The Japhetic Conquest

Posted: June 27, 2015 in Japheth
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The real trans-conquest of Japheth began in 333 B.C. when Alexander of Macedon, a Grecian (Alexander The Great) brought an end to the Persian Empire of Shem, and introduced the then known world to Hellenism and officially establishing Gentile control and dominance. However, while on the rise to power with the rule of Javan (Japheth’s 4th born), the Greeks, as lovers of philosophy and art, sought merely to influence the world rather than to dominate and control it as a task master.

Prior to this beginning conquest, the descendants of Japheth primarily overcrowded themselves on their small European continent with over population as they continued to spread over the face of Europe, with a still visible presence in Asia Minor. The Greek’s influence continued throughout the Near and Middle East; besides the Persians, conquering also Babylonia and defeating Tyre and Gaza, before moving southward to defeat Egypt, and as far east as India until Roma’s (An Italian Band of Tubal, the 5th son of Japheth) conquest of the Greeks in The Battle of Corinth in 146 B.C. Tubal Roma’s ancient Empire is said to be the largest and longest reigning empire of the ancient world, with an existence spanning approximately 12 centuries and in power for 7 centuries ending in 476 AD. After an internal conflict of battles centering on religion, Roma lost in battles against the Persians and Germans, and the Empire was soon divided into the Eastern and Western Roman Empires. Moral decay and the practice of slavery, as well as a rise in the Christian Faith is said to be reasons for the Fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Eastern Empire continued a much longer reign, but it too eventually became a kingdom of the past.

From the time of the Greek influence, the Roman Empire, the German Holocaust, the Invasion of the Spaniards, English, Dutch, French, and Portuguese, and up to even now, Japheth’s descendants has turned this whole world completely upside down! Somewhere along the line of scattering, conquest and making history, Japheth developed a tremendous hate toward his two older brothers Shem and Häm and has sought to utterly destroy them both and possess their inheritance. With a hate fueled possibly by envy, as Cain envied his brother Abel; Japheth has shaped this world into what it is today, a place of cruelty and division in which they are unable to turn back the hands of time!

It is my personal belief that something went terribly wrong with the Seed of Japheth in the western part of the globe. I believe that his small allotment of inheritance produced a tremendous emotional insecurity and a tremendous hatred of his brothers’ inheritance that led Japheth to make an irreversible and irrevocable covenant with the devil that has quite possibly damned the souls of the European Caucasoid Nation! It is also my belief that as part of this covenant, the Seed of Japheth has willfully and knowingly opened themselves up to the influence and indwelling of the spirit and presence of Satan, in exchange for the dominance, control, and habitation of the kingdoms of this world! As part of Satan’s indwelling of the Seed of Japheth, I believe that this nation of people was genetically altered, hence the belief that European Caucasoids are a GEO, Genetically Engineered Organism: of a genetically mutated DNA from the original Negroid creation of God.


Coming: The Man Fashioned by God & The Clone of Satan


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  1. drrosaire says:

    Ok. I just happened on your blog from another website where you corrected the historical beginnings of “race” as explained by that author. It made me pay attention and come here. This is serious. Are you trying to reverse the myth of the “Curse of Ham” with a counter story? That was tongue in cheek. I’m definitely staying tuned in because only the truth will set us free. I have been privy to some of your analysis by revelation.


    • Dear Japheth says:

      Thank you Dr Rosaire for your visit and comment. My apology for such a late response. I would like to impose that trying to reverse a myth is time wasting because energy is put forth to erase something that isn’t there or true. Ex. Take a piece of blank paper and pencil, now erase the writing…how can you -there’s nothing there!

      We cannot erase the curse of Häm because Häm was never cursed by God or Noah! As written in “How The West Was Won Pt. 2” we find that it was Canaan, Häm’s youngest son who was cursed by Noah, not God to be a servant to both Shem’s and Japheth’s seed because he saw Noah’s nakedness.

      The only reason why Canaan was to be a servant of Japheth as well was for two reasons: 1) Noah declared that Japheth would inherit together with Shem who inhabited parts of Asia with Shem, so they were together in certain areas, and 2) Canaan dwelled where he was not supposed to, in present-day Israel that was called by his name. This land was reserved for Shem, so when they went in to possess it, true to Noah’s words: the remaining Canaanites who were not killed became servants to the seed of Shem and Japheth!

      Neither Cush (Ethiopia), Mizraim (Ancient Egypt), Phut (Libya), nor all of the African Nations who came out of these three were ever cursed by God or anyone to be servants or slaves!

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      • drrosaire says:

        Of course, I referred to the “Curse of Ham” as in tongue in cheek. I’ve never believed it either. But I’m glad you’re clarifying and educating. The new dispensation under Jesus relieves everyone who comes to the Cross. Yet, I find your historical research to be very important in setting the records straight. I’ll keep listening in.

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