C’mon, Real Demons! Seriously -For Real, For Real?

What pray tell is The Donghan Effect?

The Don

Short for Donald John Trump, The Don Effect is the influence, impact and conclusion that the current Leadership in America has had on the entire world. There are those who never believed in demons until The Don became President of The United States of America. Validified by the threat of impeachment (which some believe will never happen,) this presidency has been nothing short of something straight out of a horror flick.

From the beginning of his 2016 campaign in America for the presidency, his sexist and racist remarks and views have stirred up those with a like mindedness and influenced them to flood American society with even more hatred and attacks on various people groups. Just when America was trying to cope with the fallout from the white supremacist hate groups intensifying their slaughter of African Americans in protest of the first African American becoming president back in 2008, The Don Effect happened.

His impact on a worldwide society is weakening the very fiber and structure of unity and Brotherly Love. He is systematically tearing down the trust, respect and international treaties that countries have had with each other for decades. His long-reach global impact on foreign affairs is a deadly mirrored image of his present impact on American society -a blatant, yet inconspicuous move for utter destruction.

The conclusion to The Don Effect, especially if a second term is granted (which I suspiciously suspect that it may very well happen,) is to break America (the governmental system of the self-imposed superpower of The World) to the point of bringing her to her knees so as to subdue other nations who look to her. The purpose of all of this is to usher in and set up a New World Order and a new superpower headed by Europe and Russia. The finale goal is to be able to go against The Land of Israel with no possible threat from America or any other allied nation. The actual True People of Israel (like the Nigerian Hebrews stolen and sold into American slavery) have already been desecrated by America, but it is the actual Promise Land that the New World Order is after.

Donald Trump is a sponsored puppet, an in-house implant being used to destroy his own country, assuming that he is in fact a bonafide American born citizen. But the twist is that he represents the behavior of just about every clandestine demon of the white male species. What the world is seeing in President Donald Trump is exactly what Africans, African Americans, American Indians and Hebraic Israelites have seen in the Japhetic Gentile white species on a whole since roughly around the fifteenth century.

The Don’s character and behavior represents the typical character and behavior viewed in white males: insecurity, immaturity, a spirit of bullying, extreme sexism, racism and greed -which all leads to a GOD-like Complex and the false belief that they are invisible, untouchable and above the law. The part of American Judgment that they don’t realize is the fact that their sins have demanded, necessitated and justified such a wicked King to rule over them.

And basically, when America is looking at The Don in his face, they are literally staring at themselves on a whole on a corrupt spiritual level from Heaven’s point of view. They say: “Be careful what you wish for.” GOD will give a corrupt people over to the lusts of their flesh and their reprobate minds; He gives the people exactly what they ask for and He sees the people of a nation through their King. America asked for same-sex abominations and they got a Leader as equally vile and corrupt on a spiritual level as they are. When it comes to We The People For The People, Americans -and all peoples- need to understand that everything happens in your future based on the choices you make in your present today.

The Meg

Meghan Marguerite McCain is one of several women who co-host the popular American TV Show: The View. Because of her antagonistic behavior towards her fellow co-hosts and guests of the show, she has come to be identified as the ultimate white man’s female dog (a self-proclaimed title.)

The Me’ghan’ Effect is the Me, Me, Me and Me-Again spoiled brat attitude that we see in the typical little rich or rich wannabe white girls who step all over others in pursuit of being the main attraction with their attention getting antics. These females use bullying tactics like openly demeaning their peers to draw attention to themselves where they hope to appear more intelligent than others. Their insecurities and true cowardice feelings causes them to bark like a female dog uncontrollably, thinking that it will bring sympathizers to them who will pat them on their head and throw out treats of accolades like: “you’re such a good girl, oh you’re so smart, and that a girl.” What the loud high-pitched barking is really saying is: “Please make me feel good about myself because I feel like manure” and “I’m feeling lonely and insecure, I need some attention -Please come and play with me.” The usual reasons why dogs bark constantly is because either something is wrong, they want attention or they want their master to put ‘something’ into their mouth.

Me-Again McCain is the daughter of the late US Senator John McCain, a fact in which she lets no one forget. The late Senator John McCain ran against Senator Barack Obama in 2008 for President of The United States, he lost. Senator Barack Obama went on to become the first African American President in US History.

If the saying: “like father, like daughter” is true, then Me-Again McCain’s volatile, bullying, mean and hateful, condescending, spoiled and insecure behavior maybe a reason why her father lost his campaign to become The President of the United States of America. If her father was nothing like her, then she is definitely giving his legacy and her family a bad name. She is tarnishing the name of McCain. Yet, one could see the request of Senator John McCain to have the former President Barack Obama do his eulogy in 2018 as the ultimate opportunity to have your opponent to speak nice accolades about you, even if you’re not present to hear them.

The influence of The Me’ghan’ Effect on American society, the sense of a white privilege entitlement of a queen female dog, is hypnotizing Japhetic Gentile white women to do crazy things like call the police on African Americans for living while ‘Black’. The Me-Again bi-polar/schizophrenic behavior can be identified in the public-school system, on college campuses, in the job market, in politics, in the church arena and throughout everyday life.

It’s impact is rapidly deteriorating any hopes of cultural decency, fairness and/or unity. Anytime a show will allow and use this kind of behavior of bullying and demeaning others for ratings, it is a tall-tale sign of how low a society has sunken into debauchery. When individuals are encouraged and allowed to disrespect and attack others because they have a different viewpoint than your own on a matter, it is a clear indication that yours is a society headed straight for further division, impiety and dissipation.

The conclusion to The Me’ghan’ Effect is viewership will eventually decline and everyone (Hosts) will move on and leave the show. And because producers will lose the respect of others, no one else will be willing to step into that trap and this will eventually kill the show. In order to save the show, The Big Dog will have to be willing to get rid of his Queen Bee; and well, you know -I’ll believe this when they impeach The Don. Getting rid of the trouble-making Queen Bee is just about as probable as the American white male society arresting all of their little trouble-making barking chihuahuas who keep barking out false criminal claims against law-abiding African American citizens for their fifteen minutes of shame, I mean fame.

The Donghan Effect

The Donghan Effect is a worldwide society that has been invaded by and is virtually being controlled by clandestine spoiled and immature white males and females who cannot handle being second, or third, or fourth and so on. They will be number one at any cost, even at the cost of murder. They will assassinate your character and good name of integrity, kill, steal or cause you to lose your job/career, invade your home and destroy your life. “What is your name?, Where do you live?, Where do you work?, How much money do you make?, Who are your associates?, Who is your significant other?, and What is your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account?,” are just some of the personal information their hound dogs will go after in pursuit of destroying one’s life. Information Technology these days is No JOKE! Their narcissistic self-view blinds them to their true reality of self-insecurities, self loathe, envy, personal fears and failures. A self-absorbed mentality prevents them from caring about anyone else or empathizing with the pain of others, especially when they are the cause of the pain.

Already The Donghan Effect has caused retaliation. As a result of US President Trump’s policies and abuse on Mexican women and children illegally crossing the Mexican/US border, on this past Monday a caravan of three vehicles containing US citizens living in Mexico were ambushed and gunned down. On their way to Arizona, seventeen members of the same family were ambushed by gunmen; nine were killed, six of which were children. The remaining eight received non-threatening injuries or escaped without major harm. Among the dead were two eight-month old twins (one of which received a bullet through the chest) and a nine-month old. Members of this family were all Gringos.

No amount of tears and pleading from the families of slaughtered African Americans and others can make white people feel the pain they suffer like the violent deaths of their own (white people.) In essence, these deaths can be one hundred percent blamed on President Donald Trump. Again, “You Reap What You Sow.” Mexicans, American Indians and African Americans all have a bone to pick with white America, and Mexicans seem to be the ones who are showing that they have balls and are willing to fight back.

By the fact that a Donghan can become president of a nation and a host who sits on national T.V., let’s us know just how widespread and accepted this behavior has become in mainstream white America. And just in case you don’t understand the concept of ‘white privilege,’ had these positions with this behavior been held by an Arab American, Mexican American, African American or any other, they would have been long gone: one assassinated and the other fired. This behavior has destroyed nations and governments, organizations and businesses, churches and ministries, families and marriages and individuals and careers. The only reason why white America is so upset is because of the positions these two hold (The Don & Meghan, who by the way are both in their third year/season of their current positions) and their visibility to the world. If they were in less conspicuous positions where their behavior was just amongst their own kind, more secretive and behind closed doors, then there wouldn’t be a problem. But, thanks to the invention of the internet and YouTube, the centuries old activities of this clandestine group of demons are being exposed at a very rapid rate, on a global level and all at the same time.

Particularly in America, lives are being systematically destroyed by The Donghan Effect permeated throughout their government, political parties, justice department, police departments, court system, their prison system and news media outlets. It is a challenge to guard one’s self and life against this intrusive behavior, for it encompasses every aspect of every hue-man’s life. But, when it comes to this world’s system, I have to keep going back to the instructions of Yahweh to his People: “Come out from among them and be ye separate!”     


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