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Dear Japheth is “A Letter to Yafeth bin Nuh” (Japheth, son of Noah.) Japheth was the third and youngest son of the Bible Patriot Noah. Along with his two older brothers: Shem and Häm, Japheth helped in repopulating the world after God’s deluge upon the earth known as the “Noahic Deluge or Flood.”

Japheth’s descendants inhabited Europe and parts of Asia, his offsprings produced the ethnic clans of the Russians, Germans, Italians, Greeks, French, Spaniards, Dutch, Portuguese, English, Irish, Scotts, and all of the remaining Europid Caucasoid Species. But, bear in mind that not all of Japheth’s descendants were mutated; there are still descendants living who retain the Negroid features of their forefathers Japheth and Noah. Most of them would be found in present-day Africa, The Middle East and even parts of East Asia. The very first inhabitants of Europe migrated from the region of ancient Turkey, ancient Rome and Africa up through Morocco and into Spain, and all of these ancient peoples were Negroid whether they were descendants of Shem, Häm or Japheth.

So this Blog exist to open one’s understanding to the Truth of History as played out in the person of Japheth and his descendants as recorded in the Bible, other Documents of History, as well as Pages of Life from the Present.

Note: Although this depiction of Japheth reveals his complexion as dark, still he would be much darker with curly hair and still retaining his more Negroid features. But this is one of the better depictions I have seen thus far.

About The Writer of Dear Japheth (DJ): I am an Author, Poet and creative Visionary. Teaching wisdom for the future through words and storytelling are to me what mathematical problem solving is to a mathematician. The solution to the world’s problems can often be found by going back to the beginning of time.

Ever Learning, Reading, Researching the past and Studying my world and world events through the eyes of Yahweh are some of my passions. Acquiring the knowledge of human behavior, people origin, early migration and the final destiny and judgments of mankind based on their inherent heritage and role in history are just a few motivations for my extensive research and studies. Connecting the dots between the past and the present, the ancient and all things new and between our ancestors and our descendants reveals the complete picture -or end of the story if you will. I believe that we can only know where it is that we are headed to by discovering and unveiling where it is we have come from.

Other than this seemingly serious scholastic side of my personality, I can be playful, childish and hilariously funny after having a couple of cold ones, root beer that is. Throw in a shot of seltzer water and I really become the life of the party of one. “Whodunnit” games best exposes my intellectual investigative skills that can either lead me to solving the crime or becoming the next victim -it’s often a close call. My greatest theatrical claim to fame occurs during my solo performances in a game of Charades, it is when I am the most animated.

You will either find me writing in cyberspace, reading or working on a book on planet earth or having futuristic visions somewhere in between.

The Dear Japheth Blog is written in chronological order. To best understand the chronology of Japheth’s History, it is best to begin reading from the earliest post: Who is Japheth?  and working your way upward to the most recent post. Enjoy and don’t be a stranger!

  1. dbkerr says:

    Could you tell me what books you have drawn your material from? I’m a student of God/Jesus but need to read other sources. Thanks

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    • Dear Japheth says:

      Hi Debbie, thanks for inquiring. I firmly resource the original King James version of the Holy Bible as primary source for prophecy past and present. To help me understand original text prior to translating the Bible, I resource the Hebraic Torah and Pentateuch, and the original Greek text of the New Testament. I study Jewish culture and history, and a little of the Hebrew language. I use a Strong’s Concordance and Blue Letter Bible for original Hebraic and Greek word meaning. There are many Hebraic Jewish sites which to draw history from, this you can compare against modern day research results. I also use cultural history that nations record of their own history and compare it to what other nations have recorded about the same events. I resource world maps, ancient and present day; original land name and the original people to inhabit that land, as well as the present day people now dwelling on the land. I read studies on the results of modern day racial and ethnic genetic testing. The Library of Congress is an excellent source for American History, National Documentaries are wonderful for events, names, and timelines! I have studied for 3 decades and this shared knowledge is a compilation of these years as well as new and recent studies. I hope this has pointed you in a good direction to start, and it always helps to rely on the Holy Spirit of Yahushua Ha Mashiach!


      • dbkerr says:

        thank you – I was blown away until I saw you’ve been studying for so long. But you are exceedingly thorough. I’m just getting started, maybe 5 years. I look forward too learning from you.

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