The postings of Dear Japheth will be on a temporary Hiatus!

I have thoroughly enjoyed allocating time and research for this endeavor; however, it has taken up much of my writing schedule lately.

I have a few other writing projects on a time constraint and a manuscript that is on a deadline. I must focus and allocate all of my available time to these projects if I am going to meet my deadline.

Considering the times in which we live in, I must admit that I am experiencing ambivalent feelings regarding this Hiatus. Although some Truths on Dear Japheth may have been a challenge to process, yet do I feel the Truths have been needful to impart.

Perhaps purpose will permit me the occasion to pop in from time to time.

It is my solemn hope, considering we are living in the last days, that earnest heed will be given to every jot and tittle written. And if I could leave a single thought it would be: “Repent, for the time of The Lord is at hand, and I would above all things wish that every soul might be saved!”


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America Is Under Judgment!

“It may not appear on the surface, but The United States of America has been in the brewing stages of a Second Civil War for quite some time. She is about to enter into her second blood-bath and it will be History repeating itself. It will be for the exact same reasons as the First Civil War: The Oppression & Mistreatment of Hamitic Africans & Semitic Jews. But there will be a twist thrown into the mix, there will be American Indians finally taking their revenge, as well as other outside nations weighing in. America does not realize that she is under JUDGMENT right now, and the buzzards in other nations are circling around the dying waiting for their chance to go in for the kill to devour her. You Reap what You Sow! One by one their current Leadership is breaking down all the alliances, respect and good name America has enjoyed for so long with her foreign neighbors. But she is about to become a byword, exactly the same as she has caused the Hamitic Africans & The Semitic Jews to become.”

Excerpt from History Repeating Itself -The American 2nd Civil War: America Under Judgment -Posted October 30, 2019

“The conclusion to The Don Effect, especially if a second term is granted (which I suspiciously suspect that it may very well happen,) is to break America (the governmental system of the self-imposed superpower of The World) to the point of bringing her to her knees so as to subdue other nations who look to her. The purpose of all of this is to usher in and set up a New World Order and a new superpower headed by Europe and Russia. The finale goal is to be able to go against The Land of Israel with no possible threat from America or any other allied nation. The actual True People of Israel (like the Nigerian Hebrews stolen and sold into American slavery) have already been desecrated by America, but it is the actual Promise Land that the New World Order is after.

Donald Trump is a sponsored puppet, an in-house implant being used to destroy his own country, assuming that he is in fact a bonafide American born citizen.”

Excerpt from The Worldwide “Donghan” Effect -Posted November 5, 2019

America Has To Fall!

The fulfillment of end-time prophecies is dependent upon it. Israel cannot be invaded except the Strong Man be bound. The only thing standing in the way of China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia is The United States of America and her allies. The Mighty Eagle will Fall!

A Delusion

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie.” -II Thessalonians 2:11

American mainstream Japhetic Evangelical Churches have believed the Lie that the current Leadership is Yahweh’s Chosen unto good works. The strong Delusion is the hidden fact that he is actually Yahweh’s instrument of Destruction; he is the Chosen vessel -as Judas Iscariot- by which Yahweh will soon deliver his Sons up to be persecuted in these last days.

He is the instrument of personal betrayal to all Americans! He has betrayed them with a kiss. He is the instrument by which the apostate church will be able to invade even the most sacred of places, the Garden of Prayer.

For the American mainstream Japhetic Evangelical Churches have fallen away, they are an apostate church. With all deceivableness of unrighteousness among them, they will perish because they received not the True Love of The Truth, that they might be saved!

Remember, it is the apostate church who delivers the Son(s) of God up to be put to death!

November 3, 2020, The American Presidential Election


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