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After the Flood, and prior to the scattering, the descendants of Japheth’s older brother Häm, emerged as a great builder of cities, as a mighty hunter, and quite possibly as a revolter, at least this was the case with Häm’s grandson Nimrod. After the scattering, the Hämitic people migrated southwest into present day Africa, southeast into present day Gaza, Jerusalem, and Jericho; the Hittites remained in present day Turkey (for Turkey on Mount Ararat was the location where the Ark came to rest after the Flood), and the Hämites also eventually migrated far south into Madagascar, Australia and surrounding Islands. Through four sons: Cush (the father of Nimrod & Ethiopia), Mizraim (Egypt), Phut (Libya), and Canaan (Canaanites), Häm continued the African Negroid seed (of which was the Heritage of the first created man and woman Adam & Eve) that covered Africa: the ancient Egyptians of the first 25 Dynasties of Pharaohs, the Semitic Ethiopians, the Mali, the Ashanti, the Ajuran Sultanate, the Nubians: the seed that once covered the Middle East and Arabian Desert (along with the descendants of older brother Shem), the Sabaens, the Land of Shinar, the Chaldean Babylonians, the Land of Nineveh, the Philistines, Zidon, the Jebusites, Amorites, and the Hamathites.

The eldest son of Noah, Shem (out of whom Jehovah God brought forth Abraham, King David, and King Jesus) shared a special bond with younger brother Häm, and they primarily cohabitated in the Middle East together, with the Semites dwelling mostly after the scattering in present day Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Even though Noah prayed God to enlarge Japheth, and pronounced Japheth shall dwell in the tents of Shem, it was actually Shem and Häm who were close, cohabitated together and inter-mingled race wise. Japheth sort of eventually disappeared northward beyond the Caspian and Black Seas, aside from his inter-mingling with Shem that produced Madai, the Medes who ruled later with the Persians (the seed of Shem) and his habitation of parts of Turkey and eastward.

Unto Shem were born five sons, through which came all Mongoloids: Elam (Elamites -southern Iranians), Asshur (Assyrians), Arphaxad (out of who was born Eber -the father of the Hebrews), Lud (married a daughter of Japheth and dwelt in the land presently from Croatia eastward), and Aram (Aramean people in present day Syria). One of the things shared between Shem and Häm were their faith practices of Judaism and Christianity, and yes as well as the Muslim religion. The first account I am able to gather through investigative study of slavery was actually among the Arabs, particularly as they began to move westward across the Red Sea and invade the northern parts of Africa, namely Egypt and Libya. With the widespread of the Muslim religion, Arabs began to conquer and enslave all people, including their own. This led to a fight between the faith of the Judeo-Christian belief and the Muslim religion, especially in Africa where African tribes began to war against and conquer their own people! Soon, under the Muslim umbrella and other pagan religions, Africans began to carry off other tribes (Christian Tribes especially) as prisoners of war.

In generations to come, long after the fall of the Kingdoms of Häm: the dismantling of the African Egyptian Dynasties, the fall of Babylon, the exchange of power in Nineveh, and the destruction of the Canaanites by Joshua and the Promised Seed of Shem, the Japhetic Gentiles began to rise to power…it was another shifting of conquer and destroy. Javan, the fourth born of Japheth, who produced the Greek species, rose to great influence and conquered through a philosophical approach during the Hellenistic Period. They were followed by the rule of Tubal, Japheth’s fifth born who gave the world the Roman Italians who ruled well passed the time of Christ! After a very long empire, Tubal was finally forced to abdicate to older brother Gomer the Germans. After the Germans rose to power, amidst the 30 Year’s War of religion between Roman Catholicism and the Protestant Reformation in the early to mid 1600s, the Africans had now fully began to sell their own people into slavery through the hands of Europeans: the Portugese, the Dutch, the English, and many, many others! They were Christian Africans, being sold by Muslim Africans, into the hands of supposed Christian Europeans.


Coming: How The West Was Won Pt. 2


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Who is Japheth?

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Who is Japheth and what does he have to do with me?

Japheth is a biblical character who turned the whole world upside down and shaped it into what it is today. Not much is known about him per say, but a whole lot is known about the seed and generations he produced.

Most of our understanding of who Japheth is comes from the Bible, and although he is only mentioned twelve times, the devastating legacy he left behind is an everlasting one. Ja

pheth is the youngest son of the Bible character Noah, the same Noah of the catastrophic Noahic Flood. Referred to in the Arabic language as “Yafeth bin Nuh” (Japheth, son of Noah), it is understood, through repetitious order of the Bible’s chronology to list sons in order of birth starting with the first born unto the least (or last born), that Japheth was the youngest or least born of Noah’s three sons.

The most important fact about Japheth’s life that still impacts the world today and future prophesy, is the seed he produced and its role throughout History. Japheth, by order of birth, produced seven sons, The Japhetites: Gomer (Gomermians, Cimmerians, Celts, Germans), Magog (Swedes, Finns, Irish), Madai (Medes), Javan (Greeks), Tubal (Iberians, Russians, Italians, & Spaniards), Meshech (Georgians, Moskva or Moscow), and Tiras (Thirasians, Indo-European Group); out of these came all the clans and ethnic groups of the European Caucasoid Species. The Bible states in Genesis 10:5 “By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.” A

fter the scattering of one people, for after the Flood all the sons of Noah dwelt together as one, when their language was confounded and they could no longer understand nor communicate with each other, the Japhetites migrated northward and westward to their allotted land on both sides of the Prime Meridian, east of the Baffin Bay between Greenland and Russia west of the Bering Sea, and as far south as east of the Atlantic Ocean between Portugal and Russia west of the Sea of Okhotsk, and as far north as the Arctic Ocean. These are the lands Japheth inhabited; these are the p

eople races he became.

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