“There is a saying that everything happens the way that it does with good reason.”

A Message To African-American Men


In the previous post linked above regarding the backlash CBS News Journalist Gayle King received from the interview with Lisa Leslie, the need for Mr. Broadus to apologize to Miss Gayle was addressed.

Just recently, Mr. Broadus issued an apology to Gayle King via a you-tube video. And already many have made speculations regarding the sincerity of his apology and the real reasons why he apologized. It does not matter what led to his apology or how sincere anyone thought it was or wasn’t. The most important thing is that he apologized! So, I will not address these speculations of Mr. Broadus’ sincerity or reasons for issuing his apology; but I will commend him for it.

Thank you Calvin for following your heart, rather than your thoughts in the aftermath of this controversial event. I am most proud of you! What you did was the right thing to do; it was right, and it is commendable. This is something we hardly see in this day and age. Therefore, this example that you have now set will be used as a guide for other young African American men who may find themselves in a similar predicament.

Knowing how Kobe Bryant felt about his daughters, he would also be most proud of you. What you did took respect and courage to humble your heart and speak from a place of humility, rather than from a place of arrogance, anger or hurt. You have certainly shown that you are a ‘real man’ with both faults and a willingness to make amends. This is true Manhood and great Leadership! And, for this, your real true sistas will accept your apology and have your back.

Having the ability to be both a Lion and a Lamb are characteristics of Christ. He rules with both courage and compassion. We have seen that you can rise to the occasion when you feel you have to protect someone you care about and you can take a stand of humility when your actions have wounded another human being. Believe me, there are many who see the bigger picture in your apology and support you in this whole heartedly.

Be careful not to bow to those who would seek to use this occasion as an opportunity to further divide your community by pitting African American men and African American women against each other. Do not allow others to create off shoot conflicts from what has occurred by attaching their fight of gender rights together with the struggles of African Americans. Satan is a shrewd and clever entity. You must be smarter and wiser! There are those on both sides of the color spectrum, who sit on either a white picket fence or a black picket fence, whose personal agendas would benefit from a war between AA men and AA women. Your fight is not and has never been with your sistas!

Remember That!

It is my hope that the apology of Mr. Broadus offers some form of internal resolution of appeasement to Miss King. No, it will not undone the pain in its totality, but it is a start to making amends. Let’s be clear, Miss King did nothing journalistically wrong in the question she posed to Lisa Leslie. But, if the world seeks an apology from her as well, then let it be only for not recognizing how sensitive of a question that was at this particular time.

Mr. Broadus, thank you for your willingness to meet with Miss King in private to soothe and heal each other’s wounds. This is what sista and brotha-hood is all about. This is what your ancestors who fought for you to be here would be proud of. Might I suggest that you both go even further after your private meeting?

Might I suggest that you both interview each other in a news interview setting? This way you both get to ask questions and share exactly what your thoughts and feelings were and are. This can open a door for sistas and brothas to express their cultural pain and what they need from each other. This can be the start of a regular program. This will set a precedence of humility, grace and forgiveness. It will also put an immediate stop to those who would seek to use this unfortunate incident as a opportunity to start a gender war. Yes, there are things that need to be addressed on both sides, but these things do not need to be complicated by a war; and you and Miss King could be the two instruments used of Yahweh to get dialog with action started.

No worries if no News Agency is willing to host the interview; you both can host it yourselves on you-tube.

Miss King, it is our hope that you understand that you are needed at your current post; you are there for a reason. Therefore, it is our anticipation that you will remain where you are. I said earlier that: “Satan is a shrewd and clever entity.” Be careful that you do not play into a plot to get you to rethink the position where Yahweh has placed you with purpose.

Turn around the plot of Satan, create an unlikely alliance together with your brotha and you both use your influence to unite others and to forgive each other of wrongs done in the past and the present. Move forward from this point in the spirit of unity with an unbreakable resolve of togetherness.

Together AA men and AA women will stand; Divided and Conquered, you will fall! It is an age-old biblical fact. Have not the past taught anyone anything?


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