Map of The Nations

It’s Always All About The Land: Who has it, Who wants it, Who gets it!

The 7 Continents -Present Day

-In order of size-

(Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Australia)

Of these 7 Continents, there aren’t many countries left that hasn’t been invaded, had their indigenous peoples killed and their culture raped by mutated Japhetic Europeans.

The 7 Continents

Josephus Table of Land Inheritance

Color Code: Red = Japheth, Green = Shem, Blue = Ham

Josephus Table of Land Inheritance

Ancient Mesopotamia of Melanesian Peoples

A few things not shown on Josephus Table of Land Inheritance.

-After The Noahic Flood, the Ark came to rest in present-day Turkey which was the land of the Ancient Hittites, sons of Heth and grandchildren of Häm. Japheth’s seed did not enter Turkey until the year 8BC.

-Therefore, Turkey is the new birthplace of all civilization after Noah’s Flood. Africa is only the birthplace of all or some pre-Flood civilizations and Häm’s & Shem’s descendants who migrated back into the Land of Africa!

-Earliest hue-man migration after the Flood was into Mesopotamia, present-day Iraq, a multi-civilization founded by Nimrod, grandson of Häm.

-The land of Madai (Japheth’s descendant) was a region of a mixed population between Madai and a descendant of Shem known as the Mede-Persian Empire, This is the Land of Iran.

The Truth Well Spoken-


-@2:16 This map reflects that East Africa extended into present-day Yemen south of Saudi Arabia. It is the land of Queen Makeda, The Queen of Sheba who was born in Ethiopia and ruled in both Ethiopia and Sheba (Saba) in Yemen.

-@2:39 This reference places The Garden of Eden in Sumer in the Land of Cush (Nimrod son of Cush son of Häm) and it shows The Land of Nod where Cain migrated to after he was banished just north of The Garden of Eden in the area just south of present-day Persia. If this area is indeed the location of The Garden of Eden, then Nimrod was absolutely prophetic in naming his kingdom Babylon (Bab-ili “place of the seat of life.”)

-@3:31 So, Where Did Pale White People Come From?

-@4:32, 4:39 & 4:56 We see that The Land of Israel has always been a geographical area that was part of Egypt, Africa.

-@6:13 “The grandsons of ‘Africa’ founded the first civilizations of Asia and ‘Europe’!”

-@19:00 A Melanesian People “No change of color is ever mentioned in Genesis for any of Noah’s descendants!”

-@29:37 Billy Graham: “Jesus Christ came from the area that touches Africa (Israel,) but he wasn’t Black.” Neither are Africans Graham, they are chocolate Brown skinned!” See @4:32 note.

-@30:36 Mutated Japhetic seed stealing the identity of the melanated Hebrews and pretending to be Jews. They try to disassociate melanated people from their true heritage and attempt to change the order of birth of Noah’s sons -making Japheth the elder and Häm the youngest.

But History -Like DNA- Doesn’t Lie!

Any Questions?


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