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The real trans-conquest of Japheth began in 333 B.C. when Alexander of Macedon, a Grecian (Alexander The Great) brought an end to the Persian Empire of Shem, and introduced the then known world to Hellenism and officially establishing Gentile control and dominance. However, while on the rise to power with the rule of Javan (Japheth’s 4th born), the Greeks, as lovers of philosophy and art, sought merely to influence the world rather than to dominate and control it as a task master.

Prior to this beginning conquest, the descendants of Japheth primarily overcrowded themselves on their small European continent with over population as they continued to spread over the face of Europe, with a still visible presence in Asia Minor. The Greek’s influence continued throughout the Near and Middle East; besides the Persians, conquering also Babylonia and defeating Tyre and Gaza, before moving southward to defeat Egypt, and as far east as India until Roma’s (An Italian Band of Tubal, the 5th son of Japheth) conquest of the Greeks in The Battle of Corinth in 146 B.C. Tubal Roma’s ancient Empire is said to be the largest and longest reigning empire of the ancient world, with an existence spanning approximately 12 centuries and in power for 7 centuries ending in 476 AD. After an internal conflict of battles centering on religion, Roma lost in battles against the Persians and Germans, and the Empire was soon divided into the Eastern and Western Roman Empires. Moral decay and the practice of slavery, as well as a rise in the Christian Faith is said to be reasons for the Fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Eastern Empire continued a much longer reign, but it too eventually became a kingdom of the past.

From the time of the Greek influence, the Roman Empire, the German Holocaust, the Invasion of the Spaniards, English, Dutch, French, and Portuguese, and up to even now, Japheth’s descendants has turned this whole world completely upside down! Somewhere along the line of scattering, conquest and making history, Japheth developed a tremendous hate toward his two older brothers Shem and Häm and has sought to utterly destroy them both and possess their inheritance. With a hate fueled possibly by envy, as Cain envied his brother Abel; Japheth has shaped this world into what it is today, a place of cruelty and division in which they are unable to turn back the hands of time!

It is my personal belief that something went terribly wrong with the Seed of Japheth in the western part of the globe. I believe that his small allotment of inheritance produced a tremendous emotional insecurity and a tremendous hatred of his brothers’ inheritance that led Japheth to make an irreversible and irrevocable covenant with the devil that has quite possibly damned the souls of the European Caucasoid Nation! It is also my belief that as part of this covenant, the Seed of Japheth has willfully and knowingly opened themselves up to the influence and indwelling of the spirit and presence of Satan, in exchange for the dominance, control, and habitation of the kingdoms of this world! As part of Satan’s indwelling of the Seed of Japheth, I believe that this nation of people was genetically altered, hence the belief that European Caucasoids are a GEO, Genetically Engineered Organism: of a genetically mutated DNA from the original Negroid creation of God.


Coming: The Man Fashioned by God & The Clone of Satan


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Shem was blessed with the Birth Right as Noah’s first born son (meaning he would be given the responsibility of the Commandments of God, inherit the Promised Land, and he would be the one to produce the Promised Seed of the Messiah through Arphaxad). For his place as first born son, to Shem was given the inheritance of the largest allotment of land on planet earth, the entire Asian Continent, largest of the 7 known continents in the world: with western borders from the Mediterranean and Red Seas eastward to Japan and the Pacific Ocean, and northward from the Arctic Ocean south to Malaysia and the surrounding Islands of Indonesia! The five sons of Shem: Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud, and Aram were to inhabit the lands of the Mongoloid people from Semitic Jews to Semitic Japanese; and from its southern to northward borders.

Even though Häm was Noah’s second born, yet he had the privilege and Birth Right of continuing the DNA genetic code of the First Creation of the son of God because the first created man Adam was of Negroid DNA made fresh from the dust of the earth/ground and Adam received the First Blessing of God to mankind. For his place as second born son, to Häm was given the inheritance of the second largest allotment of land on planet earth, the entire African Continent, second largest of the 7 continents. He also re-inherited the land that has been verified to be the birth place of human souls! Now of the four sons of Häm (Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan), descendants of the youngest, the Canaanites also dwelt in the mountains of present day Turkey (the Hittites) and ancient Asia with their border from Sidon unto Gaza, and Zeboim unto Lasha (the Sidonians, Jebusites, Amorites, Girgasites, etc.), which is The Land of Promise!

But what did Japheth inherit as the least born of Noah?

As the third born and youngest son of Noah, to Japheth was given the inheritance of the smallest allotment of land, the entire European Continent, the second to smallest of the 7 continents. Known as the “Gentiles of the Isles”, Japheth’s borders were from Portugal, Spain on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean westward unto the lands north of the Black Sea eastward. Looking back, now we can understand why “Noah”, not God, said in Genesis 9:27 “God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.”

In the eyes of God, Japheth had no birth right according to the ways established by God; perhaps this is a reason why Noah sought to remedy this by giving his least born son the name Japheth, which means “to enlarge”. Perhaps he felt by giving Japheth a part in Shem’s inheritance of allotment of land that this would appease him. So Japheth acquired, as part of his European inheritance, the northern part of Asia now known as Russia, as well as present day Turkey, and as the ancient co-inhabitants with the Persians, the Land of Iran as it were during the time of the Mede (Madai, the 3rd born son of Japheth)-Persian Empire, which since has been re-allocated solely back to the Seed of Shem.

We also see something else in Genesis 9, the cursing of Canaan, which the seed of Japheth has twisted to validate the enslavement of Africans and to justify their inhumane cruelty against the Seed of Häm. Even if you read verses 22-27 with face value as an unlearned Bible reader, you can see that this doesn’t add up to the way this scripture has been perpetrated throughout the centuries. First, if you were given to the continual study of the Word of God, with the instruction of the Holy Spirit, you would learn that there is an order, a rhythm to the language of God…

Namely, in the Hebrew culture a grandson was referred to as the grandfather’s son because there was no word for grandson; an uncle or nephew on your father’s side was often referred to as your brother; and when you spoke of a man, you did not necessarily call him by his given name, but by his father’s name or tribal name. For instance, when blind Bartimaeus cried out to Jesus, he called him “thou son of David”. Now any unlearned person could figure out that the era in which King David and King Jesus walked the earth makes it impossible for Jesus to be the direct son of David, what Bartimaeus was saying is: “Jesus, I am recognizing that you are of the house and lineage of your forefather King David.”

This is the reason why Häm’s name is mentioned in verse 22; the way this scripture is worded tells any person familiar with Jewish culture that it was Canaan who saw his father (grandfather’s) Noah’s nakedness and not Häm. Canaan was being recognized as the son of Häm, and Häm was being recognized as having the responsibility of his son Canaan. In verse 24 we further read where Noah refers to Canaan as being his son and distinguishes him as his “younger” son, meaning the younger son of Häm, for Canaan was the least born of the sons of Häm; and the scriptures already distinguished which younger son Noah was referring by recognizing Häm as the father in verse 22, for Noah had many grandsons. We also understand that Häm was not the one who saw Noah’s nakedness because Häm is not the younger (least) son of Noah, Japheth is. Now we understand why it was Canaan who was cursed by Noah and not Häm, nor all of his African seed! For Canaan never dwelled in Africa, he inhabited The Promised Land of the Middle East, until the Conquest of the Jews.

If you also understand Biblical History, then you would also understand that in verses 26 & 27 Noah is prophesying that Canaan will be a servant unto Shem and to Japheth because Japheth inherited together partly with Shem. This occurred when Israel (again, the entire nation being referred to by their tribal name and name of their forefather Israel the son of Isaac) went in to possess the Promise Land, the Canaanites dwelling in the land became their servants. Canaan was not supposed to inhabit the Land of the Middle East that was given unto Shem, but because of his disobedience, when it came time for the Seed of Shem to go in and possess the Land, the Bible says that they were unable to wholly drive out all the inhabitants, therefore they dwelled together in The Promised Land as the servants of the children of Israel…the words of Noah being fulfilled.

As you can see, the curse of Noah upon Canaan to become a servant/slave did not in any way include the rest of Noah’s grandsons through Häm who obeyed the commands of the LORD God and returned and dwelled in the Land of Africa of their inheritance.

Now even after Noah gave also unto Japheth the blessing to inherit together with his brother Shem, he was still not content. True to his blemished nature as the youngest or baby sibling, Japheth and his seed were and are a very spoiled brood, as most of the time the baby of the family is. Japheth’s name comes from a Hebrew word which means to expand or enlarge by deception, sinister means, to dupe, cheat or mislead; and he is called Gentile: a Gowy (a heathen nation, a troop of animals) and described as a Gevah: an exalted people of arrogance, a people lifted up in pride. Through deception and by misleading the nations, after the seed of Häm began to migrate into new territory, the Seed of Japheth moved to conquer the world and to mix with the seed of Häm and Shem in order to change the face of the world!

Coming: The Japhetic Conquest


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Death of a nation

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No Truer Words: “Death of a Nation” Posted by Scholars and Rogues

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White people: Don’t get defensive. I was brought up in the South. I know what it’s like. A bunch of grown men, pillars of the community, get together around the grill, maybe at the volunteer fire station, maybe at church. These are your neighbors, people you know and respect. You want them to like you. Then one of them tells a racist joke and they all laugh. So you laugh too. What’s the matter, boy, can’t you take a joke?

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