Japhetic Mutation GEOs


Genetically Engineered Organisms

Caucasoid is a term generally used to denote the descendants of Japheth having a trademark of acute albinism; however, not all of Japheth’s descendants are pale white mutants. It is a phrase originally denoting the descendants of the people from the Caucus Mountains (‘Caucasians‘ The “Caucus” People in “Asia“) generally in the regions of present day Russia, Georgia,  Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Northeast Turkey. It is a term used today mostly to denote only the ‘pale white’ descendants of Japheth. There are still melanated children of Japheth who exist and live in Africa and Asia (including the Middle East.)

Once Japheth’s descendants began to migrate into central and western Europe, no matter how hard Historians have tried, they cannot find pigmentation in places like Germany, Spain, England and such after their mutation; by this time this certain branch of Japheth’s seed were all very much and distinctly a pale people from inter-breeding amongst those who were only from the results of genetically engineered or modified mutated genes. Nevertheless, there are recent reports of the ancient historical findings of the presence of Japheth’s earliest melanated seed amongst the royalty of European Kings and Queens.

And some descendants still dwelling in southeastern Europe and the western part of Asia obviously not only still retain some Melanated Negroid features (like Italy, Greece and present-day western Turkey,) but can also trace their heritage back to the Blackness of Shem, Häm (western Turkey) and Japheth their forefather (Italy and Greece.) By location, these people are actually the people of the Indo-European and Indo-Iranian (Aryan) clan. The first represents genetic mutation of their Black ancestors and the second represents cohabitation between those with mutated genes and those with whole Black genetic codes. Neither of these two ethnic groups can be considered as pure and whole genetic DNA because neither group’s mutated genes existed pre-Noahic flood; they were each victims of mutation post the Noahic Deluge.

Aside from the invasive conquests of Japheth, ‘pale white’ descendants of Japheth never inhabited the Horn of Africa as a people; this land was always inhabited by Häm’s seed in Ethiopia and Somalia with Hamitic/Hebraic Sudanese to the west and Sabaeans across the Gulf of Aden to the east. These people have always retained their whole DNA genetic Blackness.

And today’s eastern and middle east inhabitants called Mongoloids bear both the whole DNA genetic codes of their Black ancestry and the engineered DNA genetic codes of the white mutated genes of Japheth’s seed. This is a reason why some are dark and others have white skin, some have wiry/curly hair, while others have straight flat hair, some have round noses, and others have narrow, and a reason why some have full lips, and others have thin to none. There is only one place on this planet for any living being to get skin pigmentation, curly hair, brown eyes and full lips from, and that is from the Melanesian people GOD created in the Garden of Eden; this is the original and only blue print for hue-manity. You cannot reproduce what you do not have in your genetic DNA code. No matter how hard a white mutant tries, he/she cannot reproduce melanin unless he/she lays down with a Black Melanesian Adamic person.

Therefore, although the name came from a region south of Russia, true Caucasoids by today’s standards are the scattered ‘mutated white’ descendants of Japheth who dwell from Russia westward into western Europe; including present-day inhabitants of Greece and Italy, and excluding the descendants of Japheth pre-genetic mutation and some of those descendants who mixed with the Black melanated seed of hue-manity. Yet, over time, so much of the mutation of Japheth has infiltrated the melanated seed of Adam in parts of Asia until ethnic groups like the Chinese, the American Indian, Latinos and others are now considered fully to be Caucasoids. Even though they (Chinese) are believed to have originated from Sinite, the eighth son of Canaan who was the youngest son of Häm.

There is an old saying: “one drop of Black blood makes you Black.” Now is the thought: “if the hair, buttocks and overall structure are flat like a Caucasoid, and if the skin is pale like a Caucasoid, then it’s a Caucasoid.” Much like the saying: “if it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck and acts like a duck; then it’s a duck!”  

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