“Already The Donghan Effect has caused retaliation. As a result of US President Trump’s policies and abuse on Mexican women and children illegally crossing the Mexican/US border, on this past Monday a caravan of three vehicles containing US citizens living in Mexico were ambushed and gunned down. On their way to Arizona, seventeen members of the same family were ambushed by gunmen; nine were killed, six of which were children. The remaining eight received non-threatening injuries or escaped without major harm. Among the dead were two eight-month old twins (one of which received a bullet through the chest) and a nine-month old. Members of this family were all Gringos.”

-Excerpt from ‘The Worldwide Donghan Effect’


It has been reported that these US citizens were part of a ‘family’ group that had been living in northern Mexico for decades. The report states that they were Mormons who had broken away from the mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when the organization banned polygamy. It is said that they were a group of religious people who wanted to continue practicing having multiple wives, so they fled to Mexico gaining dual American/Mexican citizenship.

The history of Mormons and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has always been a controversial one. Because of their beliefs and practices, they have not necessarily been accepted by mainstream Evangelical Churches worldwide and have often been viewed as a cultish sect. Earlier controversy over their propaganda that Africans were sub-humans led to their identification as being a white cult and a hate group, rather than a religious one. Using the umbrella of ‘Christianity’ while directly disobeying the Logos of Yahweh to not multiply unto thyself wives is atypical (abnormal) behavior of true Born-again Believers of The Lord Jesus Christ.

What has been duly noted over the centuries is the discovery that members of occults/cults tend to be predominately white Japhetic Gentiles; they nearly always have a propensity to engage in illegal activities; and they conveniently have a hatred towards Africans of whom they transfer their reality onto, while stealing everything from Africans that they can including their identity.

This sect of Mormons for decades were able to flee to another country, gain citizenship of that country while holding onto their ‘white privilege’ status of their American citizenship and continue to practice having multiple wives while calling themselves Saints of Jesus Christ. Now that is truly having your cake and eating it too! They wanted the benefits of being an American citizen without having to obey the same laws that the rest of the American citizens do.

Recently, another caravan of eighteen vehicles with one hundred of their family members were again on the road traveling into Arizona, USA. This time, they were leaving for good; leaving all of their homes, property and livelihood behind! When it came to the American umbrella of protection they had enjoyed for decades being stripped away, at least in the minds of their loved ones’ assassins, they realized that their White Privilege had been Revoked!

It is said that the Mexican Drug Cartel had begun to occupy the northern mountains in the area where this family had made their home. Conflict over water rights began to ensue. No doubt, ‘white privilege’ made this family feel untouchable and they thought that the good ole American way would work in Mexico too! It took the death of their wives and innocent children before they felt an unbearable pain that caused them to flee for their lives. They got the message: Mexicans did not want them there anymore! It was their country, their mountains and their home. They no longer want Gringos crossing over into their border. Basically, it was exactly how President Trump and America was treating Mexican women and children. Call it a drug war if you will; the assassins knew exactly what they were doing, who they were doing it to and why.

David Langford, husband and father of the deceased, said in an interview recently: “I’m having to move the rest of my family really with no place to go at this point. I believe in forgiveness, but I also believe in justice; forgiveness doesn’t rob justice and Justice, you don’t get too much justice in Mexico.” He stated that: “The toughest part was having to say goodbye to two innocent lives that were cut short and a vibrant wife who lived life to its fullest.”

When ‘white privilege’ has been revoked, Japhetic Gentiles learn first-hand of the unbearable pain they have caused millions. They learn that indeed: “All Lives Matters: Black, Brown, Yellow, Red & White” including the lives of the people they have slaughtered for centuries whose blood is still crying out to Yahweh for Justice. The life of every innocent unarmed child or adult ambushed and gunned down mattered. They learn as everyone else has learned that forgiveness doesn’t rob Justice, and you don’t get too much Justice from man in this world.

Violence begets violence, and the only thing some people respect is violence. The only thing that will move or stop a violent people is violence being perpetrated against them, this is the making of wars. Again, you reap what you sow. Violence destroys lives, it separates families, it displaces people from their homes and creates a homeless population. Violence deteriorates a culture and ruins relationships; it builds walls and creates unhealable wounds. And the sad reality is the only time that white European/America gets this message is when you do to their women and children what they have done to yours.

This is a pain this family will never ever forget! The pain of having innocent family members gunned downed, slaughtered and burned like animals has put them into the same family grief of mourners as many African American families like that of Laquan McDonald, Akai Gurley, Walter L. Scott, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, Samuel DuBose, Philando Castile, Terrence Crutcher, Eric Garner Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Christian Taylor, Alton B. Sterling, Paul O’Neal, Keith Lamont Scott, Trayvon Martin, Botham Shem Jean and thousands more.

The world is shaken to the core as a result of this tragedy, and rightly so; but where is the same regard when white Japhetic Gentiles slaughter innocent African Americans and Latino Americans in the streets?


“One correction in the narration: The Tulsa Massacre actually started when 19 year-old African American Dick Rowland stumbled into an elevator. His friend, 17 year-old white American Sarah Page, who was the elevator operator, reached out to catch Mr. Rowland to brake his fall. This behavior was observed by a white man, who then accused Mr. Rowland of raping a white girl. Despite the fact that Sarah Page acknowledged that her friend did not rape her -The rest is History!” 

C’mon, Real Demons! Seriously -For Real, For Real?

What pray tell is The Donghan Effect?

The Don

Short for Donald John Trump, The Don Effect is the influence, impact and conclusion that the current Leadership in America has had on the entire world. There are those who never believed in demons until The Don became President of The United States of America. Validified by the threat of impeachment (which some believe will never happen,) this presidency has been nothing short of something straight out of a horror flick.

From the beginning of his 2016 campaign in America for the presidency, his sexist and racist remarks and views have stirred up those with a like mindedness and influenced them to flood American society with even more hatred and attacks on various people groups. Just when America was trying to cope with the fallout from the white supremacist hate groups intensifying their slaughter of African Americans in protest of the first African American becoming president back in 2008, The Don Effect happened.

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The in-house American War, known as The American Civil War, was fought between the Northern States (The Union Army) and the Southern States (The Confederate Army) from 1861 to 1865 in the nineteenth century. Although there are debaters to this fact, The American Civil War is said to be the deadliest war in American History where ‘Americans’ died with a total casualty of upwards of 750,000 deaths; American casualties that far outnumbered World War I and World War II combined!

The saddest truth of American History is the fact that a country was pitted against itself where upwards of 750,000 of its own lost their lives because The Southern States felt they had a constitutional right to own hue-man beings stolen from Africa and to force them into slavery and cruel bondage. It would be roughly 242 years of African enslavement in the Americas before the Presidential Government was willing to go to war; mainly because The South attempted to secede from the union of The United States of America in order to keep Africans in cruel bondage.

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Are White People Demons and does the likes of Amber Guyger prove it?

There are those on this planet who strongly and deeply believe that White People are demons walking upright in a human shell with a penis and vagina and the ability to procreate!

There are many who have questioned the true origin of the mutated seed of Japheth who populated Europe so long ago. Because of their invasive approach to “brotherly love,” cultures from all over the world have developed a sense that “there is just something about white people.” Cultures like: China, the Philippines, India, the Hebrews and the Middle East, the Arab Nations, the Aboriginal Australians and Oceania, Africans, the North and South American Indians, the Islands of the Caribbeans, the Hawaiian Islands and Mexico represent people groups who have first-hand knowledge of the demonic activities of the one single people clique who refer to themselves as “white people.”

The amazing truth is the undeniable fact that every diverse people group on this planet have survived the exact same atrocities of an invasion by European “white people.” Every culture shares the same stories about “white people;” and yet, the European mutated seed of Japheth still tries to lie about history and lie about their role in it, even though everyone else knows better and knows the truth.

So, I won’t waste time reiterating and explaining the demonic behavior of “white people,” except to discuss the actions of Amber Guyger. There are plenty of history books and articles on the internet (including posts by this blog) if one wishes to abreast one’s self of all the wickedness and evil deeds of “white people.” But what I want to do is address the question of whether or not their behavior is due to a fact that they could be literal demons walking among us disguised by Satan as cloned human beings? See: The Man Fashioned by God & The Clone of Satan

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