So, Where Did Pale White People Come From? Finale

Part 5 The Finale – The Bastard Creation


“Bastard” in the French/English language is a terminology for an illegitimate child: a love child or a by-blow -an individual conceived outside of Holy matrimony. It is a terminology also used to describe something that is inferior or of dubious origin; or anything that is no longer in its pure or original form: a hybrid, something impure, debased or adulterated. And finally, it is a word that is synonymous with an unpleasant or despicable person: a reprobate, miscreant or evil individual who’s mind is guided by the devil.

The ancient name “Bastard” entered into the Middle English language in 1066 AD when the Norman culture (France, Italy, Arab Nations and Byzantine Greek) invaded Britain. It is translated from the ancient Hebrew word “mamzêr” מַמְזֵר which means to -alienate- the seed born of incest (like the two sons born unto Lot by his two daughters) or the seed born to a Hebrew mother or father and a heathen man or woman (like the young pastor Timothy who was born to a Jewish mother and a Greek father;) a seed considered to be of a mixed population. In Biblical times, in the eyes of Yahweh, Jewish half-breeds were an unclean population and could not appear before The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY until ten generations had passed from the birth of the Bastard! And, despite the fact that mixing populations was a sin and unacceptable to Yahweh for his people; nevertheless, the Hebrews never ceased from following hard after strange fire and their own pleasures and lustful desires. They went a whoring off often and laid themselves down with spiritual dogs. And because of this, Satan has used these occasions to infiltrate the melanated DNA of The Chosen seed of Yahweh. His attempt has been to whitewash Israel with his spawn to the point where the Promised Land has become invaded by a people claiming to be the Jews. But they are in fact the synagogue of Satan. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the 12 Hebrew Patriots were never a pale, white or albino people!

In the Biblical Book of Hebrews, we learn in Yahweh’s Logos that Yahushua Ha’Mashiach (Christ Jesus) laid the foundation of the earth and that all things were created by him. We also learn in Hebrews that the worlds were framed by him also and that the things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. In an earlier post I submitted that: “Yahweh is a GOD of order, everything created in this universe ‘by him’ has its own place, order and glory!” I further submitted that: “all hybrids (Bastards) were spiritually unlawful and ungodly and are diabolical (guided by the devil in nature) and out of the natural order of Yahweh’s creation.” See So, Where Did Pale White People Come From? Part 3.

In So, Where Did Pale White People Come From? Part 1 I established that: “The foundation in which Yahweh built in his Garden was the foundation of melanated hue-manity He called Adam or ruddy -dust with blood.” So, we can conclude that anything pale which appears in this universe that is contrary to the natural order of Yahweh’s melanated creation is a by-blow of Satan: it is an illegitimate Bastard, a hybrid, inferior and of a dubious origin, it is impure and adulterated, a reprobate and unclean thing. It is a despicable mixed population of both flesh and bone of the hue-man DNA and the spawn of an alien substance. It is the result of a forbidden adulterous affair between the hue-woman creation of GOD and the corrupt spiritual germinate of Satan. A Bastard Creation that is guided by the devil, having the appearance of flesh and bone outwardly, but inwardly is very demonic and is made of the substance of Satan -a substance which cannot be seen with the hue-man naked eye, but can certainly be sensed and felt if one has the Holy Spirit of The Living GOD.

This is why the so called ‘mixed race’ between ‘a chocolate hue-man and a pale white’ is unacceptable to Yahweh! Look at all of mankind now, the only hue-man race of melanated people created by Yah has become grossly watered-down. When the hue-man was raped by the mutated seed of Japheth and later (forgetting who they were as a people) went a whoring off after Japheth’s forbidden fruit, little did they know that they would come very close to annihilating their own original DNA. But GOD always knows how to retain a remnant of his people unto himself to get the job done for the purpose the hue-man’s existence was intended. Nevertheless, thus saith The LORD: “Come out from among them my people and be ye separate, and touch not the unclean thing!” You adjoin yourselves unto that which is unlawful and unacceptable of Yahweh, unto that which is a condemned serpent. And when you bear offspring unto them, your hearts will become torn and you will forsake the GOD of your salvation for their sakes.

All revelations of Truth has its own season when the Truth shall be revealed by Yahweh, and when it comes it hits like a wave and catches like a flame. It begins to flood the atmosphere and spreads like a wildfire. As his method is, Yahweh waits for the natural course and events of time. When we know the Truth, it shall liberate us and make us free. Keep in mind that the Logos of Yahweh was authored by GOD himself, penned by Israelite scholars, and written to, for and about the Hebrew People concerning their everyday lives and their relationships with Yahweh, each other and the nations around them. It was not written specifically to or about a white populace, except in the future events (prophecies) foretold to warn the Hebrews concerning the wickedness of a forth coming people as acknowledged in books such as The Book of Deuteronomy, Daniel, Isaiah and Revelations. Once we have inaugurated the Truths that Adam was a man of color, whiteness did not exist during the making of the Bible, and Yahweh did not create Bastard ‘hybrid’ children; there is no other conclusion to come to except the Finale that pale white people are a freak of nature at best, and at worst they are a planned diabolical spawn of the fallen and revolting nature of Satan. Their history proves it!

Whichever way you choose to believe, earth’s saddest reality is that Japheth has invaded the whole planet with his mutation and has changed the face of the melanated world forever! This Biblical saying has proven itself to be true: “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.” A world once dominated by a people of color has now become overrun by a version which literally ‘pales’ in comparison.

You know it’s TRUE!

Because of the believed satanical origin of their existence, I struggle with whether or not it is possible that these hybrids can be redeemed. If they have an eternal soul at all, I suspect that it may merely be fuel for the fire. With their history, from generations to generations, how hard would it be to believe that their fatal immorality which they have inflicted upon all of mankind everywhere has condemned them forever to the same bottomless pit from which their wickedness and evil deeds arises from?

Surely, they are a condemned people if for no other reason than the atrocities in which they have inflicted upon The Chosen People of Yahweh. Knowing that part of the Hebraic Israelite tribes who fled from northern Israel during the Assyrian invasion resettled in west Africa, particularly in Nigeria (Called The Igbo, Ibo, or Heebo People -Nigerian word for Hebrew-) where many were specifically stolen from and sold into the Atlantic Slave Trade. Niger and Nigeria are the African names of two African countries in which the Bastard Creation has coined the slang word ‘nigger’ from. It is a derogatory term in the mouths of whites which relates specifically back to the Hebraic Nigerians. Yet, when it is used by whites, they are blindly connecting the Africans who were enslaved and their African American descendants to their Hebraic Nigerian ancestry and are unconsciously identifying Israel as the homeland of both. With all due respect, if you check your knowledge of land topography, you will discover that The Promised Land of Israel in the Middle East was always a part of what became known as ‘Africa,’ for it originally was an extension of ancient Egypt. This is the reason why it should have only taken the Israelites days to reach it during the Exodus; but because of sin, it took them forty years! And The Promised Land was always inhabited by melanated peoples, the Hamites (Canaanites) and Semitics (Israelites.) The Israelites were always traveling back and forth into Egypt, and vice versa. The fact that they both were a melanated people is the very reason why Yahushua Ha’Mashiach did not stand out as being different when his parents Joseph and Mary fled into Egypt to hide him from King Herod’s decree to slaughter him. It is also the reason why Joseph The Patriot and Moses looked no different from the Egyptians during the first enslavement of Abraham’s descendants. Africa, Africans, African Americans, Egypt and Israel have always been connected, as a land and as a people.

And surely, pale white people are a condemned people if for no other reason than their continued brutality against the descendants of the stolen Heebo People who are now living in the Americus and are now known as African Americans. If for no other reason than slaughtering The Chosen People of Yahweh everyday like cattle. If for no other reason than teaching all peoples of the world to hate and persecute this remnant of The Heebo People of Yahweh. If for no other reason than their more than five hundred years of hue-man oppression. If for no other reason than their god-like complex and their arrogance and revolt against the righteousness of Yahweh.

In the words of the song of the Hebraic African American slaves from West Africa -Kumba Yah(weh) my LORD, Kumba Yah! Even though it would be a miracle to hear just one of them say the words: “I’M SORRY,” perhaps if just one (Bastard Creation) should repent, leave their gift at the altar of GOD and go and make it right with the people of Yah, perhaps that one soul maybe saved. And perhaps the spawn on a whole are a condemned species; but perhaps Yahweh in his mercies will save and forgive to the utmost each individual who lays down his arrogant nature and come by way of The Blood of The Lamb with all humility unto repentance and true reconciliation with The Chosen People of Yah. Surely it has been ten generations passed from the birth of the first Bastard spawn, surely The LORD will now hear their sorrowful cry. Although they be a wild olive tree, I know that my ABBA in Heaven is a merciful GOD! If true repentance is made (apologizing to Yahweh and those they have wronged and turning from all of their wicked ways,) He will forgive all sins and apply the healing balm of The Heebo, Gilead. He will administer the spirit of adoption that they no more be a wild Bastard Creation; but He will cause them to become as his Heebo Boo -as the apple of his eye whereby they can truly cry ABBA FATHER without any false pretense!

As I have previously stated: everything that Yahweh has created was created with purpose (everything has its own place, order and glory.) And The Heebo People of GOD were chosen with a purpose and an order on this planet, and nothing can ever negate this fact, not even their own transgressions. So, think not that you can oppress Yah’s people and bypass his order. Know ye not that the Logos of Yahweh reveals that it is in the melanated seed of Abraham that all nations of the earth shall be blessed? The earth is blessed under the melanated seed of Abraham, but under the rule of The Bastard Creation it is cursed! What people are the most copied people or culture on the face of the planet? For this reason, white privilege is being revoked; with the revelation of many Truths, white supremacy and superiority is being debunked. The heat has been turned up on Satan with the imminent return of Yahushua Ha’Mashiach, so he is throwing everything he’s got into the mix and he is attacking the hue-man creation of Yahweh with every great and little thing he has in his arsenal of weapons. And white privilege is running frantic with every little desperate attempt to sidetrack The Chosen People of GOD by calling the police on them for non-criminal things to slaughtering them in the American streets. Their final Truth is about to be revealed: “a fabricated white privilege of supremacy holds no power against THE ALMIGHTY GOD and No Weapon that is formed against the Heebo Righteous shall prosper!” None!

The Only One and True Supreme Being and Only GOD of Supremacy -YAHWEH, has sent his only begotten Son into the world to redeem mankind from the wages of sin. And He has given unto his Son a name that is Higher than any other name: Yahushua Ha’Mashiach, that at his name every knee (of mankind, angels, demons and Satan himself) shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that YAHUSHUA HA’MASHIACH IS LORD!

Now, knowing that Yahweh brought forth his Son from the seed of The Holy Ghost and the womb of a melanated Jewish girl, and knowing the fact that the Hebraic Jews and the African seed of Adam are one in the same; it is quite ironic and hilarious that the same melanated hue-man creation in which the pale species has spent centuries oppressing and slaughtering, is the same melanated hue-man creation in Yahushua Ha’Mashiach in which they will one day bow to!

They will one day -and soon- have to bow, drop to the knee and confess that a NIGGER Is LORD!!!

  1. Akua Obeng says:

    I believe that all people that live on this earth have souls, but do you believe that white people have eternal souls or not, because without the soul you would be dead.

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    • Dear Japheth says:

      Eta sen Akua? Thank you for your comment and great question! The key word in your statement is “people.” Yes I definitely believe that all “people” created by Yahweh (the hue-man race of the melanated Adamic seed of Adam) have eternal souls. We know from the Logos of Yahweh that animals do not have eternal souls (they have a body and the breath of life,) at the end of their cycle of life their existence is over. But the souls of hue-manity live on in eternity, either in Heaven or Hell (Lake of Fire.)

      The question of whether or not the mutation of Japheth have eternal souls has been addressed in previous posts as well. Because of their behavior and history, The question still remains of whether or not they are all -100%- “human?” I previously addressed the question of: “Are they part human and animal, part human and alien, or a combination of all three? As I stated before, “animals do not have eternal souls.” So, from this Biblical fact we know that existence on earth is possible without an ‘eternal’ soul, because this is the case for all animals. The meaning of soul is simply “a living being.” I have posed the view that if they indeed possess an ‘eternal’ soul, that it is merely fuel for the fire (Lake of Fire) because of their dubious origin, history of abominations and evil deeds against Yahweh and his creation.

      Hope this explains my viewpoint further, Medaase for your visit!

      See: The European Coney: Wild By Nature
      So, Where Did Pale White People Come From? Part 2

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