Houston We Have A Problem: Colonizers & Gentrifiers Busted!

It is no secret that European Colonizers have invaded the globe and gentrified cultural communities since the era of the Scandinavian Vikings. No culture on this planet has been more raped, stolen and copied like that of the African & True Hebraic People. The moment Europeans set foot upon the shores of Africa and her extension into Israel by way of Egypt, she was destined for destruction. One hundred and fifty-four years after the abolishment of slavery against Africans and Hebraic Africans in America, mutated Japhetites are still attempting to destroy the very existence of Africans and Hebrews living in America.

Like The Tulsa Massacre in the utter destruction of Black Wall Street, one by one the pale mutated descendants of Japheth systematically weed out successful African businesses, organizations and individuals to target for their terrorism of harassment and annihilation. Despite the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862 by US President Abraham Lincoln during The American Civil War -a Proclamation which liberated all Africans and Hebraic Africans from Japhetic slavery and bondage, people of color still face all of the brutalities of being enslaved every single day. All forms of bondage may have ended for other people around the world in terms of European colonization, but not for Africans living in America. Foreigners can migrate to the Americas and experience “The American Dream” and they are treated with at least a minimum amount of respect. But not African Americans, they are still treated and portrayed as though they are savaged animals -even by the foreigners who migrate to America and pick up the same racism of the pale white mutants who then further propagate it.

“One of the greatest brutalities in which people of color face today is the sophisticated blatant denial of pale people that their hatred, envy and terroristic acts against Africans still exist.”


Told in video form is the story of Lynn & Nakia Price, Founders & Owners of the Turkey Leg Hut:   


Founders of Turkey Leg Hut respond to Lawsuit:

After the revelation of the leaked email, parties of the lawsuit has since dropped the suit, for now.

And the publicity from the lawsuit has actually increased the awareness of TLH and added to its success! 


Here is a video that shares the popularity and success of the Turkey Leg Hut through the eyes of Roseland Lashay who drove 4 1/2 hours to visit the famous TLH:

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