. Despite the fact that the Bible is not written in chronological order, continuous study of the Logos of Yahweh suggests that Adam and Eve had either already begun to multiply and replenish the earth by the time they sinned against the LORD or had multiplied themselves with many more children than what was recorded by the time Cain was banished. Multiplied pain in conception and the added burden of bringing forth children in pain was part of Eve’s curse for her part in the transgression of and the fall of hue-manity. This may be an indication that Eve may have already known what conception was and may have already given birth before her transgression. It is my belief that Cain and Abel were possibly the first two sons born unto Adam and Eve after the fall, this is the reason why they are the only two generations of men mentioned before the birth of Seth. The generations of daughters were not generally recorded during biblical history. We can presume that there were other children born unto Adam and Eve before the fall or at least before Cain was banished because by the time he killed his brother Abel and came into the Land of Nod (a place or state of wandering as a homeless vagabond having no fixed place of dwelling,) there were already tribes of people living there from whom Cain took a wife. So, these tribes of Adam and Eve’s descendants would have been African if born in the Garden of Adonai before the fall. But Cain’s children would have been born in the Land of Nod east of Eden, and therefore quite possibly not African.

How big was Eden and how far from the Garden of Adonai was Adam and his family driven, it is not known; but what is known is that from the time of the expulsion unto the flood of Noah, the hue-man creation of GOD lived over what was then the known earth. And these generations by birth were from various locations and not necessarily all from locations on what is now known as the continent of Africa. So, the propaganda that “we all” came from Africa is ludicrous and unfounded.

After the flood of Noah and up to the building of the Tower of Babel, the hue-man creation of Yahweh dwelled in and around the place where the ark came to rest, present-day Turkey upon Mt. Ararat. This is how the descendants of all three of Noah’s sons came to dwell together in the same areas surrounding Turkey. This is the reason why the DNA of all three sons: Shem, Häm and Japheth shows up in that area amongst today’s people. Once Yahweh confounded their speech at the Tower of Babel and they dispersed beyond that area, Shem migrated into Lydia (Western Turkey,) Syria, Assyria, Armenia, Persia, Arabia and Iran through marriage into Japheth’s family with Madai, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Häm remained in the areas of Erech, Accad, Babylonia (Tower of Babel,) Asshur and Nineveh in the land of present-day Iraq and the land of Canaan (the youngest son of Häm who fathered Sidon, Heth, the Jebusites, Girgasites, Hamathites, etc.) which became present-day Israel and the middle east along the eastern borders of the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Libya and northern Africa, as well as being the people who remained in Turkey (the Hittites, sons of Heth) east of Lydia (Shem’s descendants.) Japheth migrated into Iran, Cyprus, around Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Ukraine area and Greece. Although only the seed of Häm who migrated into Africa and the offspring in which his descendants would come to produce would be known as Africans after the flood; all of mankind were still melanated hue-man beings and parts of Häm’s melanated seed still dwelled in Turkey and the middle east (they were the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Philistines and so on, contrary to the popular lie propagated by Japheth’s mutated seed that these people were white. Häm never procreated white children.)  

Yahweh never created a white race in his Garden, neither did He create three Adams: a Negroid Adam, a Caucasoid Adam and a Mongoloid Adam. He only created one race of people in all of history: the Melanesian Hue-man race from the dust of the earth. So, Adam was not white, and neither was he biracial or triracial. GOD completed his work of creation on the sixth day, and on the seventh day He rested. He did not return at a later time in history to recreate a rainbow of humanity. So, whiteness has never been a creation of Yahweh except in a few animals; all others are a sign of albinism and mutation (a stray from the norm.) And whiteness has never, ever, ever come out of Africa as a normal race of people! It has invaded Africa and tried desperately to white-wash it, but never has it ever been a son of  Häm. Even nature itself teaches the order of Yahweh’s creation and his foundation of creating all that He created on the third day of creation. All that Yahweh created and declared good for food He created brown in color with pigmentation in seed, grain or crystal form: natural brown sugar from brown to yellow crystals, natural brown flour from golden light brown wheat grain, natural brown cacao seed from which chocolate is made. Anything white with extreme paleness is like so because it has been bleached, chemically altered or mutated: it has strayed from the norm. And, as is in food products, everything that has been bleached ‘white’ with chemicals is bad (not good) for hue-man consumption and it is contrary to the natural food Yahweh created for his hue-man creation. This is one of the reasons why there is so much abnormal sickness and disease among the hue-man creation of GOD.

Take a hint from nature, the natural mature seeds of the single most nutrient food on the planet, the watermelon, are black. The reason why today’s Melanesian hue-mans love watermelon so, is because it was given to them by their Creator as a food that has all of the vitamins, all of the minerals, fiber, plus water and even protein (although in small amounts) that the hue-man body needs for survival. Today in the age of genetically modified and engineered foods, Japhetic scientists and bioethicists have nearly destroyed most fruits by altering them to not produce mature seeds (seedless grapes, seedless watermelons and so on.) This is done to disable hue-manity from being able to grow their own food supply and it creates a dependency on the wicked powers to be for sustenance -a form of mass control. One such genetic engineering is that of the watermelon, when a watermelon has been genetically altered it will contain weak “white” seeds (original healthy watermelon seeds are fatty and black.) White seeds are a mark that these seeds are feeble and immature and cannot reproduce after its own kind as GOD created and commanded all plants and living things to do.

White is a sign of mutation, genetic altering, recessive traits, immaturity and the inability to properly procreate without assistance (See Japhetic Infertility & Spermageddon.) It is a sign that something has gone drastically wrong, been changed, watered down, mixed with chemicals or bleached. It is a sign of albinism, infertility and inferiority that pales in comparison to the original melanin masterpiece.

Knowing these things and understanding what we now know, that the creation in which Yahweh created in his Garden ions ago were a people of color; the question isn’t where did Black people come from, the question is: Where then in the heck did Pale White People Come From?

Part 2 Coming Soon!

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